How Did You Hear About The BBE?

We are absolutely amazed that we have over 1100 bloggers signed up, eager to take part in the exchange! When we started this project, we could have never hoped for a better response! With bloggers posting about the Big Blog Exchange on their Twitter, Facebook’s and websites, it is no wonder word has spread so quickly – so thank you ALL for your help!


And now for our question to you! How did you hear about the Big Blog Exchange? Was it word of mouth? Twitter? Facebook? Or another blog? Have you stayed in a HI Hostel and seen one of our posters? We’d love to hear from you! 

20 thoughts on “How Did You Hear About The BBE?

  1. I heard through a combination of Facebook and the HI mailing list. I was busy planning a trip to Mexico at the time (hostelling of course) so it took me until after I got back to submit my blog.

  2. I’ve also read about it on facebook and the newsletter of HI. Once it was announced, I started counting the days until the start day. Good luck to all during these last days …

  3. Leant about it by way of an email from HI (which came rather belatedly). I am a life member of HI Malaysia and have stayed in YHAs in Oz, Middle Earth and ole England. Great contest this. Got to know of so many other bloggers, most of whom are avid travellers like me. THAT in itself is reward enough; given that I’ll probably not go into the next round of the draw. Well done, guys.

  4. At the time the idea of backpacking to other country popped up in my mind. Then I tried googling and found The Big Blog Exchange program on Thailand Hostelling International. The program doesn’t only attract my eyes but also inspires me to do blogging. Thanks to the great idea of the organizers, I eventually found my favorite hobby that is sharing my story through blogging.

  5. Kind of a funny story; not the ‘haha’ funny but more of the ‘oh, isn’t that funny’ funny. I was walking my dog and we passed the hostel a block away from my house and I realized I have never even seen the inside of a hostel. I decided when I got home to look it up. There I discovered the whole Hostel International organization. There was an advertisement on the side for the Big Blog Exchange, I clicked on it and the rest is history.

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