Your Feedback!

We have been so pleased to hear from several bloggers, that just by participating in the competition and entering their blog into the exchange, they have already seen an increase in their international readership! With over 850 bloggers signed up and regularly accessing the site, we have a fantastic online promotional platform for bloggers to discover their new favourite blogs.


What do you think? Have you discovered any new bloggers – or have you gained any new international readers? 


7 thoughts on “Your Feedback!

  1. Justin, I’m loving your blog and your enthusiasm is infectious!

    The day I signed up I also put up a post:

    I’ve never been outside of South Africa so for my anywhere is cool. I just want to experience something new.

    Good luck to the both of us!

  2. This is a truly wonderful comp, & while I haven’t picked up new readers I love simply being in with a chance 🙂 CHEERS from Australia!

  3. I always believe that social networking sites are excellent for promoting blogs and bringing in more traffic. Content matters and so do promotion for any blog to find its way to success.

    But The Big Blog Exchange is an exciting, unique and exclusive project that has never before been explored. More than a competition it is an opportunity to discover new bloggers and also to gain new international readers for my blog. TBBE really helped me a lot to drive more traffic to my blog.

    Good job! Good effort!

    It’s our world, change it using the power of blog.

    Vote for Me! (Pretty Please)

  4. and i really love the idea of this blogger exchanged, it more than just voting for me, i also find the blogger who inspired me to start blogging also follow this exchange, and that’s unpredictable thought. i get so much learning by walk from one blog to another blog, it’s an amazing and i want to through it all

    beste (considering to vote me, pretty please)

  5. actually bog blog exchange is one of my fav program and i hope this program would continue every year and i discover alot of awesome blogger and make new friends and i gained international friends, my problem in grammer, im poor in grammer even i can spealk well but it doesnt matter bc it drives me to learn more! so thanks to the comiitee and thanks for friend who voted and supporeted for me as well 🙂

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