What is next?

Voting for the Big Blog Exchange has now closed, meaning you will no longer be able to add or change any votes. It has been a really exciting and educational journey for us (and hopefully you too) and we are so pleased that you all chose to participate!

Exciting (and busy) times lay ahead, as we, along with the jury, will be going through ALL of the blogs, whittling the entries down to 16 winners (14 from the Top 100 and 2 Wildcards). The final 16 will be announced on the 29th April and will published as a list on our website (bigblogexchange.org).

We would like to congratulate the 100 bloggers (25 most voted bloggers per region) qualified. Amazing guys! (Check out the 100 bloggers qualified on bigblogexchange.org) We will continue posting interesting things about the community on our blog and asking you questions. 


Thank you all so much for joining us, we hope you will all stay along for the next leg of the journey!  Happy blogging! 

51 thoughts on “What is next?

  1. It has been a really exciting and educational journey for me too, indeed!
    Oh my God, it’s really exciting to be part of this amazing program so far. Thank God, I made it top 25 region Asia Pacific. Good luck to ALL of you, guys! It’s absolutely awesome to get to know many of you from around the world during the voting since a month ago…:*

  2. It’s beyond my expectation, honestly. Turn back the hand of time before the competition started, I had no idea how I could be the top 100 finalists for the round of event. Enthusiastically, I tried my best and followed the steps that all of you had suggested such as posting on other social media, telling friends and family or even contacting to the Thailand Hostelling International. As a result, I can make it and this is it. I coundn’t expect more.

  3. First leg of this has been fun!
    Now comes the hard part – the wait.
    Just btw… I think the date entered into the countdown is wrong. My birthday is the day before the draw and it is most certainly not 51 days away…

  4. OMG I can’t tell you my excitement at having made it into the top 25 of the Africa/Middle East region! Especially considering that I almost didn’t enter at all & only joined in the last 2 weeks. They say dream big…

  5. i would like to thank you too on this idea and this competition it was so exciting and great..i learned from you and from other bloggers alot and i`m so glad ..
    thanks alot Hi hostels&BBE and thanks to all people here who participated in this great exchange.!

  6. It’s been an amazing experience. This journey has made me realize how powerful blogs can be in connecting with positive individuals and expressing one’s passion. I am glad to have met and stumbled upon wonderful blogs along the way. It has been a tremendous challenge and I hope everyone has learned something about themselves one way or another. Thank you for hosting such a motivating and engaging competition.

    Congratulations to the top 100 blogs 🙂


  7. Yay! We’re finally here! Well, at this point, I think its fair leave a message in my language, portuguese =)

    Independente do resultado, foi um ótima experiência! Estou muito, muito feliz por ter conseguido me manter entre os 25 finalistas e sei que vocês serão muito justos ao escolherem os ganhadores. Todos merecem, todos lutaram pra chegar até aqui e serão capazes de aproveitar essa chance!
    Muito obrigada pela iniciativa, e por colocar os bloggers em evidência. É muito gratificante ver que nós somos valorizados e que entendem que não estamos em busca de fama, mas sim de ajudar e oferecer soluções para que as pessoas aproveitem melhor a vida.
    Que esse projeto possa abrir os olhos de muitos para um mundo cheio de riquezas! O verdadeiro sentido da vida não é ser um grande homem, um grande empresário ou uma pessoa muito rica, mas ajudar, somar, compartilhar, conhecer, VIVER!
    TBBE, muito obrigada!

    Boa sorte a todos!
    Big hugs from Brazil!

  8. Wow! This whole competition was a great period of gathering votes, encouraging people to vote for my blog; but also a period of discovering other great blogs, entering a blogging community and develop my blogging “skills”.
    I totally agree with what “cupcakemummy” says: now it is the hardest part: the wait.
    When I entered the competition, I was hoping to be one of the finalists and I did my best by writing to local newspapers, the Belgian HI association, by using the social media etc to stay in the top 25 of my region. And now I’m so glad to represent Belgium as one of the 25 European finalists!
    Thanks to BBE for the great idea of starting a competition like this.
    Good luck to everyone, also those who are not in the top 25 > there are still 2 wild cards!

  9. Regardless of the final result I wish to thank to the BBE-crew for this fantastic competition! I think it was a hard job, but I think it worth the effort!

    Take care, fellow bloggers and see you on the net!

  10. One helluva roller coaster ride, taking into account what happened following the spammer attack. It’s been fun and thrilling. Thank you. And hope for another one next year.

  11. It is my pleasure and privilege to represent Slovenia among the top 25 European blogs. It is a really small country (2 million residents in total!), which makes this achievement even more of a success. Despite its size, Slovenia is becoming a very popular travel destination with an amazing range of diverse attractions.

    Thank you all who voted for my blog and I hope to make it to top 16!

  12. Phew. /wipes sweat

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity BBE! 😀 It has been crazy writing blogposts and tweets for votes haha. Now to April 29th. Can’t wait!


  13. really excited join Big Blog Exchange, although I’m not one of top 25 asia pasific, I enjoy the process along the voting time. Hope the best for BBE, HI and blogger around the world. Wish me luck to get the wildcard.. 😉

  14. Finally, after looong and winding voting period!! Such a great experience to struggle hard begging for the votes from everyone. Whoever the winners, all of us are great fighters who have done our best to get to this step 🙂

  15. Wow! Finally the time for a vote is over. Thank you BBE I love how this great idea comes to you. I am so excited to wait for the next. I have learnt many things during this competition indeed. Not only for gaining more votes in every single day but also gaining more values of friendship and being connecting to others. Again, thank you BBE.

  16. It’s been one helluva ride so far, and although I’m gutted to have just missed the mark (I’m 26th in Asia Pacific, argh~!!) I am still hoping against hope that I can be in the running to be a wildcard participant! This would be a dream come true and I wish all bloggers the best of luck – the world is definitely our oyster! =D

  17. Thanks everyone who voted for me in The Big Blog Exchange – Blog Competition by Hostelling International and made my blog No. 1 in World Ranking with 2202 votes.
    Amazing Guys! It has been a really exciting and educational journey for me.

  18. I would like to thank BBE.org for this amazing competition. I have no words to describe how happy and alive I am feeling right now as I made it to the finals. Travelling is my passion and I engage myself every single day to keep my dream of travelling around the world lit. It has been a pleasure to take part in this competition and I can say is that I am on the edge waiting anxiously for the final result!
    Big hugs from Dublin!

  19. Congrats to the top 100 bloggers and good luck to anyone. We may not forget that the Big Blog Exchange stay a huge opportunity to discover blogs all over the world. Thank you for that !

  20. Yay! And congrats to my fellow Top 100 bloggers! I’m going to be waiting on baited breath with my fingers crossed for the new two weeks until the announcement is made!

    (#17 in America)

  21. I am a bit sad because I started the competition very well and at the end I couldn’t make it, but I have to say congratulations to the first 100! 🙂
    I will cross my fingers to be one of the wildcards… but if I don’t win, I hope next year the competition will take place again!

  22. I was joining to the competition only on the 12th April (a friend of mine called my attention), so it was a really exciting challenge to get the necessary votes such a short run… Thanks all my enthusiastic readers to fly me to the final… 😀 I’m more than satisfied with this result, but… who knows… maybe some like bikes and funny stories… 😀 good luck to all blogger-mates – and fine adventures to the winners… 🙂 have fun…

  23. Thank you to the lovely BBE team for this wonderful project/competition. I really had fun doing this, and I even get to befriend new bloggers from different parts of the world. 🙂

    Good luck to all of us and whoever will be selected to be part of it, make us proud! 😀

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