Some changes to the winning 16 bloggers!

We just wanted to let you all know that we have had to make a few changes to our final 16. Unfortunately due to various reasons, a few of our 16 winning bloggers were not able to participate in the exchange this year. We wish these bloggers all the best, and hope they will come back and join us next year!

Therefore we’d like to introduce you all to the fantastic Nina Kogej- who will now be representing Slovenia in the exchange, swapping countries with Jono in Australia!

We’d also like you all to give a warm welcome to our amazing new wildcard winner, representing Hong Kong travelling to the UK swapping countries with Ruth – Chan Hoi Yung!

Below is an official up to date list of our final 16 winners, their blogs and their exchanges.
We have a real dream team here representing the BBE project in 2014 – and we’re so happy to have them all on board!

Exchange one: CANADA – INDIA

– Logan Anderson, CANADA:

is swapping places with..

– Purujeet Parida, INDIA:


Exchange two: FRANCE – USA

– Lucie Aidart, FRANCE:

is swapping places with..

– Taralynn Mcnitt, USA:


Exchange three: UK – HONG KONG

– Ruth Silverton, UK:

is swapping places with..

– Chan Hoi Yung (Wildcard winner!), HONG KONG:


Exchange four: SPAIN – SOUTH AFRICA

– Manuel Garcia del Moral, SPAIN:

is swapping places with..

– Roy Potterill, SOUTH AFRICA:



– Jui Seng Quek, MALAYSIA:

is swapping with..

– Belén Palacios, ARGENTINA:


Exchange six: IRELAND – BRAZIL

– Stephanie Buckley, IRELAND:

is swapping with..

– Ainoha Moura Aguirre, BRAZIL:


Exchange seven: SLOVENIA – AUSTRALIA

– Nina Kogej, SLOVENIA:

is exchanging with..

– Jono Cusack (Wildcard winner!), AUSTRALIA:


Exchange eight: ITALY – PHILIPPINES


is exchanging with..

– Marcela Fae, ITALY:


Don’t forget to follow their journeys from 31 October, as they jet off on their cultural exchanges.



5 thoughts on “Some changes to the winning 16 bloggers!

  1. Congratulations, Hoi Yung and Nina! So happy for u guys. Nina’s blog was one of my favourites in the BBE, so I’m really happy she made it. I too hope to see the other bloggers – especially Ruth – have another go next year.

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