Your all talking about the BBE!

Since the news of our winners and their exchanges hit the site you’ve all been tweeting and blogging away about the BBE and getting excited!
Here are a few snippets:


fotostrasse logan lucie stephanie  vincent

We’re currently in the process of planning our winners trips, and it’s all getting very exciting! Stay tuned to the blog to keep track of their adventures – just over a month until they jet off! #bigblogx


13 thoughts on “Your all talking about the BBE!

  1. Look, Belen! We’re both featured; me for the first time! Many of the winners say time’s gonna crawl from now on. Not for me; heaps of stuff to take care of with regards my business before my Argentine adventure – so time’s gonna zip by as far as I’m concerned. Well-excited I am. A big, big thanks for everybody’s votes and also to HI/BBE for giving me this opportunity. Muchas gracias, todo el mundo! (did I get that right?)

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