Motivations We Love #24

You know the drill – here are our favourite motivations today!

Marselina Tando, from Live It! Blog (Indonesia) says: 

My motivation? Mmmm.. why shouldn’t I? Who would miss the opportunity to live a bigger and influencial life to others? I’m Indonesian and I love being an Indonesian. The beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, or well-known culture always make me want to talk about it.. but I know it’s very important to get different perspective. That’s why I love to do blogwalking. So interesting to see things the way others do and I wonder how nice it is to let them know about my adventure here as Indonesian.. through my blog of course. I love travelling and writing. I used to pack up my things, go somewhere, visit some nice places or maybe ended up lost! I just love the feel how travelling and writing bring back lots of emotion in me. Sometimes, I write about my trip. I also write about my life.. my routine life. Although it is somehow look like boring for some people, but i believe that life, Sunday to Saturday, is truly an adventure =D St. Augustine once said, “the world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” I’d like to to join this event because I will only live once.. and I want to read all pages in my life-book then share everything I read to others through my writing. Thanks!

Lucie, from Mondalu Blog (France) says: 

The web shows us that there is not so much borders. This is, here, a huge opportunity to push back mine, “yours”, to adventure new places and share this great experience, through words and pictures, to create emotions, “your emotions”. I want to show people how small and diverse our world is. Telling my story about this amazing week would be the chance to highlight the benefits of travels, cultural exchanges and to lead everyone to look a little more around, for a more open-minded world.

Jamie Thomas, from JT’s Journey Blog (New Zealand) says: 

Because I am not a fussy traveller – I savour the opportunity to try new food etc, instead of turning my nose up in disgust. Similarly I also take things on with child-like curiousity – and report back on them likewise, whether it is an amazingly cheap feed in America, or the huge cicadas they have in Japan. At the same time I have travel experience, I know how to keep safe, and enjoy the opportunities given.

Herdiana Herdiana, from DELUXSHIONIST (Indonesia) says: 

Starting blogging almost 3 years ago, all that I have got is beyond my expectations and imagination. For someone who studied Civil Engineering and used to be an Field Engineer for one of the best Oil Services company, fashion was like a place with a hundred light years long to travel, but blog makes everything possible. From just posted “This is my favorite shoes?” to “This jacket is good for you.”, I am growing in this industry not only fashion as my intention but how to socializing every choices for the goodness. I want my blog not only a place to share information or showing one side of fashion only, but I want my readers feels inspired, supported and willing to do something good for their own life. Begin with yourself that sometimes fashion is a way to make some fun or looking good for yourself will not hurt anyone, right? That’s one example how you love yourself and other in fashion way. I have never been travel around, but thanks to blog, although I just see them from my laptop screen, if I can do something for a good change, it’s also changed me. Having opportunity outside fashion is my opportunity to see other world and delivers all the message through my writing, Bloggers is a way to see other ideology and again the goodness behind all stories. My last traveling story blog is when I having an opportunity to see Wesak Night at Borobudur, 3 days travel with all the greatness; culture, heritage, unity, peace and respect – all the essential thing which is still being humanity issue on my country. Maybe I am not a winner of this or that, but I want to be part of Big Blog Exchange, make some trip and see moments not only from my laptop screen, not only what is happening in front of my eyes, but disclose the other meaning for a better world. Wish Us Luck

Alex Faubel, from Alex in Wanderland (United States) says: 

I spent the last year of my life traipsing throughout Southeast Asia; I taught English to classes of 30 Thai kindergarteners, tried strange and delicious new cuisines, bushwhacked through dense jungles, floated in the earth’s crystal seas, climbed jagged walls of limestone, shared incredible stories with fellow travelers and learned something new about our world with each new day. I left home without a plan, searching for something unknown, and what I found were lessons unmistakably grounded in each new adventure, strange encounter, awkward exchange and blissfully contented moment. I wandered through these experiences, documenting each moment the only way I knew how: my writing. My blog has become an extension of my travels and I’m so thankful for the portals it has unlocked inside me and the doors it has opened around me. Now I’m searching for my next adventure to document and I’d love nothing more than to be able to exchange my life with someone sharing my wanderlust. To place myself in another’s shoes both culturally, physically and mentally would be a new experience and one that I’d welcome with open arms and blank pages ready for new narratives. My own shoes have worn thin and the lines etched into my face form a road map of the places I’ve been and the ones patiently waiting for me to arrive.

ConstanceSQ, from Eat Pray Sleep Blog (Malaysia) says: 

I’m a unique mix of everything. I’m a corporate executive by day, but secretly I want to take over the blogosphere! Oops.. Not so secret anymore. Anyway, I snap, I draw, I write and on top of that I do random silly stuff. I’m not ashamed to share my story and I have a passion in creating history.

Have you been featured on our Daily Motivations pick yet? Let us know what you think of these posts, do you enjoy reading the motivations every day? 

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