Last years wildcards. Bloggers – where are you?!

We just wanted to take a moment to remind you all that although the voting phase is coming to an end next week – it is definitely NOT too late for you to enter and still be chosen as one of our winners!

Although hundreds of you have been working hard collecting your votes over the past few weeks to ensure your place in the top 100, remember that two entrants will be chosen not based on the number of votes they have, or how long they have been competing – but based on their blogs, content, passion and motivations!

This means that two of our 16 winners could enter on the last day of the competition, have zero votes – and still win a life changing 10 day adventure! 

Last year, Sophie Roberts from the United Kingdom was selected as one of our lucky wildcards. She took off from the chilly UK and headed off too vibrant Singapore to immerse herself in the culture. Here’s a snippet of her adventures:


malacca 5

Twitter - hostellingspore- @challengesophie with the ...

Sophie had the time of her life on her 10 day exchange – and this year, two of you will be in her shoes!

So why not take a chance and enter your blog into the competition last minute – someone has to be the wildcard, and you never know, it could be you in Sophie’s shoes this year! 

Can we reach 1000 bloggers? Spread the word!


8 thoughts on “Last years wildcards. Bloggers – where are you?!

  1. I am so glad this competition has an opportunity to win regardless of votes. I have spoken to a few bloggers who have expressed how difficult it has been to get votes…not all of us are as successful as other bloggers so the wildcard really gives some of us a good chance of winning. I have met some pretty amazing, passionate bloggers during this competition who all deserve to win….good luck to you all!!

    1. It’s not easy to gain a following in today’s universe of blogs but sometimes you just need at least one person to appreciate what goes on from your beautiful mind to the pages of the web and that already makes all the difference. Thank you for giving us that sliver of hope, BBE!

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