What One Question Would You Ask?

We thought that we’d share a few more BBE inspired posts with you today, as well as posing the question – if you could ask the blogging community ONE question, what would it be?

We are planning to keep this blog running throughout the exchange process (and beyond), and we’d love for it to be a place for bloggers to come and chat about topics that are relevant to the world of blogging. Of course, this blog will document and follow in the footsteps of the lucky 16 winners, tracking their journey – however it will also be a place for discussion, inspiration and support – so we’d love for you all to be a part of it. What do you think?

So, what question would you ask the community of bloggers? We’d love to hear from you! 

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88 thoughts on “What One Question Would You Ask?

    1. This is a great question, we will definitely be writing a full blog post up on this soon. Once the 16 winners are chosen, we are going to ask you guys what you think they should try when visiting your country, and what local dishes they should taste!

      1. Yes, very nice question to ask .. and it`s my pleasure to be the first one who`ll answer you .
        if you come egypt. you should taste the egyptian beans. and something i think it has no expression in english call(Tamya). this is the most local dishes in egypt .. 🙂

      2. I agree! I meant to say that since we are a country filled with so many cultures, we don’t really have our own ‘dish’… our daily diet is filled from food from all over the world, thankfully! To better answer the question, every province has their own regional food so everywhere you go you’ll find something different and it’s all delicious! Trying different food while travelling is definitely one the best (most of the time!) and biggest part of the experience!

    1. I chose blog because is an easy way to communicate and we have total freedom of speech. Its cheap (in the most of time) and everyone can read and leave your contribution.
      Also it’s a medium that has potential in the technology age and I think it deserve such a big respect. 🙂

    2. This is a great question! I guess lots of people have different reasons to start blogging, but each one is inspiring in it’s own way! Lots of people love blogging because it is your own little corner of the internet and you can post whatever you like there, in whatever format and expressed however you like 🙂

    3. I love to Blog because it’s my place on the internet that I can share with people. It’s something I created and am proud of! When people follow my blog I am inspirated to keep writing. I love seeing that people like what I write and that I am actually making a difference or entertaining even one person 🙂

    1. I moved from Belgium to France and started a blog to keep my family and my friends updated. But I think I will continue even if I return to Belgium. Blogging is nice and addicting :)!

    2. I started blogging when I did a five-month solo travel trip. This way my friends and family back home could get an idea of where I was and what I was up to, without having to scam Facebook all the time looking for photos and status updates. It always avoided sending multiple emails. Once I got feedback from people I didn’t know commenting about how some of my blogs with tips were helpful and how it was fun to read about other countries, I continued even after my traveling was (for the moment) on hold. I still get feedback and its an amazing feeling that keeps me going!

    3. i made my blog to participate in the Big blog exchange.. BBE motivated and inspired me to make my own blog .. actually i didn`t know about blogs till i`ve knew the BBE.
      and i like this idea and like to blog .. i find it a good way to share your experience and your adventures.share something that you like to talk about…etc. with other people and get feedback about it ..my blog is talking about travelling and hows the travelling is so important and the experience you`ll get from it .and some tips that to help you before travelling and also i talked about destroying barriers and my motivation to take part in this great project.
      i`ll keep blogging always about my adventures and my experiences and everything.

      Thank you!
      wish a best of luck to everyone.! 🙂


    4. I was always very timid and shy person with a lot of thoughts in my head. Eventually, I started blogging to immortalize some important events in my life. Then came my great love for food. Blogging helped me overcome my timidness by meeting and interacting with lots of people!

    5. Originally it was just going to keep my family and friends updated while I moved to Korea (and to write about a cross-Canada trip I took during the summer before I left). Then it expanded to include my photography. And then my humour posts. And then all of my ambitious travel plans.

      Now it cannot be stopped.

    6. Hi @annbeatrip,
      I guess that we have the same theme for our blogs! Anyway, it’s a cool blogs ;). Well, I started my blog kind a late, it was less than 2 months ago. I used to dream of having a media where I could be closer to my readers because I was already working as content writer on some websites. I was kind kind a “techno squib”, but then after my Erasmus semester in Lithuania, I met a guy who’s currently my boyfriend :p. I would like to create this blog to revive my memories during my trips, either being solo, with him, and with some friends. He helped a lot to create the blog at first. But yeah, day by day, I feel like I am addicted and try to decorate it by myself, some more ideas how to entertain my readers by videos and great snapshots ;). It’s great to collaborate with some friend who can help to design logo and others…And yeah, obviously TBBE popularizes my blog and motivates me a lot to enhance YouthGoTravelBlog 😀
      Oh, I think that I make a post here, sorry :p

      Hopefully you can come to Indonesia, one day! Warm greetings!

      Travel and be forever young 😉

    1. I won’t blog about my opinion because I would not want to offend anybody. Every body has a different point of view on different topics, and for different reasons, whether that be cultural, personal experience, values, etc. I try to stick to experience and facts, and keep opinions and personal feelings (unless its about how amazing a piece of chocolate cake is) in my personal journal 🙂

    1. I started blogging when I did a five-month solo travel trip. This way my friends and family back home could get an idea of where I was and what I was up to, without having to scam Facebook all the time looking for photos and status updates. It always avoided sending multiple emails. Once I got feedback from people I didn’t know commenting about how some of my blogs with tips were helpful and how it was fun to read about other countries, I continued even after my traveling was (for the moment) on hold. I still get feedback and its an amazing feeling that keeps me going!

    1. The opportunity to see the world in a different way, and perhaps the chance to make a difference in your own little way. This is the most unique event I’ve participated in!

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  2. I’d ask them to write one blog post that gives the reader a perfect idea of the country they’re living in. How great would it be to collect all these different entries on all those countries. I can imagine that living/blogging in South Africa is a whole lot different than in Sweden.

    1. This is would be hard for me, being from Canada. We are such a diverse country that I don’t think I could sum it up in a single post. Almost every province has its down cultures and feels like a different country. Heck, even the ISLAND I live on is bigger than some countries in the world… lol

      1. You’re right… this would be very difficult. I’d probably write more about the island than the country itself…. as ‘Inthisalone’ said, its so diverse!

  3. Olá amigos:

    Eu nasci pràticamente num pátio de manobras de trens e sou apaixonado por transporte ferroviário.

    Apesar de viver no Brasil, um país de dimensões continentais, próprio para expandir e usufruir de todas as vantagens que este meio de transporte proporciona a economia e a população, infelizmente nas últimas décadas a malha ferroviária foi quase que totalmente destruída e abandonada pelas autoridades.

    Gostaria de sugerir, aliás mais do que sugerir, suplicar aos 16 iluminados que forem escolhidos pelo BIG BLOG para a fantástica aventura que o site criou para pesquisarem e destacarem em suas postagens todas as informações referentes a transporte ferroviário de cada região que os participantes vivenciar.

    Proponho, ambém, que cada blogueiro que ler este texto fale alguma coisa sobre este tema da sua região, do seu país. Conforme falei, sou apaixonado por trens e imagino que este seja um tema que interessa a muita gente.

    Então vamos lá, amigos, contem tudo que sabe sobre os trens da sua vida…

  4. Are you ready to be a citizen of a foreign country for a while? I mean fully tried as much as possible to live like a native and trying to learn as much as possible the culture of the country. (I can imagine living like a native. Seeing how they work, cook, hang out, try traditional clothing, etc)

    1. This is how I act on all my trips. I walk, take local transport, try all the little “hole in the wall” type places to eat and drink, talk to the locals. When I went to Mexico last month was the first time I actually did an organized-type (boat) tour, but I still stayed at a hostel in Mexico rather than a resort.

  5. I’d like to know what other bloggers experiences have been with culture shock? How have you dealt with it in the past or how would you prepare for it? As well traveled as I am, I still experience culture shock at times when I least expect it (Baltimore, MD) or not at all when I do (China). I wonder if it is sometimes based more on how vulnerable one feels at the time than the cultural differences they are experiencing Guess that’s why it’s important to keep your sense of adventure strong.

    1. When in Korea, that was a massive blow. No English at all. But what I learnt very quicky is if you learn one or two words such as “hello, thank you and I don’t understand”, people are very helpful. After that it just became an awesome experience

      1. Ha, that’s great. I had a similar experience in Japan. It’s amazing how far you can get on a few words. Otherwise it’s hand gestures or even making noises sometimes in an effort to communicate.

    2. I spent a whole month in India. The first & last word I learn was “Nah-mah-STAY”. People there are really curious about me, keep wanted taking photo or gather around me and just stare. At first scare, but at a later time when I get used to it I felt like a Bollywood’s star!

    3. Well, I hadn’t had any idea about Lithuania before moving there for one semester. But I was so lucky to live surrounded by Erasmus students who speak English. Even, I met my boyfriend there and it was kind a funny to use Google translate everytime I try to communicate with his parents :p. But yeah, I guess it’s our nature that can help us to survive in foreign countries. If you’re a fun person, I guess that you’ll get an exciting adventure ;).

    4. “Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It’s probably worth it.”… This quote is from the movie THE BEACH which is my favorite of all times… I ate black scorpions in China, dog’s meat in South Korea, I drank snake’s blood in Vietnam, I did camping in the Sahara and got lost in the Medina in Marrakech. I saw the sunrise in Thailand and the sunset in Rio de Janeiro. I had tapas, sangria and paella in Barcelona and so on… Our planet and people have so much to offer… It’s all there! We just need to leave our comfort zone!

    1. Me too 🙂 I started writing a blog since 2005. And, it looks like I will keep writing until I die, and the habit of writing on this blog I will be transmitted to my children and grandchildren. 😉

      1. Wow @emileedelesi, it seems that you dedicated most of your life to blog. Great! I am a newbie, kind a late one :p. And it’s too late for me to stop this new hobby! I mean it’s strongly addicting ;).

  6. One question? Oh TBBE, I guess that I have more than one. But yeah, I’ll pick form the top of the list.
    What are you expecting from the 16 bloggers to share during their exchange period?
    As for me, I hope that they will show some connection to local people. Not just being a foreign traveler, but also to blend with native even just in 10 days. Because the key to know more about a country, can be dug by its indigenous ;).

  7. can event like this become an annual bloggers event of the worlds?
    all people from the world can meet in one big forum like BBE. where blog really can change the world to be better. by reading others blog and 16 bloggers will exchange for ten days, it will produce the cultural understanding. by cultural understanding will lead to understand others. doesn’t it life too short only for war, fighting. the power of blog to create the peace as well

  8. What is the biggest misconception about your country? What are the local secrets that travellers should not leave without experiencing?
    …Oops that was 2 questions 🙂

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