Motivations We Love #39

Here are some of our favourite motivations of the day: 

Hilal Secgin, from Turkey says:

I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures. People are the most important part of my life. Everything is better when you share it with others. So, I would like to share the beauties with people. This makes my life meaningful. Opening a different window to different lifes and being in touch with people who are full of passion and love of the world are the basements of my writing.”

Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng, from Malaysia says:

I love to travel! And I love to take lots of photographs as well! What’s fascinating is I turn my travels journeys into comics! My dream is to be able to experience different cultures overseas :3”

Caitlin Yarger, from the United States says:

I welcome any opportunity to travel to any part of the globe… I love immersing myself in different cultures and lifestyles, then sharing my experiences, good or bad, with those that read my blog! I aim to share my travel experiences with people who do not travel (for various reasons) or those looking for information about backpacking off the beaten path, where “guide books” don’t go. When one reads my blog, they get insight to different cultures, lifestyles and customs through text, photos, and video.”

Lucky Sibanda, from Zimbabwe says:

My blog serves as an motivational corner to any student who is about to give up. Articles written are written in a way to inspire and encourage learners that they can be the best through hardworking with the foundation being quality education. Learners are being challenge to be on their toes through my experiences. As i grew up, i went through various challenges which i believe sharing them with the world is the best tool to re-align many towards seizing the given opportunity. Different context are considered as the world is a complex set of interrelated systems.”


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