The BBE has been spotted on YOUR blog!

We love reading through all of your amazing blogs and seeing the different ways you are promoting yourselves! Here are a few snippets of bloggers talking about the BBE. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the bloggers promoting themselves in the most creative ways and featuring them on the blog – so get creative!


girl vs globe


global immigrant

Keep blogging!

3 thoughts on “The BBE has been spotted on YOUR blog!

  1. Nice to hear, read, that you guys are keeping an eye out 🙂

    We, bloggers, are trying our best to keep everybody in the loop and aware of BBE, this is being fun and actually people is enjoying to know about the competition and keep asking “what’s going on?”.

    Funny is that people is coming to know about various different blogs from everywhere around the world!

    By the way, which region are our colleagues from Mars coming to? Americas? 🙂

  2. It’s great that you are all spreading the awareness and getting people interested.
    One of our aims is to create a supportive, informative blogging community – and it looks as though that is happening!
    Not sure where the Mars bloggers coming from yet – will have to wait till the live draw! 🙂

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