Motivations We Love #2

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Cale Pissarra, from South Africa says:

“I like to think that life is one big experiment. An experiment on how we should all try and live our lives. I try to look at each day as an adventure, as a gift. If you aren’t having fun, then what is the point anyway. Traveling is not a right, but a gift. I would very much like to have that gift. Just Kicking it one day at a time”

Lore Baghino, from Argentina says:

“Combining the passion for travel, and the passion for interior design and hospitality, we have left our hearts in many cities. No matter if they are simple or luxurious, large or small, urban or in the middle of the nature. There are places that made ​​us feel at home, being away, and make us return again and again. And there are others that simply inspire us and make us fly with the imagination … This is an opportunity to explore this wonderful and sometimes challenging world and meet its beautiful people.”

Alexis Valenzona, from the Philippines says:

Being a huge book nerd has allowed me to escape into different worlds, travel to various places and learn from the seamless selection of words used to convey the right feelings. I love how you can travel and completely lose yourself in the stories in the most peaceful way. This time, I want to experience it by actually being there, writing the words myself. Wherever that may be, this lady needs to find her book mountain.”

Ruth Silverton, from the United Kingdom says:

Through the scans, the operations and the chemotherapy, life happens and somehow, somewhere, it changes. For me, this blog is about an honest and open account of my journey, finding the positivity and motivation that being faced with adversity can bring. I wanted to enter the competition because sometimes it’s not about the distance travelled, the fastest pace or the perfect picture, it’s about the little things. I’d love to experience the life of some of these amazing bloggers, but I’d also be proud for them to see how much beauty, kindness and joy there is in a situation that seems so negative and hopeless from the outside. Thank you x.”

Claudia Tavani, from Italy says:

My mission is my dream: seeing the whole world and allowing other people to see it too. Travelling is a wonderful way to learn about new cultures and far away people; it means crossing bridges, developing great friendships, sharing experiences, learning to survive by yourself and also to help others. Through my blog, I want to share my travelling experiences and I want to inspire others to travel, live great adventures, avoid a few tourist traps and scams here and t here, and enjoy their life as best they can. My idea is to show others how to make the most of their travels – not only financially! Throughout my pages, travelers and adventure seekers will find useful (free) information on a number of destinations I have already visited and experienced. Most information on how to get to places, hostels, restaurants, attractions etc. I provide is first hand, and free to share. Go out and see the world, people, as it is WONDERFUL.”

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