1 Extra Day Extension

Unfortunately, we were attacked by a spammer yesterday – resulting in many bloggers having their entries temporarily taken down from the site (although any votes during this time, will still have been counted). Our developers were working hard to fix this problem, however it took a little longer than expected – so we have proposed to give bloggers an extension in order to get those last few votes in.

We want to apologize for this technical issue, and to all those bloggers who had been reported by this spammer. We have now removed the ‘report for abuse’ button so that this problem does not happen again, and the voting will now close on the 16th April 2013 at 12pm GMT rather than today.

Please do not worry, your votes have not been lost, your entry should be exactly the same as before.

We hope this helps, thank you for notifying us of the issue – we will reply to your comments, emails and concerns today, however if you have any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact us on tbbe@hihostels.com

118 thoughts on “1 Extra Day Extension

  1. thank God…
    some of us literally couldn’t sleep due to this situation. Not just because our link are missing, but also because today is supposed to be the last day, when everybody will give their all to get the final votes…:’)
    I hope everything is fine now…please forgive my panic action in Twitter…
    I did it because there were no explanation for more than 12 hours since yesterday…;)

    1. Hi Winda, we are really sorry for the inconvenience this caused. We didn’t want this to happen either, especially at such a crucial stage in the competition, but we have taken steps to ensure that this won’t happen again (we have removed the report abuse button) and have given bloggers the extra day to make up for the time lost. We hope you are feeling better about the situation now, but if you need to ask any further questions, feel free to email us.

      Thanks, TBBE

      1. Actually, I live in the part of Canada (Victoria, BC) that has the mildest climate in Canada. MAYBE 1 day of a tiny bit of a snow a year, no need for a proper winter jacket. The cherry blossom trees have been out for over a month and we’ve had very little rain. It’s not hot, but you’re still able to go out in jeans and a t-shirt or a light sweater. Go look for images of Victoria on Google 🙂

      2. Also, I have model friends (I’m a photographer) who have done contracts in Singapore before and can’t stop raving about how amazing it is! Makes me jealous of them.

    1. Sorry about this! I know a lot of bloggers are feeling the pressure in the last 24 hours but we wanted to give the extra day to make up for time lost. Please don’t stress or panic too much, remember that we have 2 wildcard places available regardless of votes! Hopefully everyone involved has really enjoyed being a part of the BBE (and will continue to enjoy it) – as it’s been great to build a brand new online blogging community. Hopefully all the bloggers will enjoy following the competition through the exchange phase too, even if they are not a winner! And, there’s always next year!


      1. Oh great!
        Sorry guys just saw ur replied…I just go individual blogger page to vote for all of you! Cheers!
        We must united and show the spammer we are unbeatable 🙂

      1. Initially i got shocked where my blog has gone…then i went through your blog post and I thought some blog you have taken under review…now, i just feel that this is another chance and I want to make it count. Thanks

      2. Initially i got shocked where my blog has gone…then i went through your blog post and I thought some blog you have taken under review…now, i just feel that this is another chance and I want to make it count. Thanks

  2. Reblogged this on My Traveling Diary and commented:
    Pantesan, tadi pagi sampai siang menerima banyak komplain tentang tidak tersedianya halaman blog saya di daftar blogger asia pasifik. padahal saya termasuk ke dalam 25 besar peraih voter terbanyak, dan dipastikan lolos ke babak penjurian, huhahuhahuhahuha 😀

  3. Before the problem I had chances. I was the 31st and now that the problem is solved I am the 61st. And it is a little bit unfair cause nobody could vote for me yesterday… and everybody else was getting their votes, so wouldn’t it be more fair to invalidate all the votes computed to all participants during the hours of the attack?

    And if someone would like to help me: http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/337002

    thanks 🙂

    1. We’re really sorry about this – but any votes confirmed during the period you were reported would still have been counted. We are looking into the matter, but for now – we have given everyone an extra day to get those last few votes in – rather than taking away anything. If you are still having problems – please drop us an email tbbe@hihostels.com and we’d be more than happy to help you! 🙂

  4. Great job BBE! Thank you so much for resolving the technical issue and giving one more day to get some more votes ;). Hopefully we can be more alert than before because tomorrow is THE BIG DAY! The good thing is many participants who had the same situation, enacting and helping each other! This is a great competition 🙂

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