Motivations We Love #6

Here are some of our favourites today: 

Jessica Lee, from Canada says:

“ Everyone has a purpose in life. For me, I find my purpose in telling stories through words or photography. I feel the most joy when I’m in a new city, discovering things for the first time. I started travelling over two years ago when I was frustrated with the lack of wonder in my life and am now a passionate advocate of self-discovery, development and connecting with others through travel. I want to inspire and educate by telling stories of different cultures and ways of living around the world through Big Blog Exchange and am prepared to put in hard work for this opportunity of a lifetime. Carpe Diem!”

Shreya Ghimire, from Nepal says:

 We are so busy trying to be good for others, so concern about what others may think or say about us that we tend to miss out the fact that the only person we need to please is ourself. No matter what size we are, what our skin color is , how frizzy and unmanageable how hair is we have to understand that there is no other “me” and “you” in this world and we should love ourself the most. I might not have many followers as yet but, I would like to believe that I have in my own small way made a change in my readers life and made them feel a little bit better about themselves and love them self a little bit more and with the help of this competition I believe I would be able to reach out to as many people as possible and spread the message of self love all over.”

Emma Day, from the United Kingdom says:

 I’ve blogged through twin pregnancy, through organ failure and through Thyroid Cancer. I’ve blogged through the highs and lows of family life with emotion and humour simultaneously. I’ve blogged to raise awareness of illnesses I’ve experienced, to support campaigns close to my heart and to fundraise for important causes. But most importantly, I always blog from the heart. Life is short and fragile – it’s important to live it. I want to win, because I would squeeze every ounce of fun out of those ten days in another bloggers life. I want to explore a new culture, a new way of life and see some more of the phenomenal beauty this world has to offer us.”

Julian Hatfield, from Australia says:

 Don’t Forget to Move is a collection of our past and present. As we move along the road we’ll not only be sharing our new stories, but also revisiting some of our previous ones. Much more than just the chronicles of our crazy traveling adventures, Don’t Forget to Move is a compelling argument for travel. At any age. At any point in your life. For no better reason than getting out and experiencing what the world has to offer. It is our hope that Don’t Forget to Move is exciting, humorous and most of all an inspiration to travel. To the newbies out there unsure about taking the plunge, buy that ticket and hit the road. For current travelers, utilise our articles on your journey into the unknown. And for everyone that can’t join us yet, we hope our tales are entertaining.”

Déborah bourdin, from France says:

“I am 32 years old and i still want to discover every things. I need this to make my life have a sense, to feel alive and to enjoy my “every day life”. Try everything i could. Have new experiences. See other places, other culture, other ways of life. Most of all, I love meeting people. Every people. Such of meetings that happens when you didn’t think it would. Win this challenge would be an incredible experience to me. It would be a chance and I’d lov to share it with others bloggers, with readers and so many people I could.”


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