Motivations We Love #38

Here are some of our favourite motivations today:

Mariana Pangol Mucci, from Italy says:

I’m only want to know WHY my heart feels like home places that I had never imagined. I take pictures since I was 11 years old, pics always have secrets, have answers. Maybe you come from a multicultural family like mine. Maybe you grew up listening fabulous stories of places that don’t look like where you were born. I’m a Argentina girl 25% Basque French, 25% Italian, 25% French from other French Place and 25% Ecuadorian-Spanish. WHAT IS THIS GIRL DOING IN SWEDEN? Well, let’s find out together! <3”

Pouneh Eftekhari, from the United States says:

Longing to Travel is a how-to guide for career-minded 20-30 somethings. Unlike other blogs that focus on long-term traveling on a backpackers budget, expat life (being sent overseas by a company) or mid-career professionals starting an online business to accommodate a mobile life, I write about how 20-30 somethings (with little or no work experience) can develop their professional skills, plan for their future (i.e., kids, home ownership, etc.) and see the world…even if they have debt! By thinking strategically, you can maximize your time abroad and design your dream life. That’s what I did and now my husband and I are living out our dreams. Join us to learn how you can do the same!”

Edison Mutematemi, from Zimbabwe says:

Edison Mutematemi, originally from Masvingo, Zimbabwe and is an activist interested in many areas bordering human life, but notably Entrepreneurship & Business. I hope to use all my talents, knowledge, strength, potentials, wisdom, opportunities, wealth, health, connections, and everything that I possess for the benefit of mankind at large, especially the poor and the underprivileged in our societies. With my passion for reading, writing and Entrepreneurship, I co-founded the Nascent Entrepreneurs blog to share, discuss Entrepreneurship & Business matters and other aspects of wealth creation or poverty alleviation. Nascent Entrepreneurs‘ aim is to bring and understanding to ordinary people what entrepreneurship is about, as well give a platform for a general discussion pertain this Topic.”

Fatima Elliz Balles, from the Philippines says:

“She turns her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” Joining this blog exchange is like shooting for the stars, but my confidence in my dreams and what I can do gave me enough courage to pursue it. I blog to have something to look back, moreover, I blog to share my thoughts and my passion. Mostly, my blog posts are about my work in programming, my baking projects, my passion in photography, my life & love adventures, and my entrepreneurial side~ and all these ingredients constitutes to the perfect recipe of my wonderful blog 🙂 I haven’t really been away from my family on a trip, in and out of the country, but given the chance to win this blog exchange would definitely be a HUGE life changing experience for me, not just because I would be on a different country, but for me as an “independent” individual and as a blogger. Exploring a whole new world (just to exaggerate – a different culture) would open up a new door to my blog and blogging experience. Having seen the past year’s blog exchange, thrills me & made me realize a thing that goes, “There’s a big big world out there to discover, and you have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to explore the wonders of the world!”


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