Last year the BBE experience changed someones life!

When we go back to the root of things – the purpose of the BBE is to change the world using the power of blogs and the travel experience.

Last year 16 lucky bloggers took off on the travel experience of a lifetime, immersing themselves in unfamiliar cultures and jumping out of their comfort zones. We really did change lives last year – and we’re hoping to do the same in 2014.

Chee Ching was one of our winners in 2013, she flew from her home country of Malaysia all the way over to Canada, swapping places with fellow winner Jeremy Fowler.

The experience truly was life changing for Chee Ching, reshaping many of her views and opinions, and her 10 day Exchange became not just an unforgettable memory – but a part of her.

“It’s okay to travel alone.”
“It’s okay to get lost.”
“It’s okay to put the camera down.”
“It’s okay to strike up a conversation with a stranger.”
“But it is NOT OKAY not to travel.”

Chee Ching capture  

Chee Ching capture 2

Chee Ching capture 3

HI Canada welcomes Malaysian Blogger Chee Chingy


To see Chee Chings full presentation on her experience last year – follow the link below.

Chee Ching Presentation BBE

Who will it be this year?! Will the BBE experience change your life too? It’s not too late to enter!

Motivations We Love #39

Here are some of our favourite motivations of the day: 

Hilal Secgin, from Turkey says:

I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures. People are the most important part of my life. Everything is better when you share it with others. So, I would like to share the beauties with people. This makes my life meaningful. Opening a different window to different lifes and being in touch with people who are full of passion and love of the world are the basements of my writing.”

Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng, from Malaysia says:

I love to travel! And I love to take lots of photographs as well! What’s fascinating is I turn my travels journeys into comics! My dream is to be able to experience different cultures overseas :3”

Caitlin Yarger, from the United States says:

I welcome any opportunity to travel to any part of the globe… I love immersing myself in different cultures and lifestyles, then sharing my experiences, good or bad, with those that read my blog! I aim to share my travel experiences with people who do not travel (for various reasons) or those looking for information about backpacking off the beaten path, where “guide books” don’t go. When one reads my blog, they get insight to different cultures, lifestyles and customs through text, photos, and video.”

Lucky Sibanda, from Zimbabwe says:

My blog serves as an motivational corner to any student who is about to give up. Articles written are written in a way to inspire and encourage learners that they can be the best through hardworking with the foundation being quality education. Learners are being challenge to be on their toes through my experiences. As i grew up, i went through various challenges which i believe sharing them with the world is the best tool to re-align many towards seizing the given opportunity. Different context are considered as the world is a complex set of interrelated systems.”


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Calling all Tweeters and Instagrammers!

Calling all bloggers, tweeters, Instagrammers and Tumblr users! The Big Blog Exchange competition is not just open to those using traditional blogging channels such as WordPress – this year you can sign up using your Twitter account, Tumblr account or even Instagram account!

So as long as you blog, no matter how you go about it – you are in with a chance of winning a 10 day adventure!

6 days to go – don’t skip past your chance, what have you got to lose? 



Motivations We Love #38

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Mariana Pangol Mucci, from Italy says:

I’m only want to know WHY my heart feels like home places that I had never imagined. I take pictures since I was 11 years old, pics always have secrets, have answers. Maybe you come from a multicultural family like mine. Maybe you grew up listening fabulous stories of places that don’t look like where you were born. I’m a Argentina girl 25% Basque French, 25% Italian, 25% French from other French Place and 25% Ecuadorian-Spanish. WHAT IS THIS GIRL DOING IN SWEDEN? Well, let’s find out together! <3”

Pouneh Eftekhari, from the United States says:

Longing to Travel is a how-to guide for career-minded 20-30 somethings. Unlike other blogs that focus on long-term traveling on a backpackers budget, expat life (being sent overseas by a company) or mid-career professionals starting an online business to accommodate a mobile life, I write about how 20-30 somethings (with little or no work experience) can develop their professional skills, plan for their future (i.e., kids, home ownership, etc.) and see the world…even if they have debt! By thinking strategically, you can maximize your time abroad and design your dream life. That’s what I did and now my husband and I are living out our dreams. Join us to learn how you can do the same!”

Edison Mutematemi, from Zimbabwe says:

Edison Mutematemi, originally from Masvingo, Zimbabwe and is an activist interested in many areas bordering human life, but notably Entrepreneurship & Business. I hope to use all my talents, knowledge, strength, potentials, wisdom, opportunities, wealth, health, connections, and everything that I possess for the benefit of mankind at large, especially the poor and the underprivileged in our societies. With my passion for reading, writing and Entrepreneurship, I co-founded the Nascent Entrepreneurs blog to share, discuss Entrepreneurship & Business matters and other aspects of wealth creation or poverty alleviation. Nascent Entrepreneurs‘ aim is to bring and understanding to ordinary people what entrepreneurship is about, as well give a platform for a general discussion pertain this Topic.”

Fatima Elliz Balles, from the Philippines says:

“She turns her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” Joining this blog exchange is like shooting for the stars, but my confidence in my dreams and what I can do gave me enough courage to pursue it. I blog to have something to look back, moreover, I blog to share my thoughts and my passion. Mostly, my blog posts are about my work in programming, my baking projects, my passion in photography, my life & love adventures, and my entrepreneurial side~ and all these ingredients constitutes to the perfect recipe of my wonderful blog 🙂 I haven’t really been away from my family on a trip, in and out of the country, but given the chance to win this blog exchange would definitely be a HUGE life changing experience for me, not just because I would be on a different country, but for me as an “independent” individual and as a blogger. Exploring a whole new world (just to exaggerate – a different culture) would open up a new door to my blog and blogging experience. Having seen the past year’s blog exchange, thrills me & made me realize a thing that goes, “There’s a big big world out there to discover, and you have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to explore the wonders of the world!”


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Last years wildcards. Bloggers – where are you?!

We just wanted to take a moment to remind you all that although the voting phase is coming to an end next week – it is definitely NOT too late for you to enter and still be chosen as one of our winners!

Although hundreds of you have been working hard collecting your votes over the past few weeks to ensure your place in the top 100, remember that two entrants will be chosen not based on the number of votes they have, or how long they have been competing – but based on their blogs, content, passion and motivations!

This means that two of our 16 winners could enter on the last day of the competition, have zero votes – and still win a life changing 10 day adventure! 

Last year, Sophie Roberts from the United Kingdom was selected as one of our lucky wildcards. She took off from the chilly UK and headed off too vibrant Singapore to immerse herself in the culture. Here’s a snippet of her adventures:


malacca 5

Twitter - hostellingspore- @challengesophie with the ...

Sophie had the time of her life on her 10 day exchange – and this year, two of you will be in her shoes!

So why not take a chance and enter your blog into the competition last minute – someone has to be the wildcard, and you never know, it could be you in Sophie’s shoes this year! 

Can we reach 1000 bloggers? Spread the word!


Motivations We Love #37

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Natalija Budinski, from Serbia says:

Learning and teaching math can be fun and useful. Blog is exploring various math examples for students. It is written it three languages: English, Serbian and Ruthenian. There is only one high school in the world where you can learn math in Ruthenian. That is school where I work and apply this interesting examples. The blog is in the process of developing and taking part in this competitions would help to promote new styles of learning and teaching math, especially in Ruthenian language in global environment.”

Túlio Pires Bragança, from Brazil says:

I am a expert about Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have the pleasure to live in this city and share on the web everything I know about it to tourists. I also love to travel, experience local culture and meeting new and interesting people from around the world. Now it’s time to be a expert about other city, other continent!”

Namritha Sivsanker, from South Africa says:

A keen student of live forever learning new things, travelling to places that fascinate me every time I put foot in another country. Learning more about people and what gives us joy and strength. After travelling with my family for many years, I decided to travel again to see the world with different eyes, to be able to share travel tips, sights and destination markers. My blog covers a range of categories to keep my readers well informed of new, exciting and inspirational posts. I want my readers to benefit from my posts and to share & enjoy the many aspects of life. My posts are n English and I have readers and travelers from Canada. USA, India, Africa, Brazil, USA, UAE, China, England and other countries. I am always excited to travel more now and write about the man in the street. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new bloggers who can share their ideas and teach me along the way. I would love you to vote for me to give me the platform to do more, be more and write more. South Africa needs more global recognition and you can make that a possibility. Thank you and God Bless.”

Lucky Haryadi, from Indonesia says:

I want to promote my blog to promote travelling in Indonesia. I want to be an tour guide and have hostel in my country. Too bad that Indonesian beauty not fully discovered. I want to present the best of Indonesia to all of you. From the beauty of nature, sophisticated culture and variation of food. Indonesia never ending journey for you!”


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What will YOUR 10 day adventure be?

As you all know the team at TBBE, with the help of our passionate friends all over the world, have been busy putting together some potential itineraries for you all. 16 of you lucky lot will be winning a personalised version of these incredible 10 day plans in the not so distant future! Although these will not be the exact trips won – they give you a taster!

We’ve been working away making them and we just wanted to let you all know that there are now a few more up!

Currently you will see, on the Hostelling International website under BBE, or by destination – Switzerland, USA, England and Wales, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and New Zealand. There’s more to come that we’re currently planning for you all, including Spain, Brussels and Iceland among others – so keep your eye out!

It’s all very exciting and we kind of wish we could enter and win one of them for ourselves! 

Where would be your ideal destination? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s not too late to sign up, everyone is in with a chance – what have you got to lose?!

map pins

Motivations We Love #36

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Brigid Prinsloo, from South Africa says:

A little blog made with love about the three things I love the most: Cape Town – the most beautiful city in the world, Tech – the websites and apps I cannot live without and Travel – the amazing cities/ people I have been lucky enough to see/ meet. I love blogging because I love sharing: I share my flat with interesting guests from around the world, I share my skills whenever I have a chance and I share my love for this beautiful country and the world. I would love to share my blog through the BlogExchange – obviously #LIKEABOSS!”

Luis Felipe de Magalhaes Tenorio, from Brazil says:

My blog is a little different from the others. I try to reproduce it all my travel experiences with a literary way of writing. Are realistic chronicling personal journeys, discoveries and learning, which also serves as tips to other travelers worldwide. I think I deserve to win the prize for trying to leave the common sense of the blog nowadays, that are more geared for the the commercial market and they lose the beauty of writing.”

Ashley Dy, from Japan says:

First, I want to travel the world. But I also want to have a purpose. I want to capture the world’s version of kawaii and spread Harajuku kawaii culture to the world as well. There are many things I’ve learned in Tokyo and one of those is to help each other to achieve your dreams. Seeing Big Blog Exchange’s goal on how to change the world, it’s a perfect fit to my purpose. If I will win this competition, I will not forget my purpose and my dream, that is to let people know that anyone could be kawaii if they just believe. Anyone could achieve their dreams if they make a move closer to that goal.”

Sandrine Cheyrou, from France says:

ReverDailleurs or ‘Dreaming of somewhere else’ in English is my travel guide for 5 years, starting with a trip to Reunion island. Each travel begins the same way – where to go and what to do? Interested in photography and keen on travels, I created my blog to share my top 10 beautiful reasons to fly to places I have visited all over the world. On you will find a mix of articles on nice hotels, stores to shop, good coffees to take away, natural beauty products to try, travel tips and so much more. Stay tuned!”


Keep an eye out for yours! Keep blogging guys – 6 days to go!




The last few weeks have absolutely flown by! We can’t believe there’s only a week left of the voting phase of BBE 2014.

We’ve had so much fun reading through all of your inspirational blogs, getting to know you all and watching the growth of such a supportive, diverse blogging community. But it’s not too late to get involved!

There’s still plenty of time to sign up, regardless of how many votes you manage to collect – you could be one of this years lucky wildcards. Anyone is still in with a chance of winning a life changing adventure, swapping lives and cultures with another blogger from across the globe!

Keep blogging!


Motivations We Love #35

Here are some of our favourite motivations today: 

Cynthia Camargo, from Brazil says:

I began my journey to the corners of the world when I moved to Brasília at the age of 18, where I earned a degree in Social Communications from the School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM). At the age of 22, I moved to Los Angeles, and at 28 moved to Paris, where I began a career in tourism. During my time there, I wrote a guide on Paris and contributed articles to various newspapers and magazines. I also worked in Public Relations at the famed Moulin Rouge, where I created gastronomic tours guides throughout France, under the direction of Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil. Currently, I coordinate group seminars and tours around the world for Art &Fashion lead by Professor João Braga. My job is to inspire people on enchanting voyages, creating the perfect environment in which they can achieve unique memories. After 30 years of packing my suitcase with my own travel experiences, I decided to tell everything I’ve seen, felt and observed! I invite you to join me on my adventures and that, in some way, these stories inspire you to create your own path around the world. Bon Voyage!”

Velysia Zhang, from Indonesia says:

Keep Walking, Keep Traveling Blog encourages people to see and experience Indonesia. It’s informative, nice looking, full with attractive pictures. The journey shall continue until the whole world is explored.”

April John Grepel Niebres, from the Philippines says:

Since I was a kid, my grandest reverie has always been to inspire and change the world through the written word. Growing up, I have learned to love the arts and life. Infused with passion and aspiration, I brought into being an avenue for my life’s ways and whimsies. The A-venue is an anthology of lifestyle, culture, personal, inspirational anecdotes and a bit of everything about me – the food I eat, places I go to, clothes I wear, people who inspire me and many more. Unfailingly, I ensure that every post conveys a great value people are able to take and inculcate. At present, I relish filling up my blog with happy and inspiring thingamabobs and I have high hopes that I am making progress in making the world a better place. Mabuhay!”

Love Attached, from the United Kingdom says:

Emotional Health. A hard journey to document, but this is what I am attempting to do with Love Attached. Loveattached has stemmed from a collection of musings gathered through a period of time where I’ve witnessed death, birth, loss, violence and joy all wrapped up in my very traumatised and confused self. A self that for many years has been largely emotionless, yet a self that has recently gained the curiosity to want to understand more about the impact that Love and Attachment have on our everyday lives, our very being selves and the World around us. The role that Love and Attachment will play in, not only my future life, but the lives of those around me. For never do I want to have a person in my life, where there is not a mutual respect for the Love and Attachment between us.”



People still to join!

With just over a week left to go of the voting phase of the competition – we just wanted to take a moment to say that this is still plenty of time for people to join!

Although you may think that a week is not enough time to collect the votes you need, you’re still in with just as much of a chance as everyone else! Remember we still have our two wildcard winners, these bloggers will be chosen alongside the winning 14 based purely on their blog content, passion and motivations.

So welcome all of the last minute entries!

Keep blogging!


2013 Winners interview – Rosario Lamastra

Last year the Big Blog Exchange competition sent 16 excited bloggers from across the globe on a 10 day adventure, swapping countries, cultures and blogs with each other for 10 days – all the while sharing their experiences with the rest of the blogging community following their journey digitally.

Rosario Lamastra, one of our winners in 2013, travelled from Argentina to New Zealand on her exchange. Read her interview and see what she had to say about her BBE experience.

Full name: Rosario Lamastra       

Age: 22

Blog url:

Where do you live: Argentina

Where did you visit on the BBE: New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Rotorua).

What were the biggest highlights of the exchange?

I visited five cities and travelled the North Island and South Island of New Zealand in just ten days. My eyes didn’t fully adjust to a landscape before I was already looking at another. I contacted local bloggers and they showed me their favourite places. I talked with local people to find out about their culture and way of life. This made me learn even more about my own culture and how valuable it is to have the possibility to travel in order to learn about other cultures.

Has the BBE changed you?

In so many ways! BBE gave me the opportunity to travel alone and meet people from different places. It showed me how beautiful the world is and how important it is to go ahead and search for opportunities that can make you visit new places.

Did the experience change your views about travel?

Sure. It made me understand that every part of the world has special places to show, with kind people who are able to share experiences with you. You don’t only need to visit the touristy places, it’s awesome trying to discover new places by yourself. Just walk and pay attention to every single detail that surrounds you.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering?

Go ahead and make it possible! BBE is an opportunity for everybody and is not impossible. If you really want to travel the world, believe me you could find a way of doing it. It only depends on how much you want something. Everything is possible!

On the other hand, if you start a trip, try to follow your own path and pay attention to any corner. You never know when you could find a hidden place that you will never forget!

Would you have done anything differently looking back?

Absolutely no! I planned the trip by myself and I really enjoyed every stop and place I visited in New Zealand. I don’t think there’s a best way of visiting, you only need to enjoy yourself and make your own trip. Enjoy everything, also the spontaneous things.

Sum up the BBE in three words:

Creativity, adrenaline, adventure. BBE is an opportunity to know more about this beautiful world.

passport to new zealand


Could we be posting YOUR winners interview next year?

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Motivations We Love #34

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Kim Fuerstenberg, from the United States says:

Travel is my passion. Weither I am hiking volcanoes, eating exotic foods, or finding the loch ness monster I want to do it and see it.”

Leslie Lipa, from the Philippines says:

It took me quite some time to figure out that knowing what you want to do in life is easy. You look at the the parts of you that feel like home and that’s it, that’s where you belong. And so when I looked, I found that I have been writing ever since I knew how, trying to go places ever since I knew I could, and getting to know people since I have been enraptured by the stories that make them up. I fall in love over and over again with places and its people because they have so many stories to tell that remind me how magnificent everything about life is. I could bask in the sights and sounds of cities and oceans because they speak of wisdom and truth. If you look closer, everything will sweep you off your feet, and that isn’t even the best part yet. There are people everywhere who are a smile away from changing your life, if you take a chance. I believe in endless conversations, in friendships that know no borders, in finding joy in little things. I have an endless zest to rediscover inspiration in places and people, and it’s a feeling that demands to be shared because it’s overwhelmingly wonderful so I want to spread the love across the globe. I want to understand more of the world and become a part of others understanding it too. Armed with a burning passion for the raw beauty of film photography, endless possibilities, and tiny discoveries, I hope I get this chance to tell and be told of all the beautiful things we have yet to know.”

Sandrine Cheyrou, from France says:

ReverDailleurs or ‘Dreaming of somewhere else’ in English is my travel guide for 5 years, starting with a trip to Reunion island. Each travel begins the same way – where to go and what to do? Interested in photography and keen on travels, I created my blog to share my top 10 beautiful reasons to fly to places I have visited all over the world. On you will find a mix of articles on nice hotels, stores to shop, good coffees to take away, natural beauty products to try, travel tips and so much more. Stay tuned!”

Nicholas Dawson, from Canada says:

Most of the travel blogs are used to give out tips to travellers, which is a good thing, but just a few of them give the chance to read the more philosophical, social and artistic side of traveling. The main goal of this blog, completely written in french, is to try to define through readings, reflexion and photographs, what wandering outside your own city really means for opened and artistic minds.”


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A dynamic mixture of blogging topics

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, one of the most interesting factors of the Big Blog Exchange is it’s diversity! For a reader to come into this competition for the first time and explore all of the wonderful blogs entered, the experience must be incredible.

No matter what your interest – travel, adventure, beauty, fashion, fitness, sport, technology, wildlife, conservation, environmental issues or even if you just like reading people’s day to day ramblings and thoughts– you are guaranteed to find a whole host of bloggers here passionately translating their views on your topic.

What do YOU like to read about?


Motivations We Love #33

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Janette Krolczyk, from the United States says:

The best way of feeling alive and reaffirming that we are really here for a purpose, is to experience other cultures and places; meeting people who live differently than oneself, in every corner of the world.”

Surya Bhattacharya, from India says:

Growing up, I was ‘normal’. I had no passion except for hating routine with a vengeance. While everyone else I knew nonchalantly settled into jobs after college, I spent the entire week longing for the weekend, and then started sulking on Friday, dreading Monday. Work. Home. Work. Sulk. Repeat. Despite an Architecture degree in my pocket and a coveted job in hand, I quit in 10 months, spent a few months doing nothing and realised I could end up whiling my life away. So, looking for inspiration, I moved to Milan to study Design. After escaping the shackles of my liberal yet sheltered upbringing, I started traveling. And with every spectacular sunrise that I woke up to, with every rainbow I chased looking for pots of gold, from Italy to Poland to Croatia… Was when I found myself. Once the unremarkable girl with no apparent ambition, I now have the coolest stories. I’m the one who doesn’t just live, but thrives, for I have jumped off cliffs, hitchhiked solo in countries I didn’t speak the language, trusted strangers and had out of the world experiences. Each trip makes me come alive. My family says I became this person, I say I always was. I don’t focus on ‘offbeat’ or ‘off the beaten track’ places, but I like to enjoy ‘extraordinary experiences in ordinary places’. I want to see the world, decipher unintelligible street signs and drink coffee in cozy little cafes with new friends while absorbing their cultures. Live with them and laugh with them. Grow with them. I’ve been through the regular route, studied hard and got a job. I took the path well worn and went abroad to study further. And I am glad I did, for completely unexpected reasons, because it changed so much in me, that now I want to live life very differently than I thought I ever would. My past took me from chaotic, passionate India to bella Italia, through awe-inspiring moments in countries I never thought I would get a chance to see, countries I had never even heard of. Sometimes I wonder where my future will take me… Maybe a designer travel café is on the cards? Vote for me so I can show you that the world is not the scary place everyone makes it out to be, that you can travel by yourself and have mental experiences without having to protect yourself with a can of pepper spray hidden in your purse. Vote for me so that the next time you’re tempted to take a leap of faith and trust a stranger, you’ll remember my tales of faith and friendship and come away with great memories and a great story.”

Olivia Rivoalen, from France says:

Curious and passionate, travelling opened my eyes to the world. But more than seeing it, I need to feel it and live it. Travelling is a constant challenge. I’ve always felt the need to push myself to accomplish things I thought I couldn’t do. It helped me being more confident. Learning, discovering new things, meeting new people is what makes me happy, after a 6-month travel in Oceania and Asia, I left my home in France to find a new one in Switzerland. A small country with 3 different languages and cultures. Having lived in Zürich, having a foot in the Italian part of the country and the other one in the French part, I love telling my expat stories on my blog. And because sharing my travels is a way to continue the journey, my blog is also the mirror of my adventures, of my memories here and there, of what my life has become, having caught the travel bug. I would be honored to represent France in this Big Blog Exchange adventure. I see it as an opportunity to fulfill my appetite for new experiences, to prove myself I can do something extraordinary and above all, to live it and share it with someone else, in each other’s country.”

Winny Alna Marlina, from Indonesia says:

I have been following the bigblogexchange for one year. Last year, I was unsuccessful, so I am back try my luck again. My blog is about traveling. All my articles are based on my personal experiences while traveling in Indonesia and Southest ASEAN countries. Since I was young, my dream is to visit Europe and to experience a foreign culture. By following the bigblogexchange, I can pursue my dream because this program provides an exchange to my host country. It makes me excited to see a foreign culture and experience their way of life, to meet new people and add to the wealth of knowledge to the country because every country has unique characteristics. I hope to follow this blog contest so I can introduce the untapped tourism potential of INDONESIA and share with the world about My wonderfull country.”

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How would you record your BBE adventure?

Last year our 16 winners took off on their 10 day adventures and had the time of their lives, however the benefits do not just extend to the winners themselves! So many of you followed them on their journeys last year from start to finish – experiencing every ounce of their adventures alongside them digitally.

The bloggers documented their journeys through a whole host of media’s and platforms. Tweeting, writing, taking beautiful photos and making creative videos – making the readers feel as though they were there right beside them. Everybody following their journeys, including us here in the BBE team, learnt everything they learnt, felt everything they felt, and supported them throughout.

So we wanted to get you all thinking, as you’re all in with a chance of being in their shoes this year – how would you document your journey for the readers? How would you translate your experiences to everyone?


Motivations We Love #32

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Fawn Rogers, from South Africa says:

Since my double lung transplant last year I have been rediscovering what life is all about. I am absolutely loving my second chance at life and know more than most, how important it is to stop and appreciate the small things. I have never been able to travel and whilst the thought of now having an opportunity to do so excites me, it is also something that makes me nervous. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone is something I have been doing a lot of lately and I’ve realised that the biggest rewards come from challenges that scare you the most!”

Chelsea Caillier, from Canada says:

Since moving to Australia a couple years ago I’ve fallen in love with travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people, and understand the value of wanderlust. How I write, is how I think. It’s how I would tell a friend about my trip, crude stories and all. It’s for everyone’s entertainment, including my own, and a way for me to remember the little things about places I’ve been.”

Lyle Mark Bulado, from the Philippines says:

I’ve been a micro-blogger for a year or 2 now, it has been a frustration to me to continuously improve my blog posts for the best content as possible solely for my readers and to the people who might find my blog inspiring and helpful in their day-to-day endeavours. Knowing about this ‘Big Blog Exchange’ from a fellow blogger shivers me out of excitement (lol Haha), it could not only be a great experience, but a great privilege as well – for me to represent my country The Philippines out of hundreds and thousands of bloggers in all forms and in all aspects dreaming to be chosen as the one… Being able to exchange culture, diversity, civilization, taste, tradition, and even lives for real with a peer from out-of-the-country for a cause to promote peace and appreciation to each nation; witnessing it yourself, blogging them and beyond (being able to share it with your fellow countrymen and in the future) – would be so interesting. Winning this Big Blog Exchange 2014 would be so amazing I could die of happiness! XD — LyleQing”

Amélie Blondiaux, from France says:

From an artistic journey of a creative nature, I opened my blog to pass on to my through my photographs and stories, the beauties seen in both landscapes in photos of streets throughout Europe. On the lookout for Artists and murals cities strides, I share here always a personal point of view, and I bring selections to say more about them. I love the virtual sharing that brings my blog, but the actual sharing with other bloggers for 10 days can only be awesome. Go on an adventure for 10 days did not scare me and I intend to look in every corner of the track artists and beauty that each country, each person has to offer. Thanks.”

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It’s not too late to join! Could you be one of our wildcards?

The end of the competition phase is in sight and you are all busy blogging and racking up the votes – which is great!

However we just wanted to put a little reminder out there and say that even if you haven’t actually signed yourself up yet, or even if you just haven’t managed to get as many votes as you had hoped for at this point, please don’t be put off by the time you have left to collect votes – as we still have our wildcard winners!

Alongside the winning 14, an additional two bloggers will be chosen based solely on their passion, blogs and content – regardless of whether they have 1 or 1000 votes!

So if you were thinking of joining, but thought it might be too late, think again – you’re still in with a chance of winning a life changing travel experience! 

Happy blogging!

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Motivations We Love #31

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Namritha Sivsanker, from South Africa says:

A keen student of live forever learning new things, travelling to places that fascinate me every time I put foot in another country. Learning more about people and what gives us joy and strength. After travelling with my family for many years, I decided to travel again to see the world with different eyes, to be able to share travel tips, sights and destination markers. My blog covers a range of categories to keep my readers well informed of new, exciting and inspirational posts. I want my readers to benefit from my posts and to share & enjoy the many aspects of life. My posts are n English and I have readers and travelers from Canada. USA, India, Africa, Brazil, USA, UAE, China, England and other countries. I am always excited to travel more now and write about the man in the street. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new bloggers who can share their ideas and teach me along the way. I would love you to vote for me to give me the platform to do more, be more and write more. South Africa needs more global recognition and you can make that a possibility. Thank you and God Bless.”

Kailea Frederick, from the United States says:

I strongly believe in the power of new stories. I am from a small town, on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Recently I returned home from a year abroad at, The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), a life changing experience that has forever changed the way that I look out at the world. This past year I spent documenting my time at YIP, bringing out the story of a new form of education. I have had my blog now for two years, and feel that recently I have come into a new relationship with what I am wanting to offer the world through my words and images. Currently I am in the process of collecting stories from individuals from all walks of life. These individuals have either an inspired idea, or are already engaging with the work that they are here to do. What I want to offer is a spotlight on my blog to share the work they are doing.Through our time spent together I also want to offer conversation that looks at the deeper purpose behind what they do, as well as create concrete next steps to keep moving forward with their idea/project. I feel the most alive watching others come alive. My deeper purpose with my blog is to create meaningful and insightful content that moves the reader towards working with and actualizing their dreams.”

Katherine Anne Cutar, from the Philippines says:

Blogging served as my sweet escape ever since I discovered my love of it. Nested Thoughts is simply a quirky and upbeat manifestation of what I am all about and what I decide to fling to the world. In here, you may find yourself coming across varying posts which might pertain to my vigorous passion in regards to all sorts of things which might include fashion, music, aesthetics/general design, cats, food, literature, more food, and just about any life experience/happenings that I deem worthy enough to be posted. I must win and deserve an escape, or at least for me to somehow break away into new grounds and set foot into territories where I’ll be able to flourish even more as a person of creative and convivial nature. Things have just been kind of exasperating at my end, so a sort of break from it all would be a total life saver. …And also so I can make endless blog posts about the whole journey until everyone stops caring! Haha! :)”

Amaya Bercetche, from France says:

I want to show with my camera how beautiful is the world and we have to protect it.”


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