Bloggers! It’s good to be back!


Hostelling International are thrilled to announce that the Big Blog Exchange is back and ready for its second year, we’re also pleased to let you know that the official competition site is now live! This of course means that bloggers are now able to sign themselves up to the chance of winning the experience of a lifetime.

Last year was a roaring success for the project, seeing the creation of a wonderfully diverse and supportive blogging community. The project saw Hostelling International send 16 excited bloggers on an adventure, swapping countries, cultures and blogs with each other for 10 days, all the while documenting their experiences for the rest of us to follow. So many of you joined them on their journeys and travelled the world with them digitally. This year, it’s happening all over again!

The Big Blog Exchange (BBE) was set up with the aim of ‘Changing the world using the power of blogs’. These days’ blogs are such a powerful source of information, and the Big Blog Exchange aims to use that power to spread global cultural understanding. As last year proved, this can be achieved! In 2013 the project was awarded three prestigious travel industry awards, including one from the UNWTO for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism, and saw bloggers and readers from a whopping 72 different countries getting involved on several different levels.

With cultural understanding being at the heart of this project, we were pleased to hear what Camie, a Filipino winner from last year’s BBE, had to say about her exchange: “This unique journey in Germany gave light and opened my eyes to so many things.” She went on to say “I believe the Big Blog Exchange project not only helped me open my eyes, but helped open the eyes of those that followed my journey as well.”

It’s all about passion, and whether your passion lies with travel, fashion, baking, politics or whatever else, we’d love for you to share that by taking part. The BBE is open to all sorts of bloggers, whether you haven’t even set up a blog yet, or you’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember. Whether you’ve got the whole world reading your blog, or if it’s just your best friends, you are in with a chance of winning a life-changing trip!

Last year’s winners had the time of their lives, now it’s somebody else’s turn to do the same! We need your help to change the world using the power of blogs.
Whether you just enjoy reading blogs and want to follow the competition, or want to take part, we’re all ready for you!

Join the conversation by using #bigblogx on Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook page for updates!

We’re excited to be back! Are you up for the adventure?


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