Motivations We Love #29

You’ve got 17 days left to get all your votes in. Who is excited for the final 16 to be announced? We know we are!

Here are today’s favourites:

Rodney Maller, from Loving Life Blog (Australia) says: 

I’m a first time blogger, a good friend has a blog here and i got the inspiration to just try, give it a go and see where it goes….. I love travel and believe that until you have traveled and experienced other cultures, foods, lifestyles, people and places you haven’t really opened your eyes to the reality of the world we live in. If you only know the space in where you were born, lived and died you have never known what you are capable of and your concept of society, tradition/customs, perspective is at a tremendous disadvantage. you can’t develop an appreciation or understanding of the true value through your t.v. or internet browser. GET OUT THERE AND EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF :-). I love food, my palate is broad and through food you can open the door of conversation and understanding. Food can bring down barriers and walls in the way of effective dialogue. Food is not just about the taste of what you eat, it about the experience, the people you share it with, the places you are, it’s all of these combined to make a truly beautiful journey. Try something new today :-), I am also a man of faith, I believe that traveling through diverse nations and peoples and experiencing all they have to offer through food and culture and friendship you can really come to love and appreciate what a wonderful God we serve. though we are many and we are diverse we all possess common bonds and needs and desires. Written on the hearts of all men and women is the need to be loved, to be accepted, for friendship and peace. I pray we can have strength in diversity, rather than division.. I also really enjoy sport, and I’m happy to play any sport at least once, my favorite sport is definitely got to be Test Cricket, which may bore many of you to tears, but it really is the beautiful game 🙂

Zahrul Fuadi, from jajandimana blog (Indonesia) says: 

My motivation is I want to be a better food blogger. I really hope that BigBlogExchange can give me a BIG chance to taste more “color” on food and be a better BLOGger after meeting people that knowledgeable in this field of expertise. And finally I can exchange my experience to my community. I believe that if i win this competition, i will learn a lot and have fun thru the process.

Sonja, from Fashion, Friends and Football Blog (Finland) says: 

I want to see the whole world !!! This would also help me so much with my plans to be a journalist. I love travelling and I am so excited about languages ! I live for my friends, family, football, food, journalism, fashion and of course blogging.

Michael Johnstone, from The Asian Persuasion (Canada) says: 

In July 2010 I sold most of what I owned, jammed a few things in boxes, and packed the rest into two suitcases. Like a thousands of other Canadians, I left my home country for a new life in South Korea. I had no idea what I would find there. Two years later and I’m still in love with what I found. An alien culture, a mysterious city, and a whole region of the world to explore. I am addicted to Asia. The Asian Persuasion was started a few weeks before I stepped onto that plane and has been a way to share a tiny sliver of what I’ve found with the world. I chose the name because, even before leaving, I felt as though this far off corner of the world was drawing me in and trying to tell me something. I’m still trying to figure out what that is. The concept of this competition is at the heart of what it means to be a blogger. To be an exchanger of ideas, a tiny window into another life, culture, or set of perspectives. The chance to interact directly with bloggers from around the globe would bring the blogging experience to the three dimensional world, and would be indescribably eye-opening. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this amazing project!

Kurt Duvel, from The Eagle’s Nest Blog (South Africa) says: 

I believe that we as bloggers should be connecting in person, and not just through our websites. But it’s not always financially feasible to pack a bag and travel halfway across the world to meet someone you’ve only been communicating with online. I see this exchange as an opportunity for me to connect with other bloggers on a personal level, and to learn how their local environment affects what they write about. In my case, music is a very subjective topic, and different cultures and countries respond in different ways to others, even if we’re talking about the same big-name American artist (for example). Travelling can give one a new perspective on one’s beliefs and opinions, and I hope to be refreshed and inspired by an exchange such as this. After going on a 3-month academic exchange to an all-boys private school in Nashville, Tennessee back in my Grade 10 year of high school, I know firsthand how true that statement can be.

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