How would you record your BBE adventure?

Last year our 16 winners took off on their 10 day adventures and had the time of their lives, however the benefits do not just extend to the winners themselves! So many of you followed them on their journeys last year from start to finish – experiencing every ounce of their adventures alongside them digitally.

The bloggers documented their journeys through a whole host of media’s and platforms. Tweeting, writing, taking beautiful photos and making creative videos – making the readers feel as though they were there right beside them. Everybody following their journeys, including us here in the BBE team, learnt everything they learnt, felt everything they felt, and supported them throughout.

So we wanted to get you all thinking, as you’re all in with a chance of being in their shoes this year – how would you document your journey for the readers? How would you translate your experiences to everyone?


11 thoughts on “How would you record your BBE adventure?

  1. If I was one of the lucky winner, I would take this opportunity to experiment with something new and I’d love to learn more about making videos… So I’d probably make the most of the 6 weeks or so before the departure date to learn the basics and experiment a bit at home so that once on the exchange I can share some of my experiences through this media. Other than that, I’d definitely continue using the means I’ve been using so far: photography and writing; I usually share the main things on my blog and post some extras for my Facebook & Twitter followers.

  2. If ever the odds are with me, I would most probably – being who I am – take annoyingly buttloads of photos on my phone, film and digital camera. Phone photos would most definitely be posted on Instagram immediately right after taking it cause giddiness. :p Digital camera for when my phone doesn’t give justice to whatever subject I’m trying to capture; that would be posted at the end of each day (hopefully). And film camera for years-worth of blog post and pure nostalgia.:p

  3. If ever I made it to the exchange, I will be keeping timely records of all the lovely things along the trip. It’s my visual diary of some sort so that will be filled of pretty much of anything/everything. My blog in Tumblr is where I will be posting photos from my DSLR/Film camera with huge block of text. I love words so I’m going to write. I’m a compulsive phototaker so definitely, photography will be my medium. 🙂

  4. If I get this chance and make it to the exchange, I’ll definitely be trigger happy and take lots of pictures using my phone/ DSLR/ Go Pro. More like photo journalism. I love to write. So I’ll write in my notes and later on before the day ends retrace my foot prints and visually uploaded this in social media. Photos from dlsr or perhaps things i missed. I always incorporate food or interesting things in my travels. Normally this is posted after minutes of witnessing/experiencing it. So I’ll definitely share what floats my boat, upon seeing it. You could check out @happytummytravels. This would definitely be my medium. 🙂

    Kudos to all the bloggers!

  5. For me, if I had a chance to win, it would depend on where I go and the inspiration. But it would also depend on the blog I am exchanging with, so I can maybe keep up with the style of the blog, while still bringing my own mark. I would take a lot of pictures to really share the feeling of the place, do some writing wether it is practical infos, feelings, reviews of an activity, poetry and so on.
    I would also love to do some live sharing and exchange with readers with photos and impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram, as I usually do when I have access to the Internet.
    I have also started to make videos and I would be very excited to make one for this special trip!

  6. I’m a story writer at heart, so I would paint as many as possible pictures with my words. I would, of course, also add some real pictures and perhaps even a video here and there – how amazing would it be to share such a dream trip with everyone else!!

  7. First I would take all of my gadgets with me 🙂
    The situation would say the best way to record the moment (photo, video or just a written history!), but basically I’d bring back maps and make them available in my blog, take note of local places and destinations for eating, best sightseeing, best places for photos, best night clubs, restaurants and places that can’t be missed!
    It would come back with me and made available at as photos, videos and many written histories 🙂

  8. If I become one of the lucky 16, and because I am a filmmaking student, I would try to record everything mostly through pictures (digital/analog) and videos, bringing together all the things I’ve learned 🙂 as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.. what about 24 pictures a second??
    I love writing and telling stories, so I’d definitely carry a notebook like I always do, so I don’t miss a thing!!
    Other than that Instagram and Twitter will continue to be my main platforms for live sharing, and for my blog, I’d try to make it look like if everyone who reads it was traveling alongside with me 😉

    Good luck for us all!!

  9. If i gad the chance to win, first of all i would jump everywhere to show my happiness 😉
    More seriously i would take à lot of photos, and post it on Instagram !

  10. If I had to chance to win I would love to use my go pro a bit more! Having only used it for one trip I’d love to get some real use from it and share some great videos with my readers. I’d also take the opportunity to share some amazing pictures on instagram as I am always inspired by travellers pictures on there!

  11. If given the chance to participate, aside from video clips that I will edit altogether by the end of the trip, I would definitely be documenting every moment through a mixture of digital and film photos! I hope to share the moments through Instagram and blog posts along the trip but as I also believe that every day in the BBE experience will be full of surprises, I want to be able to take some more surprises when I get back home in the form of film rolls. What I’ve always loved about film is that you never really know what kind of photos you have taken until you have processed it. I dedicated a whole post on it to share the analogue love!

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