Bloggers Bucket Lists!

The Big Blog Exchange, is a global blogging community and a travel exchange, so hopefully – those selected will be excited to jet off somewhere they have never discovered before! To start thinking about where our bloggers could be blogging from, and where they could be exploring – we wanted to ask you the question, if you could jet off to anywhere in the world – where would you choose? And why?FaceBook-Timeline-Banner1

Or could you not even narrow it down to one country? Do you have a few favourite destinations to explore on your bucket list? 

16 thoughts on “Bloggers Bucket Lists!

  1. i have always wanted to visit europe. the seasides of ireland, the cobbled streets of england, the cafes in paris, the streets of italy, the picturesque scenery in iceland, the nightlife in glasgow and a lot more! it would be a dream come true to win this thing! i hope 🙂

  2. everywhere I went to new places (not that I traveled a lot) I always love to meet the local people and make friends with them. My number one place on the list right now is anywhere but Asia, becoz I live in Asia region. I really want to taste the living at the place where it has a very different custom, culture, language, people and weather. Still, what matters the most for me is making friends with the local people. There’s nothing can sooth your heart better than knowing that when you come back to your hometown you have new friends on the other side of the world. And I believe in hope and words. Once someone say to you, “I hope you come back to visit me again.” I believe the universe will help to make it come true. Words are prayers. For a mom like me, I’d rather telling my children about the people I met and the kindness of them instead of the places. Yes, the beauty of the places can be captured in your camera, but the kindness of a friendship will be captured and stays in your heart forever. ^_^

  3. I think one of the country in my bucket list would be Africa as I would really want to experience the safari, and watch the animals. All along, I’ve been only watching them on the television and it would mean so much for me to experience them real life.

  4. I have a lot of projects in my head, so it is difficult to pick out just one country.
    A (non-exhaustive) selection of the things I’ve listed on my bucket list: hiking on the Chinese Wall or the Inca Trail or …, climbing the Table Mountain, spotting animals in the wild nature of Canada, getting “lost” in the jungle, on a glacier or in the desert, riding camels or elephants, swimming in oceans or special places, discover hidden cultures, go back into the past and visit typical elements of the history of a country (temples, pyramids, legendary spots …), parapente over mountains, …
    It is quite difficult to express my passion to discover the world or to limit it to one country. I’m willing to explore everything: from the wilderness to a crowded city, from futuristic to historical elements, music, theater, stories and the locals! I would like to put my ‘blog landmarks’ where possible!

  5. I would love to visit every city in every continent, including the Artic and Antartica. But if I were to choose, I would go for Europe. The countries in Europe are so close to one another, and most often than not, reachable by train, but each have their own diverse history and culture.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. There’s just something about Europe that made me want visit every country. But of course, I would also want to explore my own country, the Philippines. Every city has it’s own history, plus the beaches and scenery is a must try and see.

  7. Argentina and Slovenia…weird, right? Not exactly sure how those two made it to the top of my Bucket List, but right now, there they are, sitting at 1A and 1B.

    In reality though, I’d love to head to any of the 160+ countries I haven’t been to, and probably 15 of the 20 I have been to already!

  8. For the past ten years I have been saying I wanted to go to Europe, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized I have never decided where in Europe I’d like to go. I think someplace like Gibraltar would be really cool. Barcelona would also be incredible. Really, I’d like to go somewhere warm with really good coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon.

  9. Certainly, India because of their culture, colors, people and the most of all, elephants! There is no such a country where we can ride elephants on the street! However, Great Britain is always tempting to visit. Not only UK but also Scotland and Ireland. Would love to explore those castles and national parks, as well as to try to understand distinguish British accents ;).

  10. I enjoy serching in my own country those things that teach me something special and show me something new. Search for those places that are not in the eye of everybody. Talk about them. I enjoy taking pictures, and specially talk with the local people. Learn from them and recognize and accept by this way the other culture and yours. Search for the most secret place. Places with art, with fashion and with music. Places with creation. Places that inspire you. I think that France or England could be places with those type of streets. Streets with history. Streets that have something to show you, but above all, streets that make you fill inspired. For sure, are one of the places I would like to have a walk.

  11. Africa! So many different cultures and foody experiences, all in one massive continent which has the most arid of deserts and yet amazing wildlife. I have a dream to one day see the beautiful giant Baobab tree in the flesh. Some great music has come out of Africa, especially Mali, and i think it would be amazing to experience this first hand, and blog about it of course! Egypt has the history and archaeology, Kenya has the wildlife. And Moroccan architecture has always inspired me, plus I love peppermint tea!
    Please have a peak and my entry and my blog:

  12. There’s 2 places that I wish to travel; 2 developed countries : USA & UK. It would be a massive 360 degree change for me to explore different cultures and most of all food!!

  13. My ultimate dream is to go to Africa and experience a safari! Other than that, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (I got my diving licence last year), Greece because it’s such a beautiful place, and England, as I would love to meet my relatives there (I moved to Malaysia when I was 7 and havent had the chance to go back there since then – thank God for Facebook!)

  14. Impossible to decide! My favourite things to blog are experiences – from skydiving and surfing to walking and sewing… Place wise I think New Zealand, the USA and Canada are at the top of my list, but also South Africa, China, Japan, the list is frankly endless.

  15. I am crazy about exploring new places! I’ve been attached to places/geography/maps when I was a kid, but now a decade later reading about them is just not enough! Sometimes I find myself smiling, lost in my thoughts just thinking of how beautiful this world is! I think EVERYONE should be able to feel and experience all the wonders this world has to offer, somehow it makes us more sensitive and mindful of other cultures. I have a loooong list of places in my mind, but I think what I would need in this point in time (just when I’m about to graduate from college!) is to be immersed in a place that is far from what I’m used to seeing in terms of landscapes, lifestyle, and culture. Maybe Turkey, Croatia, South America! That would just give an amazing kick of inspiration in time for this turn in my life!

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