People still to join!

With just over a week left to go of the voting phase of the competition – we just wanted to take a moment to say that this is still plenty of time for people to join!

Although you may think that a week is not enough time to collect the votes you need, you’re still in with just as much of a chance as everyone else! Remember we still have our two wildcard winners, these bloggers will be chosen alongside the winning 14 based purely on their blog content, passion and motivations.

So welcome all of the last minute entries!

Keep blogging!


2 thoughts on “People still to join!

  1. Hey Folks,
    Where are you all?
    We are waiting for you at BBE 2014, let’s have fun!
    Today I’ve got a nice message from Joe from India, his blog is: “encounter with a super star”; I have India and all of Indian people in my heart; such amazing country that I had the opportunity not only to come to know and live there, but also to have studied in VVNagar; Joe as same as many other bloggers have got my vote!
    Good Luck to you Joe and all of us 🙂

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