Motivations We Love #31

Todays favourites are:

Nathalie Blue, from Singing Coconut Blog (Malaysia) says: 

My motivation is to go beyond my comfort zone. Studied at Singapore helps me to open my eyes. The craving to see every parts of the world never stop ever since. It would be a great opportunity to exchange my lives with other 15 bloggers around the globe. World peace 🙂

Rudstin John V. Estrellado, from The Boy Who Fell Asleep In The Kitchen Blog (Philippines) says: 

Exchanging life with someone at the opposite end of the world seems to be as thrilling as having magical powers. Actually, it’s the nearest thing to that. LOL. This opportunity would help me find learn the bond everyone of us share. The difference between our cultural and natural interest that differs us from each nationality but in the end, we all come to respect. I want to feel another persons perspective about what “Life” means to them. What it feels to be living in that kind of situation. I also want them to feel the stuff behind the blog, what it feels to be truly a Filipino. I want them to experience our culture, our lifestyle and our FOOD.

Andreas Hjorth, from 18000km away from home Blog (Norway) says: 

Actually, I’m on a travel right now. I left the little, cold country of Norway in hope of exploring the world. And this is also the big theme of my blog. I want to tell whoever reading my blog what I’m experiencing as I travel around alone, both positiv and less positiv. And I’m trying to do it with through a personal perspective and with some sense of humor. My vision before I started my 5 month travel, and it is also the reason to why I want to take part in this competition, is that I want to learn about how other people are living their lifes. And through that, I want to be aware of how I am living my own life. And offcourse, I’m more than happy to tell others how I am living myself, so my goal is to exchange as many experiences as possible. So read my blog, maybe you like it, and vote for me if you want to help me get more greatly needed experiences.

Muto Fathurrohman, from 13 Ceritamu Blog (Indonesia) says: 

Writing is one of the way to share knowledge. Blog provides a space to write to share about my thinking around the world because blog can be accessed internationally via internet. I am Indonesian blogger. The reason why I suppose to be 1 of 16 bloggers to exchange lives are to (1) introduce Indonesia to international level, and (2) learn about foreign cultures. Introducing my country, Indonesia, to international level will give some advantages. One of them is giving income to the government. People around the world will come to Indonesia to have some business or vocation if they know Indonesia well. Thus, if I am be the 1 of 16, Indonesia will be known internationally. Living 10 days in foreign country can give me a chance to learn about their cultures. Their uniqueness and difference will enrich my knowledge and experience. Thus, it will give advantages to both Indonesia and the country I live for 10 days. Furthermore, I can promote the countries I live for 10 days to Indonesia.

Full Time Or Part Time Bloggers!

For some lucky people, blogging is a full-time career choice. With the flexibility and creativity that blogging offers, full-time bloggers can work from a beach or they can opt to work from their bed (or anywhere in between). However, many bloggers still keep their blog as a part time hobby.

So, we wanted to open up the floor and ask – if you had the opportunity to, would you blog full time? Would you ever give up your job and blog for a living? Do you know any full time bloggers who have made it work for them? Or, would you always keep your blog as a hobby on the side?


What do you think?

Motivations We Love #30

There’s just 16 days to go until the voting closes and the jury starts deciding who will make up the final 16. Are you excited, anxious or a bit of both?

Here’s todays favourite motivations. Let us know what you think!

Tom Dobin, from A Mosaic Of Adventures (UK) says: 

I started blogging a couple of months ago. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences over the last two years, and my desire to share them with my friends led to me finding this wonderful way of expressing my thoughts, giving an insight into other cultures, and effectively taking people with me on my journey. I have a very strong interest in learning about other countries, seeing breathtaking sites, and sharing my discoveries with others. I would love the opportunity to visit a brand new country and experience a brand new culture, whilst also meeting 15 incredible people, sharing my experiences with them, and learning so much over 10 days. Because that’s the wonderful thing about blogging – it’s a process of informing, learning and sharing, and I would relish this opportunity to take part in this exciting adventure.

Dirty Pink City blog (South Africa) says:  

“There is always a party going on somewhere…our mission is to bring it to you.” This is quite a new blog and in a very short time it became very popular. The blog brings entertainment/events/music/fashion from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa, to the WORLD! 🙂 We have a lot to learn, but we keep our eyes and ears open to become better!

Tina, from Lunch For One Blog (Germany) says: 

Since starting blogging nearly three years ago, I meet fellow bloggers & readers, trying out the unexpect, the unsusal – always try something new, be up to a challenge. Swaping place with a blogger, which could be around the corner (aka Europe) or at the end of the world (like Brazil), getting to know a different language, a different culture on a unike way – and of course been thrown into a totally unknown blogging way – about food, travel, fashion (help!) oder what ever the person is writing. I would love to go on that challenge

Lauren Winter, from Scarecrows Don’t Talk Blog (UK) says: 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde. Let’s get on his level.

Hannah Hawkshaw, from Hannah’s Fashion blog (Ireland) says: 

I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange as I would love to show others that nothing is impossible! I am a teenage fashion blogger, singer/songwriter and daydreamer based in Ireland, blogging from a 15 year old girl’s perspective. I am mesmerised by fashion and love sharing my style and thoughts with my followers, as well as learning about new places and cultures. I dream of traveling to exciting places and I would love for others to experience the warmth of my home country, Ireland! I started my blog during a really difficult time in my life, when I was suffering from a long term illness. Since then, it has become a huge part of my life and is more than just a blog. It has helped me evolve as a person and has given me so much confidence! Many people have put me down over the years but my blog has helped me realise that I am at my happiest when I don’t let what others think of me affect me in a bad way. In the past few months, my blog has grown in so many ways and I love hearing from my readers, knowing that I have inspired them in some way! I feel that this opportunity would not only be for myself – I feel that it would help me give others the confidence they need to show people their personality. It would give them the confidence they need to be themselves and to realise that life is so much better when you are true to yourself! It would show so many that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and that dreams come true!

Motivations We Love #29

You’ve got 17 days left to get all your votes in. Who is excited for the final 16 to be announced? We know we are!

Here are today’s favourites:

Rodney Maller, from Loving Life Blog (Australia) says: 

I’m a first time blogger, a good friend has a blog here and i got the inspiration to just try, give it a go and see where it goes….. I love travel and believe that until you have traveled and experienced other cultures, foods, lifestyles, people and places you haven’t really opened your eyes to the reality of the world we live in. If you only know the space in where you were born, lived and died you have never known what you are capable of and your concept of society, tradition/customs, perspective is at a tremendous disadvantage. you can’t develop an appreciation or understanding of the true value through your t.v. or internet browser. GET OUT THERE AND EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF :-). I love food, my palate is broad and through food you can open the door of conversation and understanding. Food can bring down barriers and walls in the way of effective dialogue. Food is not just about the taste of what you eat, it about the experience, the people you share it with, the places you are, it’s all of these combined to make a truly beautiful journey. Try something new today :-), I am also a man of faith, I believe that traveling through diverse nations and peoples and experiencing all they have to offer through food and culture and friendship you can really come to love and appreciate what a wonderful God we serve. though we are many and we are diverse we all possess common bonds and needs and desires. Written on the hearts of all men and women is the need to be loved, to be accepted, for friendship and peace. I pray we can have strength in diversity, rather than division.. I also really enjoy sport, and I’m happy to play any sport at least once, my favorite sport is definitely got to be Test Cricket, which may bore many of you to tears, but it really is the beautiful game 🙂

Zahrul Fuadi, from jajandimana blog (Indonesia) says: 

My motivation is I want to be a better food blogger. I really hope that BigBlogExchange can give me a BIG chance to taste more “color” on food and be a better BLOGger after meeting people that knowledgeable in this field of expertise. And finally I can exchange my experience to my community. I believe that if i win this competition, i will learn a lot and have fun thru the process.

Sonja, from Fashion, Friends and Football Blog (Finland) says: 

I want to see the whole world !!! This would also help me so much with my plans to be a journalist. I love travelling and I am so excited about languages ! I live for my friends, family, football, food, journalism, fashion and of course blogging.

Michael Johnstone, from The Asian Persuasion (Canada) says: 

In July 2010 I sold most of what I owned, jammed a few things in boxes, and packed the rest into two suitcases. Like a thousands of other Canadians, I left my home country for a new life in South Korea. I had no idea what I would find there. Two years later and I’m still in love with what I found. An alien culture, a mysterious city, and a whole region of the world to explore. I am addicted to Asia. The Asian Persuasion was started a few weeks before I stepped onto that plane and has been a way to share a tiny sliver of what I’ve found with the world. I chose the name because, even before leaving, I felt as though this far off corner of the world was drawing me in and trying to tell me something. I’m still trying to figure out what that is. The concept of this competition is at the heart of what it means to be a blogger. To be an exchanger of ideas, a tiny window into another life, culture, or set of perspectives. The chance to interact directly with bloggers from around the globe would bring the blogging experience to the three dimensional world, and would be indescribably eye-opening. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this amazing project!

Kurt Duvel, from The Eagle’s Nest Blog (South Africa) says: 

I believe that we as bloggers should be connecting in person, and not just through our websites. But it’s not always financially feasible to pack a bag and travel halfway across the world to meet someone you’ve only been communicating with online. I see this exchange as an opportunity for me to connect with other bloggers on a personal level, and to learn how their local environment affects what they write about. In my case, music is a very subjective topic, and different cultures and countries respond in different ways to others, even if we’re talking about the same big-name American artist (for example). Travelling can give one a new perspective on one’s beliefs and opinions, and I hope to be refreshed and inspired by an exchange such as this. After going on a 3-month academic exchange to an all-boys private school in Nashville, Tennessee back in my Grade 10 year of high school, I know firsthand how true that statement can be.

Bloggers Bucket Lists!

The Big Blog Exchange, is a global blogging community and a travel exchange, so hopefully – those selected will be excited to jet off somewhere they have never discovered before! To start thinking about where our bloggers could be blogging from, and where they could be exploring – we wanted to ask you the question, if you could jet off to anywhere in the world – where would you choose? And why?FaceBook-Timeline-Banner1

Or could you not even narrow it down to one country? Do you have a few favourite destinations to explore on your bucket list? 

Motivations We Love #28

Do you think we can extend the community even further and have 1,000 bloggers signed up to the Big Blog Exchange? Let’s make this the largest blogging community in the world and spread the word! We would really appreciate your help!

Until we reach 1,000 – here are our favourite motivations of today:

Huicyeo, from Moac-me (Malaysia) says: 

Have you ever felt so out of place in the country of your birth? So foreign is the land and culture that you’re supposed to be naturally in love with? I have. I didn’t ask to be to this way. It just happened. I fell in love with a language that wasn’t mine to begin with; a language that up until ten summers of my life, was a language that I wasn’t even fluent with. However since adopting this new language, my life has changed tremendously and still is, as contrite as this may sound. English has brought such huge changes in my life that I can never feel like I would ever fit in this country of mine anymore. I’m not saying that Malaysia is a horrible nation. As a matter of fact, this humble place that I come from is so rich in culture and diversity of its people that it’s one of the most unique country in this world. All I’m saying is that I wasn’t made for it. English has opened up my eyes to this amazing world; this wonderful magnificent world that is made up of so many places that housed such different and special kind of people that my heart has wandered. My heart has strayed from where I am to all those places that I could have been if only I have the chance so all I’m asking for is this: give this boring ‘ol two decades old of lass a chance to experience life in another country. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Luciana, from Me Ecanta Blog (Argentina) says: 

Since I can remember, I’ve always been proun to explore new cultures and try new things. One of my hobbies is to learn different language so if I go somewhere I can really get in touch with the locals. Unfortunately I don’t have so much time and resources to travel as much as I would like, but I love meeting people from everywhere in my city. Actually, I’m studying a master’s degree in International Affairs, and I’m going to live abroad, a thing that I definitely want to try. Sometimes I start writing about one thing, and I finish with another. My blog is kind of a “nonsense” blog, but It´d be great to change it for a few days and live new experiences. We need to try everything, that’s the only way to learn.

Michael Henry Cabili, from Bubonicboon Blog (Philippines) says: 

Like anyone else, I always feel the rush when I am in a different place. When I get to see new people, it makes me realize how little I have explored my world, how many a thing are still out there, waiting to be learned. When I ride on buses, board on planes, walk the streets of a unique place, it makes me think how big the world is, how different and how unique everything is. These moments make me think that life out there is something worth discovering. It’s the unknown that fuels up my need to see all the beautiful things out there. To hear them, to speak with them. To feel them. To experience them. But above all, it’s not only geography, politics, history and culture that makes me want to travel. It’s the feeling of being lost, being alone, being able to reflect and see things in a new perspective that makes me say to myself “I am in a different place. But I just found myself. And I will forever be home”. I know everyone deserves to be in that special place. I’d like to think that I do too. So for what it’s worth, I will strive to be in that special place. I may not have traveled far and wide. Least I can say, in heart and in mind, I am a traveler. And I deserve to travel. And sooner or later, I will.

Megan Doepker, from Universal Citizen (Canada) says: 

Universal Citizen serves up a daily dose of inspiration for ethical & eco fashion, conscious living and global travels, curated by a globetrotting ecofashionista, social entrepreneur and idealist (AKA Me!). Having the opportunity to swap lives with another blogger fits exactly within the theme of my blog. It’s been though travels that I’ve realized just how interconnected our world is, and that’s why I share my experiences, to inspire conscious living and responsible consumerism. It’s also been travels that motivated me to start UNA Fashion, a fair trade label following social business principles. The opportunity to blog about the culture of a fellow blogger, the geography of the land, and what makes their home unique would be the ultimate experience!

Jasmin Saarijärvi, from Skylines Blog (Finland) says: 

I love different cultures and especially travelling. I would like to have the chance to see the world and write about my experiences to other people. This kind of exchange could be an eye-opening to me and I could open other people’s eyes to the world. I’m spontaneous and love to meet new people and get new stories to tell.

Bruna Passos Amaral, from Partiu intercâmbio (Brazil) says: 

Experience is nothing if you don’t share it. That is why I write about studying abroad and travel. Many people want to do it but have no idea where to start, so in this blog we exchange ideas and thoughts to help each other see that is never too late to start make your dreams come true. And I want to spread these words as far as they can go, so that everyone believes that nothing is impossible if you are bold enough to learn and change.

The BBE Has Been Spotted On YOUR Blog!

We love reading all of your inspiring, creative and amazing posts about the Big Blog Exchange, and why you think people should vote for you. We could have never imagined to have so many fantastic bloggers on board and we are so excited for the exchange phase!

The Big Blog Exchange on TravelerVoiceThe Big Blog Exchange - iheartCrystal Phuong- Your True Fashion BFF{ leftoverjinx }- The Big Blog Exchange{ Wild - Spirit } { Wild - Spirit }1The Desert Dandelion

So, to thank you – we’d like to share some of our favourite blog posts that we spotted on your blogs from the last few weeks!

Have you posted about the Big Blog Exchange? Let us know and you could be featured next time! 


Motivations We Love #27

We love checking the website every morning and reading all your wonderful motivations. We wish that we could feature them all every day, but here are todays favourites:

Antònia Pozo, from contagiodeviaje Blog (Spain) says: 

I’ve really enjoyed writing, taking photos, travelling since I was a young girl. I have recently finished my degree on Journalism. I know it’s such a bad moment for journalists but it’s what I really like to do, what I really wanna do when I grow up. I think it’s the way things can be changed. Doing what you love. Moreover, I love risky adventures.

Amanda and Mae, from Fetch & Femme Blog (Canada) says: 

We’re a lesbian couple from Canada looking for some globe-trotting adventures. Our blog aims to entertain and educate! We spend our days madly in love while pursuing our dreams of fitness, writing, and overall well-being. We believe that we can spread rainbow cheer and good vibes all over this great planet. It’s time that two powerful, diverse women served as Canadian ambassadors!

Jessica Lee, from The Room Blog (Malaysia) says: 

Blogging isn’t about which post got the highest view or which post got the most comments, it’s about sharing yourself with the world, jot down what you experience before it fade away from your mind.

Norma Gesita, from Nana’s Haven (Indonesia) says: 

Hello, I am Norma Gesita, but everyone called me Nana. I just want all of you to know that I’m in love with languages around the world. Someone said that If you speak a language that he understands, that goes to his head, but if you speak his mother tongue, it goes to his heart. Language is made up of culture, by knowing the language of a country, we will also know the culture of the country. The more we know cultures, the more we understand the world. With my passion on Journalism, I wanted to capture the world through writing. If I win this, I hope to gain knowledge about the language I had never learned, and learn about the culture that I had never experienced before. Then I will write all of it so the other people will know what I feel. If they understand the world, they will try to be more tolerant and there will be no war in the world. It will be nice if all of the world could be like Indonesian motto, “Unity in Diversity”.

Jean Nicole Uy Alaba, from The Eager Traveler (Philippines) says: 

I know everyone loves to travel and experience cultures around the world. But I guess what sets me apart is that I have not only the passion to travel but also the passion to share and inspire. One of the influential reasons why I decided to purchase my own laptop is that I could showcase my travel escapades thru the form of a blog, in the hopes of inspiring my fellow eager travellers. I have been trying to make it a point that every time I indulge into a new experience, I see to it that i take note of all the essential elements such as itinerary, culture, food, tourist spots and local vibe. If you can just read my blog, you’ll see that it’s a combination of attention to detail, great photography and personal touch. Blogging is such an vital way of expressing myself and making me relive the experiences that I never want to forget. It makes me live more vicariously and appreciate everything one nation at a time. I hope you’ll endow me this once in a lifetime opportunity so I can further extend and fuel my passion to travel, passion to inspire, passion to write and passion to live. Cheers!

Fernanda C. de Souza, from Preciso Viajar (Brazil) says: 

I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves”. I truly believe the boundaries exist only in our minds and traveling is all about that – to realize that everybody is looking for the same thing all around the world – happiness.

Travel Photo Blogging Blog (Slovenia) says: 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” (Augustine of Hippo). This is one of my favorite quotes and I always tried to help people get beyond that first page of the book. Travel really can be a life changing experience! I really love to travel and this contest is a perfect opportunity to visit new places I was always dreaming about. A trip to a random destination somewhere out there will also present a great opportunity to indulge in my second favorite activity – photography. What I love the most about this contest, is the opportunity to share my thoughts and photos with the faithful readers of my blog. Since Travel Photo Blogging is all about sharing first person tips on traveling and taking our readers to places they have always wanted to visit, I guess everyone would love to read about such an interesting travel adventure. Travel Photo Blogging can also become the place for discovering your next vacation destination. You are always welcome to visit us and become one of our many followers! Please give Travel Photo Blogging your vote and help me do what I love the most – travel, indulge in photography and blog about it all.

Promote Your BBE Entry With Local Media!

Earlier this month, we wrote a blog post regarding the different ways you could promote your entry – and in turn, hopefully increase your votes. We have had an overwhelming number of bloggers letting us know how they have been promoting their entry – but we wanted to share one we spotted recently with you. Glen Shorey from Adventures of Wheelchair Boy blog, wrote to his local newspaper in a bid to increase his votes and travel for the first time. We think it is great that he has involved his local media platform, don’t you?

Blogger Glen

How have you been promoting your entry? Have you set up a giveaway? Or have you made posters to give to friends and family? Or have you just used social networking sites? Let us know! 

Motivations We Love #26

Here are today’s favourites:

Katie from I’m Just A Misfit Named Katie Blog (United States) says: 

I think it would be a neat experience to be able to see someone else’s life from their point of view. I think too many people nowadays judge someone just by their appearance, or their culture, without really knowing anything about it, and that should change. This would be a great opportunity to stand out and see what other people go through.

Alison Hodgins, from Alison’s Adventures (Canada) says: 

Most 20 year olds have rather mild worries. The major problems that plague young adults are along the lines of getting into the perfect university, dating the cute boy in chem class, or figuring out how to pay rent for the first time. In July 2012, I flew to Europe for the forth time. With 2-year UK work visa, I didn’t plan on returning until April 2013. However, as any traveler knows, life rarely goes the way you planned it. I secured the most amazing job as a seasonaire on a ski resort in the French Alps. I spent my afternoons snowboarding, my evenings practising French as a waitress, and my nights out at one of the lively nightclubs. On January 9, two weeks in to my four month job, I took a jump on the mountain and fell. I suffered a compression fracture on my L1. With a broken back and dampened spirits, I returned home to heal. Three weeks later, my father was caught in a work-related accident and passed away suddenly. He was only 55. He wasn’t just my father-he was my best friend. Three weeks later, my 16 year old cat stopped eating. In a difficult act of euthanasia, my mother and I had to put her down. At 20 years old, I have been through more than most people have had to endure in their entire lives. Lying on my hospital bed recovering has given me the opportunity to input all of the knowledge I have gathered on my various travels in a reader-friendly blog, aimed as a vicarious adventure for those too timid to leave their homes and as a collection of relatable, helpful posts for avid adventurers. I’ll be healed by June. I could stay here, bitter and depressed, blaming the world for the tragedies it’s destroyed me with. But instead, I’m going to pick myself up, return to the world, and remind myself why I love it so much. I know that my father would want me to live my life to the fullest. That’s exactly what I intend to do. This blog exchange would give me the opportunity to share all that I’ve learned of this world – from volunteering at an orphanage in Bali to working on farms in Australia, from my small-town roots to my big-city adventures, from my darkest moments to my everlasting hope – and, in turn, to learn about life from another’s perspective. I’m only 20. I have my entire life before me. With your help, I won’t just travel the world. I’ll change it.

Jeremy Feijten, from Inklingstime (Belgium) says: 

I’ve been blogging ever since the word ‘blog’ was invented. In the past I’ve written thousands of words on being gay, on Belgian and international actuality, on culture and sport news, on writing, … Some of these blogs lasted for a long time, others not. Yet, everyone of them made me happy, because I could write about the things I loved and talk to the people with equal interests. Since a couple of months I seem to have found the ‘right’ blog for me. Inklingstime has become a sort of mashup of all of the above. Mainly, I write about books, but I also keep an eye out for music, food, movies, travelling, … Everything great about life, to be honest. Anyway, I would love to swap countries with another blogger in order to get to know different cultures and views on life. I want to experience local literature, music, movies and food. Also, I believe this could be an adventure that could actually change someone’s opinions on a certain matter. And broaden your mind, that’s what life is all about. If you feel the same way, please help me and my blog. Kind Regards, Jeremy

Satu Cahaya Langit, from The Same Blue Sky on All Sides (Indonesia) says: 

I am curious, and usually want to know something to it’s grass-root. For me, that is one important factor who help a person to get unique ideas or information. I love traveling. Exploring something, like a city, or a snorkeling spot, or a small forest, is a pretty good idea to waste my time. I usually end up writing all that experience on my blogs. And I’m not really sure, but I think the way I explore is quite different than most of my friends. I take things slow, and usually analyzing movement on my surrounding. Indonesia is home of so many culture. That makes me a proud citizen of Indonesia, and a huge fans of the variety of culture. Languages, Traditions, Ethnics, I’m really sure that there are many culture you can’t even Google. Not only in Indonesia, but Globally. By being here, by getting a chance to see more of the world’s culture, I deeply thank you. Thank you, Big Blog Exchange

Calista Leah Liew, from Travelling On A Dream (Malaysia) says: 

Having not been able to really travel until 4 years ago, travelling, even to another part of the same country was a luxury for me. Since then I have had the opportunity to travel to a few of the beautiful countries around South East Asia, and gain experiences that I believe have changed who I am and how I perceive the world. To win this unique opportunity to travel, exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures with another passionate blogger in a totally different part of the world for 10 days is an ultimate dream! My motivation for joining this competition is that I’ve always wanted to travel the world and learn how people in other countries live. I believe experience is the best eduction, and you can learn nothing faster than if you were to experience it on a personal level. I am currently in a limbo with my life at the moment, not quite knowing where I want it to go or which of the many passions in my life I’d like to fully pursue, and I believe that winning this blog exchange would help me put a lot, if not all, of it into perspective. =)

Bloggers Events!

The blogging community is one of the largest in the world, with over 170 million blogs on the internet at this current moment. So, it’s no wonder that brands, companies and venues are jumping on board and inviting bloggers to specific blogger events – where you can meet other like-minded bloggers.


It’s a shame we can’t host one huge Big Blog Exchange event for all 850 of you (maybe next year) but we did want to ask whether you are a regular at any bloggers events around the globe? If you are a beauty blogger, do you regularly meet other beauty lovers at blogger events? If you are a travel blogger, have you been on any trips or visited any conferences where you have met other bloggers?


And, if you could organize a blogger event of your very own – what would you do? Where would you host it and what activities would you host? 

Motivations We Love #25

Are you participating in our Twitter takeover today? (see our previous post).

Here are our favourite motivations today:

Lynda Trujillo, from Hit The Road Jane (United States) says: 

I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone (traveled alone to Italy at 18), get lost (more time to look around right?),wander, go up and talk to people in their language (je suis une très cool blogger, n’est pas? I kid, I kid) , eat things I’ve never tried before (can you say frog legs and beef tartare?), dance (took ballet and jazz classes in Italy), and explore with every ounce of my insatiable curiosity. Traveling is like breathing to me. It feels so very natural and I cannot live without it! I have so much respect for different cultures and know that everyone on earth has something they can teach us. Choose me and you will be connected to my experience as a fearless Latina abroad through my blog posts, twitter, instagram, and vine. It would be an honor to share funny moments, breath taking sights, sounds, and food through social media for the first time. When I first traveled to another Country, we didn’t have all this social media available. I would love to be a part of this incredible project and show through the power of social media, how alike we all are no matter where we grew up. P.S. If chosen, I promise to participate in a race if there is a run available during those dates.

Jeremy Fowler, from Jeremy Fowler Blog (Canada) says: 

I don’t want to die. I didn’t know this until I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. At the time, I just finished up my freshman year in university, got a promotion at my summer job and was finally getting comfortable with growing up. Then it happened. Within five weeks I lost my best friend in a car accident and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It was a scary six months after that; two surgeries, four rounds of chemo and multiple trips to the emergency room, but the scariest part was the thought of drying. Death wasn’t what I feared the most though; I feared not living. It has been five years since I was diagnosed and now the term “Cured” has started to be used by my doctors. I’m cured! I’m cancer-free! The weight of the disease has been lifted. Now it is time to start living. Being selected in the Big Blog Exchange is the first step in my life of living.

Mylena de Souza Ferreira, from Lugares que ver Blog (Brazil) says: 

Travel is my life, is this need like breath. My biggest fear is die without knowing the world, thinking about all the amazing things out there… and my plan for life is visit all the cities I can. Everybody need a plan, a porpouse in life. Well… mine is travel. Since I’ve left my hometown I found out that when you meet different cultures, you open your mind. Sometimes is necessary to feel something in your skin, pass through this experience to start thinking different… and living different. Travelling makes you see life on a different way. Is the moment I can runaway of my life, disconnect of all the everyday-problems and be in peace.

Rosa-Maria Korhonen, from Advantages of Being An Outsider Blog (Finland) says: 

Fall of last year. I was full of hopes and excitement. I had applied for being an exchange student, and they accepted me. Then my parents suddenly told me that we don’t have enough money for that. I was disappointed and very unhappy, of course. But there was nothing left to do. So many of my close friends is going and sometimes I feel like I’ll just stay here collecting dust while they explore the world. I love travelling and getting to know different cultures. I see this as a change to learn to understand people from other countries, a chance to get to know something about a new place. I think I should be chosen to this exchange because I’m open-minded and I want to explore various lifestyles as much as possible.

Huicyeo, from Moac-me Blog (Malaysia) says: 

Have you ever felt so out of place in the country of your birth? So foreign is the land and culture that you’re supposed to be naturally in love with? I have. I didn’t ask to be to this way. It just happened. I fell in love with a language that wasn’t mine to begin with; a language that up until ten summers of my life, was a language that I wasn’t even fluent with. However since adopting this new language, my life has changed tremendously and still is, as contrite as this may sound. English has brought such huge changes in my life that I can never feel like I would ever fit in this country of mine anymore. I’m not saying that Malaysia is a horrible nation. As a matter of fact, this humble place that I come from is so rich in culture and diversity of its people that it’s one of the most unique country in this world. All I’m saying is that I wasn’t made for it. English has opened up my eyes to this amazing world; this wonderful magnificent world that is made up of so many places that housed such different and special kind of people that my heart has wandered. My heart has strayed from where I am to all those places that I could have been if only I have the chance so all I’m asking for is this: give this boring ‘ol two decades old of lass a chance to experience life in another country. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

The Big Blog Exchange Twitter Takeover!

As the last few challenges we set have been a great success, we have decided to set the entire Big Blog Exchange community a much larger challenge. We are planning to do a Twitter Takeover – today!

We would love to let the world know about our inspirational project and its fantastic participants and we need your help! So on 25th March, we want you to tweet about the Big Blog Exchange (you can write anything), just as long as you use the hashtag #BBEBlogTwitterTakeover ! You are welcome to include a link to the website and tweet about your entry too, as long as you include the hashtag, as the more tweets we have under the same tag, the more likely we are to trend worldwide – and spread the word as much as possible!

You are welcome to tweet whatever time during the day you like, and to encourage your friends and family to do the same. We are hoping to change the world using the power of blogs, so lets spread the word together as one big blogging community.


So, what do you think? Will you help us take over Twitter? Do you use Twitter to promote your blog?

Motivations We Love #24

You know the drill – here are our favourite motivations today!

Marselina Tando, from Live It! Blog (Indonesia) says: 

My motivation? Mmmm.. why shouldn’t I? Who would miss the opportunity to live a bigger and influencial life to others? I’m Indonesian and I love being an Indonesian. The beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, or well-known culture always make me want to talk about it.. but I know it’s very important to get different perspective. That’s why I love to do blogwalking. So interesting to see things the way others do and I wonder how nice it is to let them know about my adventure here as Indonesian.. through my blog of course. I love travelling and writing. I used to pack up my things, go somewhere, visit some nice places or maybe ended up lost! I just love the feel how travelling and writing bring back lots of emotion in me. Sometimes, I write about my trip. I also write about my life.. my routine life. Although it is somehow look like boring for some people, but i believe that life, Sunday to Saturday, is truly an adventure =D St. Augustine once said, “the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” I’d like to to join this event because I will only live once.. and I want to read all pages in my life-book then share everything I read to others through my writing. Thanks!

Lucie, from Mondalu Blog (France) says: 

The web shows us that there is not so much borders. This is, here, a huge opportunity to push back mine, “yours”, to adventure new places and share this great experience, through words and pictures, to create emotions, “your emotions”. I want to show people how small and diverse our world is. Telling my story about this amazing week would be the chance to highlight the benefits of travels, cultural exchanges and to lead everyone to look a little more around, for a more open-minded world.

Jamie Thomas, from JT’s Journey Blog (New Zealand) says: 

Because I am not a fussy traveller – I savour the opportunity to try new food etc, instead of turning my nose up in disgust. Similarly I also take things on with child-like curiousity – and report back on them likewise, whether it is an amazingly cheap feed in America, or the huge cicadas they have in Japan. At the same time I have travel experience, I know how to keep safe, and enjoy the opportunities given.

Herdiana Herdiana, from DELUXSHIONIST (Indonesia) says: 

Starting blogging almost 3 years ago, all that I have got is beyond my expectations and imagination. For someone who studied Civil Engineering and used to be an Field Engineer for one of the best Oil Services company, fashion was like a place with a hundred light years long to travel, but blog makes everything possible. From just posted “This is my favorite shoes?” to “This jacket is good for you.”, I am growing in this industry not only fashion as my intention but how to socializing every choices for the goodness. I want my blog not only a place to share information or showing one side of fashion only, but I want my readers feels inspired, supported and willing to do something good for their own life. Begin with yourself that sometimes fashion is a way to make some fun or looking good for yourself will not hurt anyone, right? That’s one example how you love yourself and other in fashion way. I have never been travel around, but thanks to blog, although I just see them from my laptop screen, if I can do something for a good change, it’s also changed me. Having opportunity outside fashion is my opportunity to see other world and delivers all the message through my writing, Bloggers is a way to see other ideology and again the goodness behind all stories. My last traveling story blog is when I having an opportunity to see Wesak Night at Borobudur, 3 days travel with all the greatness; culture, heritage, unity, peace and respect – all the essential thing which is still being humanity issue on my country. Maybe I am not a winner of this or that, but I want to be part of Big Blog Exchange, make some trip and see moments not only from my laptop screen, not only what is happening in front of my eyes, but disclose the other meaning for a better world. Wish Us Luck

Alex Faubel, from Alex in Wanderland (United States) says: 

I spent the last year of my life traipsing throughout Southeast Asia; I taught English to classes of 30 Thai kindergarteners, tried strange and delicious new cuisines, bushwhacked through dense jungles, floated in the earth’s crystal seas, climbed jagged walls of limestone, shared incredible stories with fellow travelers and learned something new about our world with each new day. I left home without a plan, searching for something unknown, and what I found were lessons unmistakably grounded in each new adventure, strange encounter, awkward exchange and blissfully contented moment. I wandered through these experiences, documenting each moment the only way I knew how: my writing. My blog has become an extension of my travels and I’m so thankful for the portals it has unlocked inside me and the doors it has opened around me. Now I’m searching for my next adventure to document and I’d love nothing more than to be able to exchange my life with someone sharing my wanderlust. To place myself in another’s shoes both culturally, physically and mentally would be a new experience and one that I’d welcome with open arms and blank pages ready for new narratives. My own shoes have worn thin and the lines etched into my face form a road map of the places I’ve been and the ones patiently waiting for me to arrive.

ConstanceSQ, from Eat Pray Sleep Blog (Malaysia) says: 

I’m a unique mix of everything. I’m a corporate executive by day, but secretly I want to take over the blogosphere! Oops.. Not so secret anymore. Anyway, I snap, I draw, I write and on top of that I do random silly stuff. I’m not ashamed to share my story and I have a passion in creating history.

Have you been featured on our Daily Motivations pick yet? Let us know what you think of these posts, do you enjoy reading the motivations every day? 

Tips For Travelling!

Not only does the Big Blog Exchange offer 16 lucky bloggers the opportunity to swap countries for 10 days, but it has also created a huge (800+) blogging community, who we imagine altogether have a wealth of knowledge about travel.

So, in order to really make the most of this fantastic community – we wanted to ask you today to share your best travel tips? Where would you recommend other bloggers visit? What are the top 5 things a blogger/traveler should take on their trip? What should they avoid? What are your favourite travel tips?


We can’t wait to hear what you come up with! 

Motivations We Love #23

Wow, we’ve reached 800 bloggers! Can you believe it!

Here are our favourite motivations today! Has yours been featured?


Joanna Hynes, from Joanna Blog (United States) says: 

I am absolutely fascinated by people – why they do things, how they do them, and how others react. I’ve been so “within my bubble” my whole life, and it’s enthralling to break out of it now. After moving from Long Island to Florida and meeting people from all over, I’m on overload trying to learn as much as I can about different types of people, and I would love to travel the world and be able to do that! I’m a writing major with a fancy camera, so you won’t be disappointed following my blog!

Jaryd Krause, from Aus Globetrotter (Australia) says: 

I am a young traveler and have been on the road since 2009. I provide thrilling and inspiring photography, stories, travel tips and advice to all. The more places I visit the more questions I can answer about traveling. My favorite quote is “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” by Mark Twain. So bring on the travels everyone!

Samantha Steeves, from Philosamphic (Canada) says: 

I have no idea what I’m doing. This blog was opened only yesterday (on March 19th), however it was not for this exchange, merely a place to put all of my scattered and disoriented thoughts. I saw this exchange on facebook and other social media websites and I honestly did not think it was for me. I am not a “blogger”, I only just started. Calling yourself something, labeling yourself something, I think can create ignorance of other parts of your person. Blogging is a new addition to my life, though I am no blogger. Philosophy is a huge part of my life, but I am no philosopher. I am however an Honours student in Great Books (interdisciplinary studies), also doing a major in Political Science, and a minor in Philosophy at St. Thomas University in the small town of Fredericton, NB. My blog, being about everything and nothing at the same time, questions what existence is, how politics should be, what a good life is, and what is the character of the human soul. These questions are fundamentally philosophical, and because of that, experiences all over the world can shed some insight onto them– there is no one on this planet who has not thought about their purpose or existence from one time to another. If given the exchange, I would explore someone else’s world, their reality, and hopefully gain a bigger picture of what it means to be happy, and to live a good life. I have no idea what I’m doing– but does anyone? Opening up a portal to learn, I think not knowing anything might be precisely the point. “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Doctor Thousand Hearts Blog (Indonesia) says: 

Hi…I’m doctor and I love to share my story in my blog! I’ve been travelled around the world and shared my happiness. I’ve been also lived in remote area for two years . Could you ever imagine live without clean water, electricity, roads? Ever think about how you can be healthy if you live in area where there are a lack of facilities, skilled health practicioner, access to health care?I’ve dedicated myself for people who still live in those condition. I should win this chance so then I can share my patient’s stories to the world. Anyway, I love to read many amazing blog site also by joining this event. I believe, the simplest thing we can do to change the world is started by writing , popping out what we’ve experienced, thought, and believe.

Courtney Spencer, from courtney johanna is mama ali blog (Canada) says: 

Through my life between Kenya and Canada I am learning what it means to love others unconditionally, how to uncomplicated my love. How to stop for the person in front of me and love them. I want to stop with these other bloggers and learn from them, love them and potentially leave this experience changed forever. I teach organic sustainable farming, care for children and mamas in Kenya. I love learning from others I believe this experience will help me to reach out to more people through blogging.

Anna Cassandra Terrenal, from Another Shot At Life Blog (Philippines) says: 

I can’t really remember the first time I traveled out of my own country, all I remember is that I was 6 six years old, and didn’t have much of the capacity to appreciate culture. I created my blog “Another shot at life” because I want my fellow citizens to see the country, and hopefully the world in a different view. It’s about learning to appreciate, and immersing one’s self through the beauty in things, people, places, and culture. I believe I should win this opportunity because I want to fulfill my own dreams of travelling, exchanging cultures, and learning new things. That’s the greatest motivation one can have, is to fulfill their dreams, and serve as an inspiration to others to fulfill their own. And with that, I want another shot at life. Another shot to appreciate the beauty, and culture outside my country, and give a shot to somebody else to experience my own culture, and what it’s like to be Filipino (well, at least for 10 days!)

Your Feedback!

We have been so pleased to hear from several bloggers, that just by participating in the competition and entering their blog into the exchange, they have already seen an increase in their international readership! With over 850 bloggers signed up and regularly accessing the site, we have a fantastic online promotional platform for bloggers to discover their new favourite blogs.


What do you think? Have you discovered any new bloggers – or have you gained any new international readers? 


Motivations We Love #22

Entries are still coming in at a speedy pace, so we have been kept on our toes reading through all the fantastic motivations. Here are some of our favourites today:

Leo Kevin Mendiola, from Gebet und Arbeit Blog (Philippines) says: 

I deserve to WIN this UNIQUE opportunity to travel, exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures for 10 days because I have that strong passion for DISCOVERY. I am hungry for KNOWLEDGE that I can gain through EXPERIENCES. I want to touch people’s lives one step at a time, in my own little ways. I want to inspire them through my blog entries and to let them know my point of views anything under the sun. Sharing my thoughts with my readers give me a sense of freedom to have that opportunity to be part of their lives. Having their feedback let me feel that we have connected and therefore exchanging of ideas will come to life. I want to represent also those people who are still a newbie in blogging and want them to know that it’s possible to be part of almost an ‘impossible dream’. If I’ll be given a chance to be part of this once in a lifetime experience, I will forever share whatever experiences I’ll gain from it to my family, friends, relatives, acquaintances etc. I’m proud to be a Filipino, a blogger, a social media evangelist and advocate.

Skye Johnson, from Little Doll Lost Blog (Australia) says: 

I want so much to see fashion from all over the world, to see what people in the streets are wearing in every country and to show Australia off as being a fashionable and stylish country with so much to offer to the world. I want to taste the food, experience the culture, enjoy the people and continue to build not only my personal style based around these experiences, but my understanding of people and the world!

Brittany G, from Oh Brit Snaps Blog (United States) says: 

I love people, places, and things. Yep, I’m just another city girl with a 9-5 like most other people. I haven’t done any traveling outside of the US, but when I make the effort to hang out in another state, I make sure to make it a unique experience every time (even if I’ve visited that state previously). Being a part of the blog exchange would give me a chance to get out my comfort zone TOTALLY to experience fun times with righteous people. Fun = love… always.

Maria Mii Bergman, My Luxury Blog (Sweden) says: 

Hi there, My blog is for you that cares to make every day to your own Luxury! Everything that makes Lifes good, takes place in this blog; food, family, dogs, fashion, beauty, moments in life and so on. I´m a big fan of different cultures, maybe because of my own background..? I´m adopted from South Korea, but have lived in Sweden all my life w. my swedish parents and adopted sister. I want to share all the beauty in life and love to give you some tips and trix that will make you days even more beautiful 🙂 Life is Good & remember: Always Live Your Life with a piece of Luxury! /Maria Mii Bergman

Travel Photo Blogging (Slovenia) says: 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” (Augustine of Hippo). This is one of my favorite quotes and I always tried to help people get beyond that first page of the book. Travel really can be a life changing experience! I really love to travel and this contest is a perfect opportunity to visit new places I was always dreaming about. A trip to a random destination somewhere out there will also present a great opportunity to indulge in my second favorite activity – photography. What I love the most about this contest, is the opportunity to share my thoughts and photos with the faithful readers of my blog. Since Travel Photo Blogging is all about sharing first person tips on traveling and taking our readers to places they have always wanted to visit, I guess everyone would love to read about such an interesting travel adventure. Travel Photo Blogging can also become the place for discovering your next vacation destination. You are always welcome to visit us and become one of our many followers! Please give Travel Photo Blogging your vote and help me do what I love the most – travel, indulge in photography and blog about it all.

The Votes Are Back!

You may have noticed that several votes have been mysteriously disappearing and then re-appearing again recently, so we have been busy figuring out a solution to the problem. We are pleased to let you know that this issue has been resolved and that all of your votes are back (and won’t be going anywhere!).


If you have any queries about this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us –