Motivations We Love #31

Todays favourites are:

Nathalie Blue, from Singing Coconut Blog (Malaysia) says: 

My motivation is to go beyond my comfort zone. Studied at Singapore helps me to open my eyes. The craving to see every parts of the world never stop ever since. It would be a great opportunity to exchange my lives with other 15 bloggers around the globe. World peace 🙂

Rudstin John V. Estrellado, from The Boy Who Fell Asleep In The Kitchen Blog (Philippines) says: 

Exchanging life with someone at the opposite end of the world seems to be as thrilling as having magical powers. Actually, it’s the nearest thing to that. LOL. This opportunity would help me find learn the bond everyone of us share. The difference between our cultural and natural interest that differs us from each nationality but in the end, we all come to respect. I want to feel another persons perspective about what “Life” means to them. What it feels to be living in that kind of situation. I also want them to feel the stuff behind the blog, what it feels to be truly a Filipino. I want them to experience our culture, our lifestyle and our FOOD.

Andreas Hjorth, from 18000km away from home Blog (Norway) says: 

Actually, I’m on a travel right now. I left the little, cold country of Norway in hope of exploring the world. And this is also the big theme of my blog. I want to tell whoever reading my blog what I’m experiencing as I travel around alone, both positiv and less positiv. And I’m trying to do it with through a personal perspective and with some sense of humor. My vision before I started my 5 month travel, and it is also the reason to why I want to take part in this competition, is that I want to learn about how other people are living their lifes. And through that, I want to be aware of how I am living my own life. And offcourse, I’m more than happy to tell others how I am living myself, so my goal is to exchange as many experiences as possible. So read my blog, maybe you like it, and vote for me if you want to help me get more greatly needed experiences.

Muto Fathurrohman, from 13 Ceritamu Blog (Indonesia) says: 

Writing is one of the way to share knowledge. Blog provides a space to write to share about my thinking around the world because blog can be accessed internationally via internet. I am Indonesian blogger. The reason why I suppose to be 1 of 16 bloggers to exchange lives are to (1) introduce Indonesia to international level, and (2) learn about foreign cultures. Introducing my country, Indonesia, to international level will give some advantages. One of them is giving income to the government. People around the world will come to Indonesia to have some business or vocation if they know Indonesia well. Thus, if I am be the 1 of 16, Indonesia will be known internationally. Living 10 days in foreign country can give me a chance to learn about their cultures. Their uniqueness and difference will enrich my knowledge and experience. Thus, it will give advantages to both Indonesia and the country I live for 10 days. Furthermore, I can promote the countries I live for 10 days to Indonesia.

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