Full Time Or Part Time Bloggers!

For some lucky people, blogging is a full-time career choice. With the flexibility and creativity that blogging offers, full-time bloggers can work from a beach or they can opt to work from their bed (or anywhere in between). However, many bloggers still keep their blog as a part time hobby.

So, we wanted to open up the floor and ask – if you had the opportunity to, would you blog full time? Would you ever give up your job and blog for a living? Do you know any full time bloggers who have made it work for them? Or, would you always keep your blog as a hobby on the side?


What do you think?

17 thoughts on “Full Time Or Part Time Bloggers!

  1. Would definitely love to be able to blog full time.. I’vve seen the benefits of it and know people who cansurvive on just blogging alone, and with that branch out into other things they love.. Unfortunately, where I am based right now the blogging scene isnt as big yet..

  2. Blogging is definitely my number one passion. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years! So it would be great it I could blog full time and live off through that… Although, realistically speaking, I wouldn’t make it my only source of income. I’ve come across the most successful bloggers out there and have found that their blogs are their sideline jobs. Of course they still get paid a lot, but it’s not enough to support everything in their life. I definitely want to raise a family, and still keep blogging. And so I’ll keep my blog as a hobby/sideline job while probably focusing on a main business from home (preferably owning my own store!) while raising the kids!

  3. I just like blogging and making full blogger is not simple because we need to focuss and stable on that! I saw some blogger who success in their life from blogging and i’d love to follow it

  4. I am an amateur blogger who has become a passionate amateur blogger. I really like the blogging process: working on an idea you have in your mind and sharing it with your readers (and the world). Now I’m discovering all the possibilities of blogging, I think it would be great to make a living of it some day. But I have to stay realistic and for the moment I’m doing it as a hobby. But you never know, maybe, one day …

  5. There’s no greater joy in life than to do what you’re passionate about. I have recently started blogging and I’m loving every element of it. I would love to become a full time blogger – just looking for the right time and opportunity.

  6. I’ll definitely blog full time if i could! I might not do it for the rest of my life, but i can’t imagine a better job for a 25 year old;)

  7. Of course, if I had this opportunity, I will blog full time juste because I love it! I also like my current job, but I’m not feeling as much comfortable and free as when I’m blogging…

    My only question maybe about the fact to transform a hobby in a way of living… Would it still be a pleasure or will it become as any work something you had to do?

    Neverminds, for now I have my “double-life” and even if it’s quite exausting to have 2 days in one, I so happy since I have my blog that I don’t care!

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