Motivations We Love #23

Wow, we’ve reached 800 bloggers! Can you believe it!

Here are our favourite motivations today! Has yours been featured?


Joanna Hynes, from Joanna Blog (United States) says: 

I am absolutely fascinated by people – why they do things, how they do them, and how others react. I’ve been so “within my bubble” my whole life, and it’s enthralling to break out of it now. After moving from Long Island to Florida and meeting people from all over, I’m on overload trying to learn as much as I can about different types of people, and I would love to travel the world and be able to do that! I’m a writing major with a fancy camera, so you won’t be disappointed following my blog!

Jaryd Krause, from Aus Globetrotter (Australia) says: 

I am a young traveler and have been on the road since 2009. I provide thrilling and inspiring photography, stories, travel tips and advice to all. The more places I visit the more questions I can answer about traveling. My favorite quote is “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” by Mark Twain. So bring on the travels everyone!

Samantha Steeves, from Philosamphic (Canada) says: 

I have no idea what I’m doing. This blog was opened only yesterday (on March 19th), however it was not for this exchange, merely a place to put all of my scattered and disoriented thoughts. I saw this exchange on facebook and other social media websites and I honestly did not think it was for me. I am not a “blogger”, I only just started. Calling yourself something, labeling yourself something, I think can create ignorance of other parts of your person. Blogging is a new addition to my life, though I am no blogger. Philosophy is a huge part of my life, but I am no philosopher. I am however an Honours student in Great Books (interdisciplinary studies), also doing a major in Political Science, and a minor in Philosophy at St. Thomas University in the small town of Fredericton, NB. My blog, being about everything and nothing at the same time, questions what existence is, how politics should be, what a good life is, and what is the character of the human soul. These questions are fundamentally philosophical, and because of that, experiences all over the world can shed some insight onto them– there is no one on this planet who has not thought about their purpose or existence from one time to another. If given the exchange, I would explore someone else’s world, their reality, and hopefully gain a bigger picture of what it means to be happy, and to live a good life. I have no idea what I’m doing– but does anyone? Opening up a portal to learn, I think not knowing anything might be precisely the point. “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Doctor Thousand Hearts Blog (Indonesia) says: 

Hi…I’m doctor and I love to share my story in my blog! I’ve been travelled around the world and shared my happiness. I’ve been also lived in remote area for two years . Could you ever imagine live without clean water, electricity, roads? Ever think about how you can be healthy if you live in area where there are a lack of facilities, skilled health practicioner, access to health care?I’ve dedicated myself for people who still live in those condition. I should win this chance so then I can share my patient’s stories to the world. Anyway, I love to read many amazing blog site also by joining this event. I believe, the simplest thing we can do to change the world is started by writing , popping out what we’ve experienced, thought, and believe.

Courtney Spencer, from courtney johanna is mama ali blog (Canada) says: 

Through my life between Kenya and Canada I am learning what it means to love others unconditionally, how to uncomplicated my love. How to stop for the person in front of me and love them. I want to stop with these other bloggers and learn from them, love them and potentially leave this experience changed forever. I teach organic sustainable farming, care for children and mamas in Kenya. I love learning from others I believe this experience will help me to reach out to more people through blogging.

Anna Cassandra Terrenal, from Another Shot At Life Blog (Philippines) says: 

I can’t really remember the first time I traveled out of my own country, all I remember is that I was 6 six years old, and didn’t have much of the capacity to appreciate culture. I created my blog “Another shot at life” because I want my fellow citizens to see the country, and hopefully the world in a different view. It’s about learning to appreciate, and immersing one’s self through the beauty in things, people, places, and culture. I believe I should win this opportunity because I want to fulfill my own dreams of travelling, exchanging cultures, and learning new things. That’s the greatest motivation one can have, is to fulfill their dreams, and serve as an inspiration to others to fulfill their own. And with that, I want another shot at life. Another shot to appreciate the beauty, and culture outside my country, and give a shot to somebody else to experience my own culture, and what it’s like to be Filipino (well, at least for 10 days!)

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