Motivations We Love #5

Here are our favourites today:

Shelly Najjar, from the United States says:

Dream big, move forward, inspire others, pass it on. My bucket list experiences have allowed me to talk with people about their dreams for their lives. The Big Blog Exchange will help me learn more about people, cultures, and what we value. I want to have open conversations and meet other people fulfilling their dreams and inspiring others to do the same. My blog focuses on sharing stories and resources to help readers accomplish things on their bucket lists and make big dreams possible.”

Gonza Vignoni, from Argentina says:

Travel has always been what I wanted to do, I believe that everyone should see the world, as travelling is the best way to learn about life. Nothing inspires me more than going places I’ve never been before, talking to people I’ve never met and finding out things I’ve never known. My blog reflects everything I think, learn, and enjoy while travelling, which I love sharing as much as I love being able to help travellers from my young experience (an experience that only grows bigger). My blog is not only travel stories, maps, pictures and tips, it’s also a place where I write some thoughts about life and how we can relate everything to travel; inspiring people is also a passion of mine.”

Elita Almeida, from India says:

“Stung by the travel bug I’ve been solo travelling in India since the past two years now making it a point to at least get out of my comfort zone now at least once every three months. And I’ve never returned disappointed. That’s what I’d want for anyone else to experience too – be touched by humanity in spite of what the newspapers scream each morning.”

Chang SunMi, from South Korea says:

“Hello! My world wide firends!^^ I live in a small country but have a long history and culture. I start my blog to travel and to know the big world that I am living and wanted to know your countries culture and history like mine! I travel to feel and learn to make my mind variety like the world we are living. My blog gives the info about where I go , sleep, eat and do things when I travel on photos and illust. Last time I couldn’t make it to the final but my dear world wide beautiful friends… this time could you share your country and travel stories with me?^^”

Lucja Leonard, from the United Kingdom says:

“Running has been my saviour, and I am now just slightly addicted…..I am in no way suggesting that everyone needs to run crazy distances, but a little bit of running in everyone’s life would definitely be a good thing. I love running, and I use running as my excuse to travel around the world to compete in interesting and challenging events. I use my blog as a tool to motivate and inspire other individuals, whether it is just to get off the couch and go for a walk or whether they end up running 300 miles through the desert! I am positive and full of life and want to share my passion with you all.”

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