Motivations We Love #25

Are you participating in our Twitter takeover today? (see our previous post).

Here are our favourite motivations today:

Lynda Trujillo, from Hit The Road Jane (United States) says: 

I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone (traveled alone to Italy at 18), get lost (more time to look around right?),wander, go up and talk to people in their language (je suis une très cool blogger, n’est pas? I kid, I kid) , eat things I’ve never tried before (can you say frog legs and beef tartare?), dance (took ballet and jazz classes in Italy), and explore with every ounce of my insatiable curiosity. Traveling is like breathing to me. It feels so very natural and I cannot live without it! I have so much respect for different cultures and know that everyone on earth has something they can teach us. Choose me and you will be connected to my experience as a fearless Latina abroad through my blog posts, twitter, instagram, and vine. It would be an honor to share funny moments, breath taking sights, sounds, and food through social media for the first time. When I first traveled to another Country, we didn’t have all this social media available. I would love to be a part of this incredible project and show through the power of social media, how alike we all are no matter where we grew up. P.S. If chosen, I promise to participate in a race if there is a run available during those dates.

Jeremy Fowler, from Jeremy Fowler Blog (Canada) says: 

I don’t want to die. I didn’t know this until I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. At the time, I just finished up my freshman year in university, got a promotion at my summer job and was finally getting comfortable with growing up. Then it happened. Within five weeks I lost my best friend in a car accident and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It was a scary six months after that; two surgeries, four rounds of chemo and multiple trips to the emergency room, but the scariest part was the thought of drying. Death wasn’t what I feared the most though; I feared not living. It has been five years since I was diagnosed and now the term “Cured” has started to be used by my doctors. I’m cured! I’m cancer-free! The weight of the disease has been lifted. Now it is time to start living. Being selected in the Big Blog Exchange is the first step in my life of living.

Mylena de Souza Ferreira, from Lugares que ver Blog (Brazil) says: 

Travel is my life, is this need like breath. My biggest fear is die without knowing the world, thinking about all the amazing things out there… and my plan for life is visit all the cities I can. Everybody need a plan, a porpouse in life. Well… mine is travel. Since I’ve left my hometown I found out that when you meet different cultures, you open your mind. Sometimes is necessary to feel something in your skin, pass through this experience to start thinking different… and living different. Travelling makes you see life on a different way. Is the moment I can runaway of my life, disconnect of all the everyday-problems and be in peace.

Rosa-Maria Korhonen, from Advantages of Being An Outsider Blog (Finland) says: 

Fall of last year. I was full of hopes and excitement. I had applied for being an exchange student, and they accepted me. Then my parents suddenly told me that we don’t have enough money for that. I was disappointed and very unhappy, of course. But there was nothing left to do. So many of my close friends is going and sometimes I feel like I’ll just stay here collecting dust while they explore the world. I love travelling and getting to know different cultures. I see this as a change to learn to understand people from other countries, a chance to get to know something about a new place. I think I should be chosen to this exchange because I’m open-minded and I want to explore various lifestyles as much as possible.

Huicyeo, from Moac-me Blog (Malaysia) says: 

Have you ever felt so out of place in the country of your birth? So foreign is the land and culture that you’re supposed to be naturally in love with? I have. I didn’t ask to be to this way. It just happened. I fell in love with a language that wasn’t mine to begin with; a language that up until ten summers of my life, was a language that I wasn’t even fluent with. However since adopting this new language, my life has changed tremendously and still is, as contrite as this may sound. English has brought such huge changes in my life that I can never feel like I would ever fit in this country of mine anymore. I’m not saying that Malaysia is a horrible nation. As a matter of fact, this humble place that I come from is so rich in culture and diversity of its people that it’s one of the most unique country in this world. All I’m saying is that I wasn’t made for it. English has opened up my eyes to this amazing world; this wonderful magnificent world that is made up of so many places that housed such different and special kind of people that my heart has wandered. My heart has strayed from where I am to all those places that I could have been if only I have the chance so all I’m asking for is this: give this boring ‘ol two decades old of lass a chance to experience life in another country. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

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