Motivations We Love #7

Today’s favourites:

Linda Nilson, from Sweden says:

“ Swedish father, thai mother, born in Belgium, raised in Monaco, married to a French/Italian, lived in Italy and now expat in Bangkok … What’s next ? Born with a wanderlust fever, my blog talks of course about travelling, but also of the daily expat life – it’s challenges and it’s surprises, great restaurants and bars, the movies and books I love. Lini’s Choice is a lifestyle blog, so doesn’t focus on just one subject but on every little surprises that can happen in your life.”

Oindrila De, from India says:

 I am a vegetarian travel enthusiast who often goes it alone. Through my travel-blog, I endeavour to show the world various places through my eyes. I discovered my love for travel when I left my home-country of 20 years to stay alone in a continent I had never seen before. I write about my travel-and-food-experiences and share tips and travel-stories to help sightseers who wish to explore new trails. Essentially, I ‘eat’ (all cuisines), ‘shoot’ (pictures of all things lovely) and ‘leave’ (for new places that need exploring)! 😉 Your precious vote will help me swap blogs and countries with 1 of 15 other amazing bloggers. The best part is – BOTH YOU AND I WILL WIN as I shall write all about my experiences in the new land for all of you to explore through my lenses! :-)”

Thais Towersey, from Brazil says:

Traveling is part of my being. I’m pleased to incorporate part of new cultures to my personal baggage, creating a new way of looking at life and society. As uncontrollable traveller that I am, I want to know the whole world and share my experiences with others seeking the same dream: to be everywhere at the same time.”

Katherine Chou, from the United States says:

 I moved to France to study, but all those open borders in Europe have been a bit of a distraction. My camera and blog have seen many things on my travels – haunted cathedrals, the severed right hand of a Hungarian king, and many, many smashed French patisseries, but there’s still much more to discover. I would love to share my adventures through the Big Blog Exchange and get to know a new city, from its urban legends to its garbage pickup routine. A place is made of more than its monuments, and I’m excited to discover the people and stories ahead.”

Bahadir Elverdi, from Turkey says:

 Doing any kind of sports is the main source of happiness to me.Sharing your any experience is being a teacher to a non-experienced people.You were inspired by someone than move on and started to inspire people.Be adventurer and share your passion and experience.”


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