Motivations We Love #26

Here are today’s favourites:

Katie from I’m Just A Misfit Named Katie Blog (United States) says: 

I think it would be a neat experience to be able to see someone else’s life from their point of view. I think too many people nowadays judge someone just by their appearance, or their culture, without really knowing anything about it, and that should change. This would be a great opportunity to stand out and see what other people go through.

Alison Hodgins, from Alison’s Adventures (Canada) says: 

Most 20 year olds have rather mild worries. The major problems that plague young adults are along the lines of getting into the perfect university, dating the cute boy in chem class, or figuring out how to pay rent for the first time. In July 2012, I flew to Europe for the forth time. With 2-year UK work visa, I didn’t plan on returning until April 2013. However, as any traveler knows, life rarely goes the way you planned it. I secured the most amazing job as a seasonaire on a ski resort in the French Alps. I spent my afternoons snowboarding, my evenings practising French as a waitress, and my nights out at one of the lively nightclubs. On January 9, two weeks in to my four month job, I took a jump on the mountain and fell. I suffered a compression fracture on my L1. With a broken back and dampened spirits, I returned home to heal. Three weeks later, my father was caught in a work-related accident and passed away suddenly. He was only 55. He wasn’t just my father-he was my best friend. Three weeks later, my 16 year old cat stopped eating. In a difficult act of euthanasia, my mother and I had to put her down. At 20 years old, I have been through more than most people have had to endure in their entire lives. Lying on my hospital bed recovering has given me the opportunity to input all of the knowledge I have gathered on my various travels in a reader-friendly blog, aimed as a vicarious adventure for those too timid to leave their homes and as a collection of relatable, helpful posts for avid adventurers. I’ll be healed by June. I could stay here, bitter and depressed, blaming the world for the tragedies it’s destroyed me with. But instead, I’m going to pick myself up, return to the world, and remind myself why I love it so much. I know that my father would want me to live my life to the fullest. That’s exactly what I intend to do. This blog exchange would give me the opportunity to share all that I’ve learned of this world – from volunteering at an orphanage in Bali to working on farms in Australia, from my small-town roots to my big-city adventures, from my darkest moments to my everlasting hope – and, in turn, to learn about life from another’s perspective. I’m only 20. I have my entire life before me. With your help, I won’t just travel the world. I’ll change it.

Jeremy Feijten, from Inklingstime (Belgium) says: 

I’ve been blogging ever since the word ‘blog’ was invented. In the past I’ve written thousands of words on being gay, on Belgian and international actuality, on culture and sport news, on writing, … Some of these blogs lasted for a long time, others not. Yet, everyone of them made me happy, because I could write about the things I loved and talk to the people with equal interests. Since a couple of months I seem to have found the ‘right’ blog for me. Inklingstime has become a sort of mashup of all of the above. Mainly, I write about books, but I also keep an eye out for music, food, movies, travelling, … Everything great about life, to be honest. Anyway, I would love to swap countries with another blogger in order to get to know different cultures and views on life. I want to experience local literature, music, movies and food. Also, I believe this could be an adventure that could actually change someone’s opinions on a certain matter. And broaden your mind, that’s what life is all about. If you feel the same way, please help me and my blog. Kind Regards, Jeremy

Satu Cahaya Langit, from The Same Blue Sky on All Sides (Indonesia) says: 

I am curious, and usually want to know something to it’s grass-root. For me, that is one important factor who help a person to get unique ideas or information. I love traveling. Exploring something, like a city, or a snorkeling spot, or a small forest, is a pretty good idea to waste my time. I usually end up writing all that experience on my blogs. And I’m not really sure, but I think the way I explore is quite different than most of my friends. I take things slow, and usually analyzing movement on my surrounding. Indonesia is home of so many culture. That makes me a proud citizen of Indonesia, and a huge fans of the variety of culture. Languages, Traditions, Ethnics, I’m really sure that there are many culture you can’t even Google. Not only in Indonesia, but Globally. By being here, by getting a chance to see more of the world’s culture, I deeply thank you. Thank you, Big Blog Exchange

Calista Leah Liew, from Travelling On A Dream (Malaysia) says: 

Having not been able to really travel until 4 years ago, travelling, even to another part of the same country was a luxury for me. Since then I have had the opportunity to travel to a few of the beautiful countries around South East Asia, and gain experiences that I believe have changed who I am and how I perceive the world. To win this unique opportunity to travel, exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures with another passionate blogger in a totally different part of the world for 10 days is an ultimate dream! My motivation for joining this competition is that I’ve always wanted to travel the world and learn how people in other countries live. I believe experience is the best eduction, and you can learn nothing faster than if you were to experience it on a personal level. I am currently in a limbo with my life at the moment, not quite knowing where I want it to go or which of the many passions in my life I’d like to fully pursue, and I believe that winning this blog exchange would help me put a lot, if not all, of it into perspective. =)

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