Motivations We Love #34

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Kim Fuerstenberg, from the United States says:

Travel is my passion. Weither I am hiking volcanoes, eating exotic foods, or finding the loch ness monster I want to do it and see it.”

Leslie Lipa, from the Philippines says:

It took me quite some time to figure out that knowing what you want to do in life is easy. You look at the the parts of you that feel like home and that’s it, that’s where you belong. And so when I looked, I found that I have been writing ever since I knew how, trying to go places ever since I knew I could, and getting to know people since I have been enraptured by the stories that make them up. I fall in love over and over again with places and its people because they have so many stories to tell that remind me how magnificent everything about life is. I could bask in the sights and sounds of cities and oceans because they speak of wisdom and truth. If you look closer, everything will sweep you off your feet, and that isn’t even the best part yet. There are people everywhere who are a smile away from changing your life, if you take a chance. I believe in endless conversations, in friendships that know no borders, in finding joy in little things. I have an endless zest to rediscover inspiration in places and people, and it’s a feeling that demands to be shared because it’s overwhelmingly wonderful so I want to spread the love across the globe. I want to understand more of the world and become a part of others understanding it too. Armed with a burning passion for the raw beauty of film photography, endless possibilities, and tiny discoveries, I hope I get this chance to tell and be told of all the beautiful things we have yet to know.”

Sandrine Cheyrou, from France says:

ReverDailleurs or ‘Dreaming of somewhere else’ in English is my travel guide for 5 years, starting with a trip to Reunion island. Each travel begins the same way – where to go and what to do? Interested in photography and keen on travels, I created my blog to share my top 10 beautiful reasons to fly to places I have visited all over the world. On you will find a mix of articles on nice hotels, stores to shop, good coffees to take away, natural beauty products to try, travel tips and so much more. Stay tuned!”

Nicholas Dawson, from Canada says:

Most of the travel blogs are used to give out tips to travellers, which is a good thing, but just a few of them give the chance to read the more philosophical, social and artistic side of traveling. The main goal of this blog, completely written in french, is to try to define through readings, reflexion and photographs, what wandering outside your own city really means for opened and artistic minds.”


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4 thoughts on “Motivations We Love #34

  1. I’ve been following Possibilitales by Leslie Lipa for years. She has inspired me to get out there and start traveling the world.

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