Tips For Travelling!

Not only does the Big Blog Exchange offer 16 lucky bloggers the opportunity to swap countries for 10 days, but it has also created a huge (800+) blogging community, who we imagine altogether have a wealth of knowledge about travel.

So, in order to really make the most of this fantastic community – we wanted to ask you today to share your best travel tips? Where would you recommend other bloggers visit? What are the top 5 things a blogger/traveler should take on their trip? What should they avoid? What are your favourite travel tips?


We can’t wait to hear what you come up with! 

11 thoughts on “Tips For Travelling!

  1. Where would you recommend other bloggers visit?
    – If it’s your first time, I highly recommend that you visit the country’s famous landmark before anything else. 🙂
    In Singapore, it’s the Marina Bay area where the Merlion statue, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands is located. In Hong Kong, it’s the Victoria Harbour area. In Beijing, you must visit The Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City.

    What are the top 5 things a blogger/traveler should take on their trip?
    – Passport, IDs, money and most of all, your disembarkation card. This is a given but I’ve seen people lose their disembarkation card.
    – A camera to document your trip + extra memory cards and charged batteries.
    – A pen and a small notebook (or use your phone’s note app)
    – A light jacket to keep you warm
    – Take tourist brochures before you leave the airport of your destination! 🙂

    What should they avoid? What are your favourite travel tips?
    – Don’t bring an umbrella, unless you have a checked-in luggage. Apparently, bringing an umbrella to the plane is not allowed.
    – Travel and pack light

  2. I think the number 1 thing a traveler must do is to know the place of visit.. you should know the culture and tradition and what is accepted or not.. in that way, you could easily enjoy the trip without having to worry about the laws and stuffs!! 🙂

  3. know your own country first by travelling and then march to the world. Also before stepping into other unknown country or place, do the best research work about that place or country including culture,social,political,local etc.Never misplace your passport and keep some money always handy.

  4. -Where would you recommend other bloggers visit?
    it depend on you and what you like and your where do you find your enjoyment, and the places that you have dream before to visit.. but i recommend you to visit places that has many things to visit.
    Egypt: you have to visit pyramids And Egyptian museum.
    Italy: Venus where you can move in the city with boat. 🙂
    England: BigBen. and there is a lot of places you can visit there.
    Slovenia:Lake Bled, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia.

    -What are the top 5 things a blogger/traveler should take on their trip?
    1-Passport.and copy for all your papers like the flight ticket and your hotel.and the numbers for your embassy in the country that`ll visit.
    2-Digital Camera.
    3-Map Or GPS for the country or the city that you`ll visit or stay in.
    4-Extra pocket money for emergency cases
    5-a book or something has words that allows you to contact with people if you`ll visit country has a language that you do not speak.

    -What should they avoid?

    avoid causing problems and troubles, stay away from the places that you should not be in. and do not break the law 🙂

    -What are your favourite travel tips?

    make your plan about your trip.. everything you`ll do and the places you`ll visit ,write it on paper and prepare it well before your trip with good time to not forget anything.
    because some people say, when you travel you must forget something…so you have to prepare everything that you`ll need in your trip.
    -try to enjoy with your time till the max,and learn from your trip.
    -make your notes about the trip and the places that you visit and you have to read about the country that you`ll visit well and their traditions and their food and their history..

  5. The most important tip for me is planning! So you can make the best of the time you’re going to spend traveling.
    On thing to avoid is following pieces of avdice from those who already visited the place but don’t know you very well. They usually give general information that do not necessarily apply to you and your travelling style.

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