Your Blog Posts!

Thank you so much for all your links on our previous blog post! Over the next three days, we will be posting our favourites – so watch out for yours!

Kapchaviajar a ratos- Viajar a ratos entre los 25 finalistas europeos del concurso Big Blog ExchangeLiesbet à Paris

Big Blog Exchange - La Rêveur Vrai

If you have posted about us and haven’t been featured yet, please let us know and we can include you very soon!

Who is excited for the 29th? 

12 thoughts on “Your Blog Posts!

  1. Thank you TBBE 😉 There are a few more posts that I have prepared for publication in my blog. I really enjoy writing about TBBE. And, I am very excited to wait for April 29th 🙂

  2. Make sure you don’t miss mine!

    I have also been posting about the competition. In my last post, rather than writing about who would I like to exchange places with, I wrote about why I think Slovenia is just perfect for becoming one of the exchange countries.
    You are very welcome to check it out.

    Since I have done quite some travelling around Europe already, I would love to a taste of something new – a country on some other continent perhaps. Argentina, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand are my favorite candidates.

    Greetings from sLOVEnia, the sunny side of Alps!

  3. Feeling anxious and excited about the 29th. Woohoo! I’ve been constantly posting about TBBE on my blog. I hope you don’t mind me using your icon, I used it to put a sort of badge on my site. I also added an extra link so readers can directly access my posts about TBBE. 🙂

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