The Exchanges Are Announced!

We hope you all enjoyed tuning in for the live draw earlier today, it was so exciting watch the bloggers match up with their exchange partners, revealing where they will be jetting off too.

In case you didn’t catch it – here are the exchanges! 

Andy Andersen from Backpacking Diplomacy, UNITED STATES

is exchanging with….

Sara Rodriguez from MindfulTravelbySara, SPAIN


Kisty Mea from The Style Mermaid, SINGAPORE

is exchanging with….

Sophie Roberts from Challenge Sophie, UNITED KINGDOM


Audur Osp from I heart Reykjavík, ICELAND

is exchanging with….

Nitzan Arad from 2 BALAYLA, ISRAEL


Rosario Lamastra from Blueheaven, ARGENTINA

is exchanging with…

Katherine Kearsley from Kapcha The World, NEW ZEALAND


Natália from 360meridianos, BRAZIL

is exchanging with…

Claire from  The Green Geekette, FRANCE


Camie Juan from Wild – Spirit, PHILIPPINES

is exchanging with….

Tina from Lunch For One, GERMANY


Liesbet Maroye from Liesbet à Paris, BELGIUM

is exchanging with…

Didintle Ntsie from Swedishgarden, SOUTH AFRICA


Jeremy Fowler from Jeremy Fowler, CANADA

is exchanging with…

Chee Ching from, MALAYSIA

The Big Blog Exchange LIVE DRAW

* Apologies for the technical glitch on the world exchange map today. Unfortunately our test/example version was uploaded rather than our updated map, which displayed example bloggers, rather than the winners.

The 16 winners were announced at 7AM GMT this morning, which was a really anxious moment for all of you I’m sure. The jury had such a difficult decision choosing just 16 bloggers, as they had 1173 fantastic bloggers to choose from – each one so unique, inspiring and creative. We really hope you have all enjoyed being a part of the Big Blog Exchange, and will keep visiting us here over at the BBE blog. We have loved all of your community spirits, your discussions and your ideas – and we’d love to keep this up for the remainder of the journey. We would love to have your help, your tips and your guest posts – and to have you all as part of the BBE community! We hope you’ll continue to join us on this exciting journey! 

6 thoughts on “The Exchanges Are Announced!

  1. May all winners can take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible, and can write more so that their experiences can inspire a lot of people 😉 Congratulations for all.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners especially to Kisty and Camie! Enjoy your respective exchanges and we will be waiting for your manifestos! I am really relieved that the competition is over! Hehe. Thank you, BBE! See you all next year!

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