The last day of the Big Blog Exchange!

We can’t believe it’s over now. It has been an amazing adventure for all. Most of our bloggers are flying home at the moment, reflecting on their 10 days experience. As we mentioned before, some of the bloggers are staying to explore the exchanged destinations for longer at their own expense and with a support of Hostelling International’s National Associations.

Andy Anderson from USA (blogging from Spain)

Andy is now in Granada enjoying the sun. Look at some oh his great shots from his trip to Cordoba!

andyas andycordobe andycordobsd andycorodb andycorsodb

Sara Rodriguez from Spain (blogging from USA)

Sara spent her last day in Santa Monica and is now off to Spain.

hiking at santa monica mountains santa monica 3 santa monica pier art at santa monica

Audur Osp from Iceland (blogging from Israel)

Audur is on her way home now! On her last day, she enjoyed Jerusalem street art and Israel Museum.

audurlastlast night Israel - local beer Israel Museum street art Jerusalem 5audurlastday1 audurlastday23

Ali Karp from Israel (blogging from Iceland)

Ali had a casual drive through a cloud of volcanic ash.

galcier with a volcanic crater which is 5 km diamater GJokulsarlon glacier laggon on her way to vagnstadir Hostel glacier

Kisty Mea from Singapore (blogging from the UK)

Kisty has visited our office today. We had some great laugh together and we also enjoyed some HI cupcakes. She has met BBE team as well as our president Edith Arnoult-Brill and CEO Mikael Hansson.

P1000799 P1000822 P1000801 P1000836 P1000838

Sophie Roberts from UK (blogging from Singapore)

Amazing Asia Adventures came to a close. Sophie is now flying through Malaysia-Singapore-Amsterdam-Geneva-Chamonix to her hometown in the UK.

singapore infinity poolsophiemalay

Rosario Lamastra from Argentina (blogging from New Zealand)

Rosario had spent her last day in Auckland.

Queen Street, Auckland Hot Chocolate time at Hello Kitty Cafe with Amanda Good morning Auckland auckland Auckland Ferry Terminal

Katherine Kearsley from New Zealand (blogging from Argentina)

Katherine is just checking-in at Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza. Here are just couple of shots from her visit of La Boca, a district in Buenos Aires, with a view of a beautiful sunset to finish off an amazing trip.

Colourful buildings in Caminito in La Boca Museum in La Boca Restaurants and cafes in La Boca   Beautiful sunset to finish the tour of La Boca

Natalia from Brazil (blogging from France)

After visiting Carcassonne, she is heading to Biarritz, a beautiful seaside town.

at the entrance

nataliaskasmCarcassonne at nightnataliaslastday


Claire from France (blogging from Brazil)

Claire is flying back to Canada now. She spent her last moments in Rio de Janeiro!

feet  in the sea Christ the Redeemer Ipanema beach Little monkey sugar loaf sunset

Camie Juan from Philippines (blogging from Germany)

Camie is about to cross the border of Germany and Netherlands.

1010600_537443559652113_2013327803_n 1005115_537437756319360_708486322_n

Tina from Germany (blogging from Philippines)

Tina is back in Frankfurt now and is missing Philippines already!

skyline of metro Manila chill out Frankfurt airport

Liesbet from Belgium (blogging from South Africa)

Liesbet is just on the plane back home. She spent an early morning at Table Mountain to end this trip with some great views over Cape Town.

last must to, trip to table mountain liesbet reflecting on her experience what a view The whole #bigblogx Adventure is running to its end

Didi from South Africa (blogging from Belgium)

Didi had an amazing time in Belgium. Now she is on the plane to South Africa. Have a safe flight Didi…

the whole team presents once upon a time in brussels goodbye cute

Jeremy Fowler from Canada (blogging from Malaysia)

Sophie and Jeremy said bye bye to each other and they are both on their way home.

sophie and jeremy

Chee Chingy from Malaysia (blogging from Canada)

Chee spent a day at La Ronde Amusement Park yesterday. She played the Goliath which is the largest, tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada. Afterwards, she got on the Maid of the Mist and got really close to the Niagara Falls. She said it was the best experience ever!

strawberry and dark chocolate crepeLa Ronde Amusement Park Old Montreal at Niagara Falls

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Have you ever wanted to travel the world in 10 days? Do so through our bloggers eyes! 

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