Motivations We Love #30

There’s just 16 days to go until the voting closes and the jury starts deciding who will make up the final 16. Are you excited, anxious or a bit of both?

Here’s todays favourite motivations. Let us know what you think!

Tom Dobin, from A Mosaic Of Adventures (UK) says: 

I started blogging a couple of months ago. I’ve been lucky enough to have had some incredible experiences over the last two years, and my desire to share them with my friends led to me finding this wonderful way of expressing my thoughts, giving an insight into other cultures, and effectively taking people with me on my journey. I have a very strong interest in learning about other countries, seeing breathtaking sites, and sharing my discoveries with others. I would love the opportunity to visit a brand new country and experience a brand new culture, whilst also meeting 15 incredible people, sharing my experiences with them, and learning so much over 10 days. Because that’s the wonderful thing about blogging – it’s a process of informing, learning and sharing, and I would relish this opportunity to take part in this exciting adventure.

Dirty Pink City blog (South Africa) says:  

“There is always a party going on somewhere…our mission is to bring it to you.” This is quite a new blog and in a very short time it became very popular. The blog brings entertainment/events/music/fashion from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa, to the WORLD! 🙂 We have a lot to learn, but we keep our eyes and ears open to become better!

Tina, from Lunch For One Blog (Germany) says: 

Since starting blogging nearly three years ago, I meet fellow bloggers & readers, trying out the unexpect, the unsusal – always try something new, be up to a challenge. Swaping place with a blogger, which could be around the corner (aka Europe) or at the end of the world (like Brazil), getting to know a different language, a different culture on a unike way – and of course been thrown into a totally unknown blogging way – about food, travel, fashion (help!) oder what ever the person is writing. I would love to go on that challenge

Lauren Winter, from Scarecrows Don’t Talk Blog (UK) says: 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde. Let’s get on his level.

Hannah Hawkshaw, from Hannah’s Fashion blog (Ireland) says: 

I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of the Big Blog Exchange as I would love to show others that nothing is impossible! I am a teenage fashion blogger, singer/songwriter and daydreamer based in Ireland, blogging from a 15 year old girl’s perspective. I am mesmerised by fashion and love sharing my style and thoughts with my followers, as well as learning about new places and cultures. I dream of traveling to exciting places and I would love for others to experience the warmth of my home country, Ireland! I started my blog during a really difficult time in my life, when I was suffering from a long term illness. Since then, it has become a huge part of my life and is more than just a blog. It has helped me evolve as a person and has given me so much confidence! Many people have put me down over the years but my blog has helped me realise that I am at my happiest when I don’t let what others think of me affect me in a bad way. In the past few months, my blog has grown in so many ways and I love hearing from my readers, knowing that I have inspired them in some way! I feel that this opportunity would not only be for myself – I feel that it would help me give others the confidence they need to show people their personality. It would give them the confidence they need to be themselves and to realise that life is so much better when you are true to yourself! It would show so many that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and that dreams come true!

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