We have hundreds of amazing blogs for you to read!

The voting phase of the competition is over, the jury have selected our 16 winners, and we are in the process of planning their 10 day adventures!

It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to follow these 16 bloggers on their exchanges. However, we just wanted to take a moment to remind you all of the hundreds of amazing people who entered their blog into the competition this year. Our 16 winners form an incredible team – but there were so many other impressive and diverse blogs who entered and didn’t quite make it into the top 16.

Every blog entered into the BBE this year remains accessible from our site. From travel to fashion, cupcakes to sport – whatever your interest, we’re sure there will be a whole host of blogs for you to read through on this list.

The BBE is not just about the adventures, it’s also about the community – and every single one of the bloggers entered this year, as well as last year, are a part of that community.

So why not have a flick through the participants list and experience some of these amazing blogs?

You could even be reading the blog of a 2015 BBE winner!

To take a look at this year’s bloggers, follow this link.


One thought on “We have hundreds of amazing blogs for you to read!

  1. I so agree, and I’m not about to kid myself; the sheer quality of some of the blogs entered in this year’s BBE is simply out of this world – absolutely top notch material – and makes mine look meagre in comparison. I truly hope those bloggers will try again in 2015 because they’re so deserving of an exchange. Good job, all of you.

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