Celebrating Asia and Oceania!

Huge congratulations to our finalists in this region!

Here’s a little tally for you:

1 blogger from Singapore:
– Allan Lee

13 bloggers from Philippines:
– Nik Rielo
– Quez V

– Miguel Aquino
– Keith Andrew Pablico
– RV Panambo
– Tessa Michelle Go
– Maritzi Tullao
– Hazel Ureta
– Kathering Anne Cutar
– Aia Solis
– Anna Esguerra
– Fatima Elliz Balles
– Lyle Mark Bulado

3 bloggers from Malaysia:
– Jui Seng Quek
– Siow Lee Ng
– Jasmine Rajah

6 bloggers from India:
– Rupesh Nandy
– Elita Almeida
– Oindrila De
– Surya Bhattacharya
– Purujeet Parida
– Zachariah Joe

1 blogger from Indonesia:
– Lucky Haryadi

1 blogger from Nepal:
– Swati Pujari


But where will our wildcards be from?!


31 thoughts on “Celebrating Asia and Oceania!

  1. Oh, what a feeling to see this post! I am both ecstatic as well as humbled at the same time. It was a mad month and a half trying to garner all those votes, and I can only thank everyone who voted for me – including my fellow BBE contestants. Through the initiative, I’ve come to know of (and made friends with) quite a few bloggers from these parts… and that’s a good thing. Once again, thank you, HI, for the BBE. To the other finalists, good luck.

      1. At the moment is sunny all over the country!
        By the time of the exchange the weather will be sunny and pleasant😎
        As you may remember that I like winter, snow and winter sports you can imagine that this is not the best scenario for me, but still I enjoy kitesurfing and surfing and the weather is good for that 😉

      2. That’s nice to know. Never been South America. So much of the culture there that I’d like to learn and know about. It’s perennially hot and humid here in Malaysia – 30degC average year-round – but the food is great. More so the people and sights. Come, meu irmao!

    1. Mad is the word indeed as we only had two weeks. Hahaha. I followed Hostelling on Twitter last year but with so many things happening in our lives, we ended up becoming 31 days late. Anyway, congratulations on making it to #4 and thank you for making everyone feel welcome here. 🙂

      1. haha I would like to go to Asia too!! 😉

        and for all those who want to come to south america.. you will be also enjoying the sunny days of spring in Argentina and the blossoming of the beautiful Jacarandá (purple flowers everywhere) ❤

        ps: and amazing food!!

      2. OMG, i want to go to Argentina too !!sun and food, just what i need ! lol !! fortunately, we’re not going to choose the destinations, otherwise we could never manage to choose only one !!! 😉

  2. Waouh! I only know Indonesia out of all these countries, but I am sure they are quite wonderful! Interesting that New Zealand and Australia didn’t make it… wild card?
    Congratulations to all!

    1. There are many beaches, landscapes and mountains here in the Philippines waiting to be explored! 🙂 My favorites are Mt. Pulag (where you can watch the sunrise across a sea of clouds beneath your feet), Mt. Pinatubo (whose bluegreen waters I always like to associate with gatorade..Haha), Taal Volcano (the tiniest volcano in the world), Mt. Mayon (The Perfect Cone). Then there’s Palawan for its beaches & the Ilocos region for its heritage. I honestly have a hard time picking favourites. There are 7,107 islands to choose from. 😀

  3. Mixed feelings seeing this post. Overwhelmed and just so thankful getting in here. If you’ve read my motivation, you would know why I felt this way. Yes, this is my second chance at life and I’m just honored to be part of this great adventure. At the same time, I am truly grateful for those who have voted (including fellow BBE Contestants). Thank you so much!

    Thank you HI, you’ve build a great community (if you still don’t know it, I’ll repeat: this is a great community!!). I was able to exchange and know amazing bloggers here. Please know I’m holding thumbs with you. Let’s just embrace this community and make the most out of it. Last 6 days, I’m sure everyone can’t wait. Spreading #BBE love 🙂

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