We’ll be setting some small challenges!

The team here at the Big Blog Exchange have got their creative thinking caps on and are brainstorming different little challenges we could potentially set our 16 winners when they jet off to their exchange countries, just to make things fun (although of course, they will be having incredible amounts of fun regardless!)

So we thought it would be interesting to get your opinions – if you were a winner, what small challenge would you set your exchange partner coming to your country? Maybe to try an interesting local delicacy, or a quick photography challenge. We’d love to hear your ideas!


82 thoughts on “We’ll be setting some small challenges!

  1. Language is a huge part of South African culture. We have 11 official languages! My challenge to my exchange partner would be to learn greetings in at least 3 of our official languages. 🙂 In Xhosa we greet by saying ‘Molo’.

  2. Hey Folks,
    I believe that everybody knows and have heard about Brazilian Carnaval. It use to happen on February. However, the training for the dancing and music starts well before and use to be a nice time out and full of fun.
    Here is the challenge:
    Go for one of the “Samba Schools” academy, for a night of “samba” and “funk” dancing , it can be done either in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, you will find there everybody together from normal people to actors, actresses, football players and so on.
    Its party of the challenge send us a short video dancing “samba” and “funk”.
    It’ll be fun to see 😺

      1. I know how you feel Aia! This is exactly how I feel about the Hip Hop part of Zumba. I think I’m doing so-so then I look at the mirror and I realize I’m doing a horrible & funny dance. 😛 I seem to love it but it doesn’t love me back. ;P

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know there are actually Samba schools! I spent most of my time dancing while I was growing up so this is something really interesting fact! 😀

      Banking on Sel’s idea, major towns & provinces in the Philippines are celebrating fiesta during the different times of the year. It would probably be awesome if they could get in touch with the local government and let the winner participate in one of the parades. If not, I would definitely love to see the blogger visiting the Philippiens try eating the following (with a supporting video):

      1. Balut. – As mentioned in some comments on the blog post, it’s duck embryo. I honestly enjoyed eating this until I studied anatomy back in grade school. Then, I started eating it while looking away. I like how it tastes; not how it looks. I remember watching people eat this on Fear Factor with eyes closed as if they were about to eat the worst thing in the world & ended up liking it anyway. The soup is really good.

      2. Sisig – This is made of pig’s ears, liver & other “spare parts”. The description is not as appetizing as it sounds. When we have visitors, we make them try this and they always end up loving it too! 🙂

      3. Isaw – My personal favorite is the “Isaw Manok” which is made up of small chicken intestines. It tastes just like liver. *Okay, am I freaking out anyone here? Please tell me because I’ll stop. Hehehe.*

      4. Chicaron Bulaklak – deep fried large pork intestines

      5. Tuyo – which literally means dry. I always get to read news articles abroad of people complaining about the smell of tuyo from a distance but in essence, it’s just dried salty fish that goes well with rice.

      Oooh! I suddenly got excited for the winner who will be visiting our country! 🙂

      Anyway, whether or not I make it to the final 16, it would also be fun if those who made it to the top 100 could meet up with the visiting winner of the Big Blog X and bond even just for a day or for a meal. 🙂

      1. I’d not eat that! But, I’m sure Sel would eat everything, he use to eat in China scorpions, spiders, lizard, soup of various intestines and others. so I’m sure he’ll eat everything you guys give him 😷

      2. A meet up would be lovely! ^_^

        P.S. Isaw! I totally forgot about that! My fave as well. The exchangee should definitely try all these on your list. Exciting to see their faces.:p

      3. uuuhh…it sounds not tasty…how’s the fact that you eat so many things with instestin !!!! and “duck embryo” ?? i’m going to become végétarian before i go to your country 😀

    1. Ohh a great challenge idea: Learn something from that country and feature it(?). Whether it’s by dancing, arts or what not. Something they can take on from the country they’ll be swap in. That would be boat loads of fun and ofcourse meaningful.

  3. Photo challenge? Like a theme on that day. Or something that person feels? So the winner would be able to express his/ her feelings during the whole day experience.

    Oh and yes FOOD challenge. One must be adventurous!! Haha! That would be fun to witness 😍

    1. Hello Lucie! 🙂 We also have snails here simmered in coconut milk called Kuhol. I don’t eat snails in general but the hubby loves them be it Escargot or Kuhol. Once, after we got engaged in Paris, he got so hungry in the middle of the night and we had to look for a restaurant. (Maybe the whole proposal thing was tiring…Haha). He was craving for Escargot. The chef asked if I was pregnant and why I was looking for something specific in the middle of the night. I said I wasn’t and that we just got engaged. Haha. I told him, “My boyfriend is pregnant!” Hahahaha.

  4. I love photo challenge! Selfie with every stranger you’ll meet along the way. One of the best experiences is finding friendship while on the road. It may not be initially permanent but with the power of social media, I’m betting you’ll still make friends with them though. This excites me! ❤

  5. my challenge would be to try and post their review of the first local beer you find in your new country.

    this is always the first thing I do when I get to different country/city, since I am a beer lover.
    always a pleasure to try new flavours! 😀

    1. This I will definitely try! I love beer! But not the ‘Imma-get-drunk’ kind of way. Just the taste of it. That is what I try to do everytime I go to a different country – which is not very often, sadly. But hey, this is exciting. One of the things in my bucketlist is to try all sorts of beer from diff parts of the world.

  6. If I exchanged countries, I would like my new friend to try some spicy Indian curries… and them some extremely sweet desserts! And ofcourse, she or he would have to dance to some Panjabi bhangra numbers and dress up in any of our several traditional styles. I think the visitor to India will love the entire Indian experience! 🙂 Cheers!

    1. This definitely won’t be much of a challenge for me. I love your food. I love your movies. I love your culture. I love everything about India. Sometimes I think I’m from your country in my past life. Hahaha! Your country is definitely one of my priority to visit in my bucketlist.

  7. This is something I’ve wanted to do since forever!! Crash a wedding, eat some food and go 😀 There are SO many people, no one will ever know!! But then again, a non-Indian will really stand out. Never mind 😉

  8. My challenge for Argentina is….. share some tango moves!! of course 😉 two of my favorite spots for this would be Caminito in La Boca.. or the emblematic Café Tortoni..

    Also.. a photography challenge.. take an original selfie with something typical like drinking mate (it can be anything from food/places/people) one selfie for each day of the exchange 😀

    And last but not least… you have to post a video telling 5 things you liked from Argentina .. but here’s the catch… you must do it in spanish! haha 😉

    Ok.. yes.. I got excited with the challenges ^_^
    I was going to include an asado for the foodies.. but that was way too easy!!

  9. Oh wow, what an awesome idea! I am so loving everyone’s answers! But if it were me, I’d love to challenge my partner to do a photo series of sunsets/skies for each day. One thing I love when travelling abroad is observing a foreign sky, most especially watching the sunset. It always feels magical to be doing it from a place that’s a whole ocean away from home. It’s very cheesy but it’s a lovely way to appreciate being in different country. 😀

  10. I think supermarkets are one of the funniest and most interesting parts of any culture.
    Why not have a challenge that asks the winners to pick 5 ot 10 of the most weirdest items available?

    1. I believe so to. Main reason why I want to encourage an exchangee to visit the busy streets of Manila if ever our country get to be one of the exchange destinations! This should really be funny! The Philippines have lots to offer for your weird and quirky finds. Hahahaha!

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