Motivations We Love #22

Entries are still coming in at a speedy pace, so we have been kept on our toes reading through all the fantastic motivations. Here are some of our favourites today:

Leo Kevin Mendiola, from Gebet und Arbeit Blog (Philippines) says: 

I deserve to WIN this UNIQUE opportunity to travel, exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures for 10 days because I have that strong passion for DISCOVERY. I am hungry for KNOWLEDGE that I can gain through EXPERIENCES. I want to touch people’s lives one step at a time, in my own little ways. I want to inspire them through my blog entries and to let them know my point of views anything under the sun. Sharing my thoughts with my readers give me a sense of freedom to have that opportunity to be part of their lives. Having their feedback let me feel that we have connected and therefore exchanging of ideas will come to life. I want to represent also those people who are still a newbie in blogging and want them to know that it’s possible to be part of almost an ‘impossible dream’. If I’ll be given a chance to be part of this once in a lifetime experience, I will forever share whatever experiences I’ll gain from it to my family, friends, relatives, acquaintances etc. I’m proud to be a Filipino, a blogger, a social media evangelist and advocate.

Skye Johnson, from Little Doll Lost Blog (Australia) says: 

I want so much to see fashion from all over the world, to see what people in the streets are wearing in every country and to show Australia off as being a fashionable and stylish country with so much to offer to the world. I want to taste the food, experience the culture, enjoy the people and continue to build not only my personal style based around these experiences, but my understanding of people and the world!

Brittany G, from Oh Brit Snaps Blog (United States) says: 

I love people, places, and things. Yep, I’m just another city girl with a 9-5 like most other people. I haven’t done any traveling outside of the US, but when I make the effort to hang out in another state, I make sure to make it a unique experience every time (even if I’ve visited that state previously). Being a part of the blog exchange would give me a chance to get out my comfort zone TOTALLY to experience fun times with righteous people. Fun = love… always.

Maria Mii Bergman, My Luxury Blog (Sweden) says: 

Hi there, My blog is for you that cares to make every day to your own Luxury! Everything that makes Lifes good, takes place in this blog; food, family, dogs, fashion, beauty, moments in life and so on. I´m a big fan of different cultures, maybe because of my own background..? I´m adopted from South Korea, but have lived in Sweden all my life w. my swedish parents and adopted sister. I want to share all the beauty in life and love to give you some tips and trix that will make you days even more beautiful 🙂 Life is Good & remember: Always Live Your Life with a piece of Luxury! /Maria Mii Bergman

Travel Photo Blogging (Slovenia) says: 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” (Augustine of Hippo). This is one of my favorite quotes and I always tried to help people get beyond that first page of the book. Travel really can be a life changing experience! I really love to travel and this contest is a perfect opportunity to visit new places I was always dreaming about. A trip to a random destination somewhere out there will also present a great opportunity to indulge in my second favorite activity – photography. What I love the most about this contest, is the opportunity to share my thoughts and photos with the faithful readers of my blog. Since Travel Photo Blogging is all about sharing first person tips on traveling and taking our readers to places they have always wanted to visit, I guess everyone would love to read about such an interesting travel adventure. Travel Photo Blogging can also become the place for discovering your next vacation destination. You are always welcome to visit us and become one of our many followers! Please give Travel Photo Blogging your vote and help me do what I love the most – travel, indulge in photography and blog about it all.

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