What Do You Look For In A Blog?

As you can imagine, it’s been so hard both for the jury and for us to pick just 16 winners, especially as there are SO many fantastic bloggers taking part in the exchange. It is a really difficult decision, and there has been plenty of long discussions about the winners.

The winners will be announced on the 29th, and posted on the BBE website at 7AM GMT, however until then – we wanted to ask you, if you were the jury – what aspects would you be looking for in a blog?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

* Remember – even if you don’t make it as a winner, you will still be a part of the BBE community all the way through, helping us to improve the project (for next year) and to share ideas about what our 16 winners could get up to.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Look For In A Blog?

  1. I like blogs that are personal, well written and that have good content and images. For me its important that I can relate to the personality of the blogger. I find blogs that are too promotional come across as fake. Authenticity is key.

  2. if I am the jury I want to find a blog that share about a lot of things near that blogger, with her/his own personality. A blog with a blogger who work hard for the blog just for sharing and to build up a new history from her/his mind side.

  3. I would rate these aspects:
    – profile of the blogger (if he is fun, willing, open to new cultures, etc)
    – If the content is true and sincere
    – If the blogger is engaged
    – If the blogger fought to win the championship in some way, even if the blog is new and small.

  4. I was worried that my blog was TOO personal to be chosen as a winner, but you guys made me feel a lot better! Now, let’s just hope the jury thinks the same way as you do… 😉

  5. If I were a jury, I would give a special assessment to the bloggers who have a strong motivation to be part of this TBBE and it can be seen from the writings that he has made and what hobbies he likes. I will also see if the blogger has the motivation to really learn another culture and trying to bring and introduce their culture.

    I will also look at how the way he communicates with friends the other bloggers. Whether the interaction on the blog are good. The most important of it all, I hope he has a good attitude and be able to carry the name of the nation to another country. I come from Indonesia. And, Indonesia is very famous for its friendly and welcoming people, smiling, happy to help others and uphold the oriental custom, I hope he can keep and show it to other people.

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