Motivations We Love #1

The number of people getting involved is going up and up! We really enjoy reading through all of your inspiring motivations, so every day we will be picking our favourites and featuring them on the blog. Keep an eye out for yours!

Here are today’s favourites: 

Ana Elisa Miranda, from Brazil says:

I blog about living abroad, traveling and finding purpose in life. What happens when you leave your home, your career and your loved ones? How do you build a whole new life in a new country? The wonder, joy, big life questions, frustration, invaluable lessons and growth. I’m Brazilian and I’ve lived in the USA and in Belgium and my blog has informed and encouraged many people because I choose to share my stories. I am a writer and I believe stories must be told. They make you feel a little less lonely and that can change lives. The Big Blog Exchange will allow me to do what I love: travel, meet people and share our stories.”

Johnalene Baylon, from the Philippines says:

“This adventure will be our story to tell. I’ll write about it as though it were yours as much as mine, and you’ll read about it as though you were there.”

Suzanne Van Der Veeken, from the Netherlands says:

“My mission is to inspire others to live and travel adventurously, to follow passion, and to do this with a positive impact. Not only for the traveler, but for the places and people one is visiting. Vote for me and my mission will reach further. Destination Xploration is my online playground about responsible, active and in-depth exploration of adventure places. I’m slow travelling for 9 years now and won’t stop. I love everything ocean and outdoor. Kitesurfing, sailing, snowboarding and freediving in particular! Ocean conservation is high on my agenda. Next expedition: crossing the Atlantic in a meaningful way! xxx Suzanne Ambassador for Adventure | Advocate for Sustainability.”

Logan Anderson, from Canada says:

I began blogging a few years ago as a way to compartmentalize and identify the main issues I was facing in my personal life at the time: depression and social anxiety. I had no intention of having anyone else read what I was writing and it started as a very aimless endeavour, with rambling thoughts and extremely raw emotions. However, after a short while, I was extremely surprised and overwhelmed at the reaction I got from other people on Tumblr who were reading what I was writing, could sympathize with or understand what I was going through, and were very openly supporting me to embrace it and master it. I then began talking about my passions and other things that were important to me, and my blog seemed to open me up and allow me to discuss things I had, until that point, kept to myself. Then, in early 2012, I went on a short backpacking trip to England and decided to document my travels during the trip. I had gone on backpacking trips before then and found it to be extremely therapeutic and rewarding, but this was the first time I published my journey. It turned out that there were others like me, many others, who dream of travelling but are held back by their own struggles and challenges, like mental illness. Since then, I have been documenting my travels around the world and openly discussing the wonderful rewards and very real challenges associated with travelling while living with mental illness. I have found an extremely supportive community that encourages me and pushes me to constantly improve, and I can honestly say after all this time, my blog and the community around it, have helped develop me into the person I am today. I am very thankful for it, and them.”

Yafieda Jamil, from Malaysia says:

“There’s nothing like getting into a car and driving from where you are to anywhere you want to go. The best part about this journey is that there’s always things to see and places to stop on the way to the destination. On some days, the destinations can even change depending on what you have uncovered. That for me is why road trips has always been a big part of how we could get to know a local destination better, especially while I was in Malaysia. Now it’s time to explore other routes in world and blend in with the locals like a chameleon.”

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