Motivations We Love #17

As per usual, we are loving all of your fantastic motivations and so we wanted to share a couple with you here:

TT Lee, from Songs of Flower Blog (China) says: 

Hi there, I am a Chinese girl started a new life in Heart 2 Heart Youth Hostel this year. This hostel is a social enterprise run by a registered NGO, and the proceeds from it will be used for the purpose of charitable activities and social service. It is an exciting and challenging programme. From now on, I will try to record the journey of my heart in the days to come. Meanwhile, I also wish to share my experience of this brand new venture in Southwest China and get contacts and comments around the world. Thanks for your interest in me!

Rosabel, from algon avenue blog (Puerto Rico) says: 

Through blogging I find the motivation and inspiration that opens creativity in me. I love reading other blogs and finding the happiness in them, the positive and their experiences. It’s a way to communicate and make people happy. I blog to motivate, to inspire, to make me and other people happy. So they can find in them the creativity and happiness in the little things, such as blogging has done for me.

Kisty Mea, from The Style Mermaid (Singapore) says: 

I’ve been traveling to nearby countries before I moved to Singapore but it was only until I left home that I’ve finally realized how big this world really is. I’ve realized that while traveling will take me to new places, it will also broaden my knowledge. I’ll meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. They’ll have different beliefs but I will learn to understand those beliefs and respect them. I will learn to adjust and adapt. Because of this insight, I had this strong urge to travel the world and learn more about its rich culture and people. To be included in the 16 bloggers will help me fulfill that. The wanderlust force is strong in this one.

RunEatRepeat Blog (United States) says: 

I run around the world and eat all different kinds of foods on the way. I love traveling through life on foot. I am born in raised in Southern California and know it’s just one tiny corner of this great earth. I am curious and LOUD and FUN and would make the most of this experience.

Giannina Luxardo, from Viajera Soy Blog (Chile) says: 

I want and I have to win because I am the only blogger journalist travel in my country Chile. The other people from my country are traveling and a few have a blog but just to one destiny or just for shorts times. I am different, I want to learn and to live like for example you. Chile means “the end of the world” and to live here is dificult because all is more expensive and far, but I believe than nothing is imposible and dreams come true. Since I was a child I dreamed with others world, colors and races. I want to travel to all the world and to be a inspiration for many people. I want to teach about others cultures and show the most beautiful landscapes of our world, and I make it in my blog weekly. I was born in a farm in a very quiet place, my father is a farmer but he is the most wonderful men and he tought me than with a positive mind we can have the universe in our hands.

Rose Wilkinson, from Confessions Of Rose (UK) says: 

My dream is to travel the world, writing about their culture, their food, their fashion and anything else to do with the beliefs and ways of the country/city. It would be a dream to be able to do so with the Big Blog Exchange and gain experience into what my future career could be like!

** Do you have any favourite motivations from bloggers on the Big Blog Exchange? What’s your motivation?

One thought on “Motivations We Love #17

  1. My motivation is to inspire fellow travellers and fuel my passion to travel.

    I know everyone loves to travel and experience cultures around the world. But I guess what sets me apart is that I have not only the passion to travel but also the passion to share and inspire. One of the influential reasons why I decided to purchase my own laptop is that I could showcase my travel escapades thru the form of a blog, in the hopes of inspiring my fellow eager travellers. I have been trying to make it a point that every time I indulge into a new experience, I see to it that i take note of all the essential elements such as itinerary, culture, food, tourist spots and local vibe. If you can just read my blog, you’ll see that it’s a combination of attention to detail, great photography and personal touch. Blogging is such an vital way of expressing myself and making me relive the experiences that I never want to forget. It makes me live more vicariously and appreciate everything one nation at a time. I hope you’ll endow me this once in a lifetime opportunity so I can further extend and fuel my passion to travel, passion to inspire, passion to write and passion to live. Cheers!

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