The Big Blog Exchange

After 45 days of voting and with 1,173 individual bloggers entering, The Big Blog Exchange has now announced its top 100 finalists. As one of the world’s largest blogging competitions in history, the success of the project has spread worldwide, appearing in global and local media.

TBBE_100 finalists!

100 bloggers from all around the globe will now be anticipating the 29th April, when the final 16 will be published on at 7AM GMT.

An international jury will make the decision about which 16 bloggers will be simultaneously exchanging lives and blogs in June. Two of the bloggers will have the opportunity to get a wildcard regardless of the number of votes they have.

CEO of Hostelling International, Mikael Hansson says, “We have been overwhelmed by the number of bloggers getting involved in the project, and that we have been able to promote Hostelling International to around 170 countries in such a short time”.

He added, “It is going to be extremely difficult to whittle the top 100 down to our finalists. Seeing the online blogging community we have created come to life is amazing. We set out to re-ignite our mission of encouraging global interaction and this has been a real success so far”.

From bloggers who write about beating cancer, to those who blog about cupcakes, the project has generated 90,000 votes for individual bloggers, 26,000 Facebook likes and an audience of over 2,500,000 on Twitter, in just one month and a half.

The Big Blog Exchange website has gained over 164,000 visits in the short time it has been online and has been ranked as one of’s top rising websites.

The 16 lucky winners will fly to their exchange destination on the 7th June for 10 days, simultaneously, immersing themselves in local culture whilst blogging live.

To see the full list of winners, please visit
If you’d like to be kept updated about the project, please visit our blog here.

23 thoughts on “The Big Blog Exchange

  1. I am proud of the success of the project follow this TBBE. The competition managed to get a lot of attention because it does not directly attempt to help realize the dream of many people.

    Hopefully TBBE continue to receive support so that it can be carried out continuously every year, or even in the years to come organized with the better concep with more winners 😀

    Hopefully more successful for TBBE-Hostelling International 😉

  2. Again, I am so happy for being on the top of 100 finalist. I even began to wish to have a post card from other finalist (maybe another 99 finalist?) who might wish to share the happiness with me. I do enjoy the process of this blog competition. I have been in few blogs and they are really awesome. I cannot wait to know who is going to be the 14 finalist, then 16 finalist of this blog competition.

    Good luck to every body! Thank you TBBE!

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