2013 Winners interview – Rosario Lamastra

Last year the Big Blog Exchange competition sent 16 excited bloggers from across the globe on a 10 day adventure, swapping countries, cultures and blogs with each other for 10 days – all the while sharing their experiences with the rest of the blogging community following their journey digitally.

Rosario Lamastra, one of our winners in 2013, travelled from Argentina to New Zealand on her exchange. Read her interview and see what she had to say about her BBE experience.

Full name: Rosario Lamastra       

Age: 22

Blog url: http://www.atblueheaven.com

Where do you live: Argentina

Where did you visit on the BBE: New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Rotorua).

What were the biggest highlights of the exchange?

I visited five cities and travelled the North Island and South Island of New Zealand in just ten days. My eyes didn’t fully adjust to a landscape before I was already looking at another. I contacted local bloggers and they showed me their favourite places. I talked with local people to find out about their culture and way of life. This made me learn even more about my own culture and how valuable it is to have the possibility to travel in order to learn about other cultures.

Has the BBE changed you?

In so many ways! BBE gave me the opportunity to travel alone and meet people from different places. It showed me how beautiful the world is and how important it is to go ahead and search for opportunities that can make you visit new places.

Did the experience change your views about travel?

Sure. It made me understand that every part of the world has special places to show, with kind people who are able to share experiences with you. You don’t only need to visit the touristy places, it’s awesome trying to discover new places by yourself. Just walk and pay attention to every single detail that surrounds you.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering?

Go ahead and make it possible! BBE is an opportunity for everybody and is not impossible. If you really want to travel the world, believe me you could find a way of doing it. It only depends on how much you want something. Everything is possible!

On the other hand, if you start a trip, try to follow your own path and pay attention to any corner. You never know when you could find a hidden place that you will never forget!

Would you have done anything differently looking back?

Absolutely no! I planned the trip by myself and I really enjoyed every stop and place I visited in New Zealand. I don’t think there’s a best way of visiting, you only need to enjoy yourself and make your own trip. Enjoy everything, also the spontaneous things.

Sum up the BBE in three words:

Creativity, adrenaline, adventure. BBE is an opportunity to know more about this beautiful world.

passport to new zealand


Could we be posting YOUR winners interview next year?

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5 thoughts on “2013 Winners interview – Rosario Lamastra

  1. “In so many ways! BBE gave me the opportunity to travel alone and meet people from different places. It showed me how beautiful the world is and how important it is to go ahead and search for opportunities that can make you visit new places.”

    People always say that travel changes their lives and I couldn’t agree more. Every trip, even if it’s a city you’ve been to already just offers a new perspective every time, and every person you meet along the way just changes you for good.

  2. If I won I’d definitely look forward to interacting with the locals. For me my journeys aren’t always about the places I visit but most of the time by the people I met….I don’t think I would of had half of as much fun in some destinations if it wasn’t for the kind strangers and locals I met on the way! Sounds like you had the best experience! I hope I get a chance to experience it too! Good Luck everyone! 🙂

  3. i totally agree, travelling is not only a matte rof places, it’s a matter of people too..people you meet when traveling definitely change you and make you feel different about the world (i’m not sure my sentence is clear… :/)

    1. No I completely agree and your sentence is very clear! 🙂 I met some amazing people in Myanmar earlier this year who were really humbling…if it wasn’t for them our trip wouldn’t of been half as amazing as it was – and we are still in touch with them now 🙂

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