Have You Written About Us?

We were so pleased to see that some of you have featured the Big Blog Exchange on your blogs, especially once the final 100 were announced – as we noticed that a lot of you were posting about who you’d like to swap with should you be one of the 16 – which is great! Amazing Moments to be in 100 Finalists of The Big Blog Exchange - youthgotravelannabeatripJust Kicking It- We are in the Top 100 - #BigBlogXVincent Quek's Blog- I mean, there's so much out there to see!- Big Blog Exchange- What a ride!Fashion Ate the World

We wanted to showcase a few of our favourites over the next few days, so if you have featured the Big Blog Exchange on your blog recently, please leave a link in the comment box below and we will happily check it out! 

Happy blogging!

41 thoughts on “Have You Written About Us?

  1. Hi TBBE,

    I have recently written about being one of top 100, my bucket list and my favorite bloggers from the top 100.

    Here’s a link to my entry,

    More of my entries on TBBE at my dedicated page for the program, http://theeagertraveller.com/category/the-big-blog-exchange/

    Ofcourse I’ve also shared these in my Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/TheEagerTravellerBlog) and Twitter account (https://twitter.com/eagertraveller).


  2. Yay! Look at my blog up there hehe
    I’ve being writing about TBBE on my blog and in the fanpage on fbook 🙂
    All my friends, family and readers are completely envolved by it..

  3. I did one talking about the “spamgate” and the final outcome. It’s short and sweet and to the point. The blog post about the Top 100 is titled “And So It Is” and there is also a post from a little while back titled “Suitcase List” that is my travel “to do” list, and you can see that both Iceland and South Africa are underline AND bolded 😉 http://inthisalone.wordpress.com

  4. Even though my blog is entirely in Portuguese, I do hope you guys get inspired by seeing how much us from 1000destinosantesdemorrer.com simply love travelling!!! 🙂
    We put up a TBBE logo on our main page with a text below which mainly reads : “The dream is still alive. We made it to the finals”.

  5. I write in chinese. I have blog several posts about BBE. Of course I made a top banner at home page & side banner on every page in my blog.
    I going to write about why should I be 1 of the 16 bloggers tonight!

  6. I have also been posting about the competition. In my last post, rather than writing about who would I like to exchange places with, I wrote about why I think Slovenia is just perfect for becoming one of the exchange countries.
    You are very welcome to check it out.

    Since I have done quite some travelling around Europe already, I would love to a taste of something new – a country on some other continent perhaps. Argentina, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand are my favorite candidates.

    Greetings from sLOVEnia, the sunny side of Alps!

  7. Reblogged this on youthgotravel and commented:
    Hectic Friday and it’s an honor to see my post on TBBE blog ;). However, the theme of my blog is the same one with another blogger :p. It means that I have to decorate more my blog. Think think think a project to make YouthGoTravel recognized…Wait and see! I suppose the change on my blog will be worth to wait 😉

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