Motivations We Love #28

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Until we reach 1,000 – here are our favourite motivations of today:

Huicyeo, from Moac-me (Malaysia) says: 

Have you ever felt so out of place in the country of your birth? So foreign is the land and culture that you’re supposed to be naturally in love with? I have. I didn’t ask to be to this way. It just happened. I fell in love with a language that wasn’t mine to begin with; a language that up until ten summers of my life, was a language that I wasn’t even fluent with. However since adopting this new language, my life has changed tremendously and still is, as contrite as this may sound. English has brought such huge changes in my life that I can never feel like I would ever fit in this country of mine anymore. I’m not saying that Malaysia is a horrible nation. As a matter of fact, this humble place that I come from is so rich in culture and diversity of its people that it’s one of the most unique country in this world. All I’m saying is that I wasn’t made for it. English has opened up my eyes to this amazing world; this wonderful magnificent world that is made up of so many places that housed such different and special kind of people that my heart has wandered. My heart has strayed from where I am to all those places that I could have been if only I have the chance so all I’m asking for is this: give this boring ‘ol two decades old of lass a chance to experience life in another country. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Luciana, from Me Ecanta Blog (Argentina) says: 

Since I can remember, I’ve always been proun to explore new cultures and try new things. One of my hobbies is to learn different language so if I go somewhere I can really get in touch with the locals. Unfortunately I don’t have so much time and resources to travel as much as I would like, but I love meeting people from everywhere in my city. Actually, I’m studying a master’s degree in International Affairs, and I’m going to live abroad, a thing that I definitely want to try. Sometimes I start writing about one thing, and I finish with another. My blog is kind of a “nonsense” blog, but It´d be great to change it for a few days and live new experiences. We need to try everything, that’s the only way to learn.

Michael Henry Cabili, from Bubonicboon Blog (Philippines) says: 

Like anyone else, I always feel the rush when I am in a different place. When I get to see new people, it makes me realize how little I have explored my world, how many a thing are still out there, waiting to be learned. When I ride on buses, board on planes, walk the streets of a unique place, it makes me think how big the world is, how different and how unique everything is. These moments make me think that life out there is something worth discovering. It’s the unknown that fuels up my need to see all the beautiful things out there. To hear them, to speak with them. To feel them. To experience them. But above all, it’s not only geography, politics, history and culture that makes me want to travel. It’s the feeling of being lost, being alone, being able to reflect and see things in a new perspective that makes me say to myself “I am in a different place. But I just found myself. And I will forever be home”. I know everyone deserves to be in that special place. I’d like to think that I do too. So for what it’s worth, I will strive to be in that special place. I may not have traveled far and wide. Least I can say, in heart and in mind, I am a traveler. And I deserve to travel. And sooner or later, I will.

Megan Doepker, from Universal Citizen (Canada) says: 

Universal Citizen serves up a daily dose of inspiration for ethical & eco fashion, conscious living and global travels, curated by a globetrotting ecofashionista, social entrepreneur and idealist (AKA Me!). Having the opportunity to swap lives with another blogger fits exactly within the theme of my blog. It’s been though travels that I’ve realized just how interconnected our world is, and that’s why I share my experiences, to inspire conscious living and responsible consumerism. It’s also been travels that motivated me to start UNA Fashion, a fair trade label following social business principles. The opportunity to blog about the culture of a fellow blogger, the geography of the land, and what makes their home unique would be the ultimate experience!

Jasmin Saarijärvi, from Skylines Blog (Finland) says: 

I love different cultures and especially travelling. I would like to have the chance to see the world and write about my experiences to other people. This kind of exchange could be an eye-opening to me and I could open other people’s eyes to the world. I’m spontaneous and love to meet new people and get new stories to tell.

Bruna Passos Amaral, from Partiu intercâmbio (Brazil) says: 

Experience is nothing if you don’t share it. That is why I write about studying abroad and travel. Many people want to do it but have no idea where to start, so in this blog we exchange ideas and thoughts to help each other see that is never too late to start make your dreams come true. And I want to spread these words as far as they can go, so that everyone believes that nothing is impossible if you are bold enough to learn and change.

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