Motivations We Love #37

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Natalija Budinski, from Serbia says:

Learning and teaching math can be fun and useful. Blog is exploring various math examples for students. It is written it three languages: English, Serbian and Ruthenian. There is only one high school in the world where you can learn math in Ruthenian. That is school where I work and apply this interesting examples. The blog is in the process of developing and taking part in this competitions would help to promote new styles of learning and teaching math, especially in Ruthenian language in global environment.”

Túlio Pires Bragança, from Brazil says:

I am a expert about Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have the pleasure to live in this city and share on the web everything I know about it to tourists. I also love to travel, experience local culture and meeting new and interesting people from around the world. Now it’s time to be a expert about other city, other continent!”

Namritha Sivsanker, from South Africa says:

A keen student of live forever learning new things, travelling to places that fascinate me every time I put foot in another country. Learning more about people and what gives us joy and strength. After travelling with my family for many years, I decided to travel again to see the world with different eyes, to be able to share travel tips, sights and destination markers. My blog covers a range of categories to keep my readers well informed of new, exciting and inspirational posts. I want my readers to benefit from my posts and to share & enjoy the many aspects of life. My posts are n English and I have readers and travelers from Canada. USA, India, Africa, Brazil, USA, UAE, China, England and other countries. I am always excited to travel more now and write about the man in the street. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new bloggers who can share their ideas and teach me along the way. I would love you to vote for me to give me the platform to do more, be more and write more. South Africa needs more global recognition and you can make that a possibility. Thank you and God Bless.”

Lucky Haryadi, from Indonesia says:

I want to promote my blog to promote travelling in Indonesia. I want to be an tour guide and have hostel in my country. Too bad that Indonesian beauty not fully discovered. I want to present the best of Indonesia to all of you. From the beauty of nature, sophisticated culture and variation of food. Indonesia never ending journey for you!”


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One thought on “Motivations We Love #37

  1. There are some great motivations coming through… lt certainly makes me regret not thinking hard enough about writing my own! I think I was just too excited to be entering that my passion for travel and blogging got lost…but at the end of the day I am so glad to of met some great bloggers during this competition that have introduced me to tons more blogs! My reader is seriously filling up 🙂

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