It’s all about YOU!

This year the Big Blog Exchange is getting more social and more interactive! 

You’ll notice a whole host of new features you can get engaged with around the site, as well as your blogs potentially popping up here and there for everyone to see.

One new thing we have introduced this year is the Random Blogger section on the home page. Bloggers entered into the competition will pop up on this feature, with links leading you straight to their profiles, the country they are representing and their blogs. So keep an eye out for yours or your favourites.

We’ve also put an Instagram link on the homepage this year; this will let you see the latest photographs posted on Instagram by bloggers and whoever is talking about the BBE. So use the #bigblogx on your photos and you could see yours up there!

It’s all about you guys this year, you’re the heart and soul of the BBE and we couldn’t achieve anything without your support, dedication and passion.

So we thank you all, keep posting, keep tweeting and keep blogging!

180x150 V1 pink

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