Motivations We Love #8

Danilo Hadek, from Brazil says:

Every trip that I do, I realize that the World is too big and wonderful to be sticking in just one place. The Big Blog Exchange 2014 will be a great opportunity to meet people who share the same idea I have. Then I hope to win it for exploring further the infinite wonders of the World. I am eager to enjoy the simpler things in life that only a traveler can perceive in every destination reached.”

Stephanie Buckley, from Ireland says:

 Hello world, and the jury! My blog is a platform for my personal take on all things beauty, fashion, food, fun and travel. It’s like taking a peep through the keyhole, into my lifestyle and weekly adventures. I’d like to think, I create a positive and creative vibe for my readers and I love interacting with new people. I’m outgoing and adventurous! I think it’s safe to say I’ll try anything once and twice if I like it, lol. I’ve eaten cockroaches in Thailand, jumped from a plane in Ireland, swam with stingray in Florida, climbed a waterfall in Jamaica and zip lined 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee, Haiti. I look at these things, as ticks off my list of life experiences. This imaginary list is endless and I’m making my way through it, slowly but surely, enjoying every second along the way. My favourite thing to do is go where I’ve never been, or do what I’ve never done before. If I am a successful candidate in “The Big Blog Exchange” I’ll get some great mileage for my ticks! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a number of exciting adventure on my blog, they’ll get your senses going and encourage you to vote for me. The 31st of October, Halloween, my favourite time of year and the week after my birthday. What better way to celebrate turning 29 than a 10 day trip to a yet unknown destination. Providing priceless material for my blog and an opportunity of a lifetime to cherish forever. The chance to represent Ireland, not as a tourist but as a traveller and emerge myself into a new culture taking in everything the chosen destination has to offer and sharing it with the world. “Travel is one of the very things you can buy that makes you richer”, but in this case if would be a gift the best birthday gift from all the voters. Please vote for me and make it my best birthday ever! Thank you, Stephanie Buckley XX”

Isabel Val, from Spain says:

 Because Cabeza de Gallo is not the typical blog about music. I write about personal experiences that I live going to concerts in a humorous way and I think it would like to see what happen if I swap my life with someone very different to me.”

Evelin Armella, from Argentina says:

 I discovered that everytime I visit a new place i get more mature, open mind and it helps me to see the world and people with other eyes. Im not the classic tourist who goes to the classic places. I love trying new food, talking with the local people, if its posible to stay at the home of one of them i really enjoy it, i love going to the supermarket in other countries to see what its different of my place, i love using the public transport in other places. People always ask me about travelling tips, but its still plenty of places i havent visited yet, so i would love to expand my personal travel map to bring more solutions and share my adventures with others, also many people felt more confident to travel abroad aftr my advice.”

Aia Solis, from the Philippines says:

“We are meant to fully participate in life on Earth and that we are meant to share our creativity as much as we can.” This line from an article about Druidism really catches my attention. I am at the point of my life where I want to experience what it means to actually live so I can have my own definition of what life is really all about. I want to not only take a bite of the whole world, but devour it as much as I can – while I still can. I am deeply fascinated with the beauty and diversity of life and culture, with the hopes of one day, I’d get to understand everything about it. It would be an honor to be touched by other peoples lives and be immersed into their being. To share it through my lens and rolls of films would be the greatest contribution of my existence.”


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