Motivations We Love #27

We love checking the website every morning and reading all your wonderful motivations. We wish that we could feature them all every day, but here are todays favourites:

Antònia Pozo, from contagiodeviaje Blog (Spain) says: 

I’ve really enjoyed writing, taking photos, travelling since I was a young girl. I have recently finished my degree on Journalism. I know it’s such a bad moment for journalists but it’s what I really like to do, what I really wanna do when I grow up. I think it’s the way things can be changed. Doing what you love. Moreover, I love risky adventures.

Amanda and Mae, from Fetch & Femme Blog (Canada) says: 

We’re a lesbian couple from Canada looking for some globe-trotting adventures. Our blog aims to entertain and educate! We spend our days madly in love while pursuing our dreams of fitness, writing, and overall well-being. We believe that we can spread rainbow cheer and good vibes all over this great planet. It’s time that two powerful, diverse women served as Canadian ambassadors!

Jessica Lee, from The Room Blog (Malaysia) says: 

Blogging isn’t about which post got the highest view or which post got the most comments, it’s about sharing yourself with the world, jot down what you experience before it fade away from your mind.

Norma Gesita, from Nana’s Haven (Indonesia) says: 

Hello, I am Norma Gesita, but everyone called me Nana. I just want all of you to know that I’m in love with languages around the world. Someone said that If you speak a language that he understands, that goes to his head, but if you speak his mother tongue, it goes to his heart. Language is made up of culture, by knowing the language of a country, we will also know the culture of the country. The more we know cultures, the more we understand the world. With my passion on Journalism, I wanted to capture the world through writing. If I win this, I hope to gain knowledge about the language I had never learned, and learn about the culture that I had never experienced before. Then I will write all of it so the other people will know what I feel. If they understand the world, they will try to be more tolerant and there will be no war in the world. It will be nice if all of the world could be like Indonesian motto, “Unity in Diversity”.

Jean Nicole Uy Alaba, from The Eager Traveler (Philippines) says: 

I know everyone loves to travel and experience cultures around the world. But I guess what sets me apart is that I have not only the passion to travel but also the passion to share and inspire. One of the influential reasons why I decided to purchase my own laptop is that I could showcase my travel escapades thru the form of a blog, in the hopes of inspiring my fellow eager travellers. I have been trying to make it a point that every time I indulge into a new experience, I see to it that i take note of all the essential elements such as itinerary, culture, food, tourist spots and local vibe. If you can just read my blog, you’ll see that it’s a combination of attention to detail, great photography and personal touch. Blogging is such an vital way of expressing myself and making me relive the experiences that I never want to forget. It makes me live more vicariously and appreciate everything one nation at a time. I hope you’ll endow me this once in a lifetime opportunity so I can further extend and fuel my passion to travel, passion to inspire, passion to write and passion to live. Cheers!

Fernanda C. de Souza, from Preciso Viajar (Brazil) says: 

I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as I have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves”. I truly believe the boundaries exist only in our minds and traveling is all about that – to realize that everybody is looking for the same thing all around the world – happiness.

Travel Photo Blogging Blog (Slovenia) says: 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” (Augustine of Hippo). This is one of my favorite quotes and I always tried to help people get beyond that first page of the book. Travel really can be a life changing experience! I really love to travel and this contest is a perfect opportunity to visit new places I was always dreaming about. A trip to a random destination somewhere out there will also present a great opportunity to indulge in my second favorite activity – photography. What I love the most about this contest, is the opportunity to share my thoughts and photos with the faithful readers of my blog. Since Travel Photo Blogging is all about sharing first person tips on traveling and taking our readers to places they have always wanted to visit, I guess everyone would love to read about such an interesting travel adventure. Travel Photo Blogging can also become the place for discovering your next vacation destination. You are always welcome to visit us and become one of our many followers! Please give Travel Photo Blogging your vote and help me do what I love the most – travel, indulge in photography and blog about it all.

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