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The blogging community is one of the largest in the world, with over 170 million blogs on the internet at this current moment. So, it’s no wonder that brands, companies and venues are jumping on board and inviting bloggers to specific blogger events – where you can meet other like-minded bloggers.


It’s a shame we can’t host one huge Big Blog Exchange event for all 850 of you (maybe next year) but we did want to ask whether you are a regular at any bloggers events around the globe? If you are a beauty blogger, do you regularly meet other beauty lovers at blogger events? If you are a travel blogger, have you been on any trips or visited any conferences where you have met other bloggers?


And, if you could organize a blogger event of your very own – what would you do? Where would you host it and what activities would you host? 

13 thoughts on “Bloggers Events!

  1. To be honest, there’s no blog conference here in SE (at least, not to my knowledge). But I do get invites from events (movie screening, fashion shows, etc) and I get to meet other bloggers there. I would love to one day go and attend IFB or ALT conference in the future though.

    If I can organize my own blogger event, it’s probably one that’s full of activities and games where everyone can participate and really interact with each other.

  2. Due to the specificity of my blog I don’t get to deal with too many others in persons here in South Africa.. The only time I really meet up with the others in the martial arts sphere is at fight nights & tournaments.

    I would really be interested in having some sort of conference to meet up with others and discuss ideas, and see how we can further our sports and online presences.

  3. i don’t know any blogger in my area, but probably in the capital city of Indonesia is. But i sometimes meet regularly with any travelers in my region, we share the tips, travel together, have a game, potluck and some other fun interactive. and it would be great if one day there will event for a blogger in my place.

    maybe we also arrange trip and get in lose together

    1. We’ve had hundreds of bloggers enter from Indonesia, perhaps you could take a look at the entries and see if any are in your local area? You could even host a meet-up yourself?

      It’s great that you are involved with activities in your area though and that you get travelling tips from other like minded people! 🙂

  4. There are a lot of bloggers here in the Philippines. Ranging from fashion bloggers to photo bloggers (Like me). I’ve also been to a few bloggers meet-up, and heard of a few bloggers events as well like Bloggers United.

    But if I were to organize my own, I would probably fill it with lots activities like getting to know, and games so that everyone could interact with each other. Plus it would be open to all bloggers, big and small ones, so that everyone would get a chance to be recognized in the blogging world.

  5. Wait, there are blogger events? Perhaps I haven’t been on the blog scene long enough to notice; however, it seems like a great idea.

    I think the best time/place to host a blogging conference would be along side another conference. Perhaps partner with an academic or cultural conference. That way, you have the opportunity to not only network with fellow bloggers, but also those who may be experts within the focus of your blog. For example, host a music blogging conference during the Harvest Jazz and Blues music festival here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

    1. I guess it depends where in the world you live, but in the UK, there are blogger events almost every week! It’s such a huge community, that lots of brands have got in on the action, so they host bloggers events and engage with influential ones!

      We think your ideas are fantastic, maybe you could organise a meet-up yourself!

  6. If I could organize such event, I would love to have just a random blogger meetup. It would be nice to know about what the movie bloggers, beauty & fashion bloggers, or travel bloggers think about what’s currently happening and what their plans are in the near future.. Maybe we could also organize a blog workshop on which the famous bloggers give tips to other bloggers or newbies on how to create a positive personal branding on the internet.. Whoaaa, that would be a good idea! 😀

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